Charles Currier Doe


Charles Currier Doe (1823-1898)

Charles Currier Doe was born in Durham, N. H., July 21, 1823. He is the son of James and Patience (Langley) Doe, and grandson of John Doe. His father, James Doe, was a farmer, and when Charles C. was but two years of age removed to the town of Lee, in Strafford County, where he resided ten years. He then spent about a year each in Newmarket and Nottingham, when he removed to Barrington, where he made his home for several years. He then moved to Grafton, and there his wife died (1845). Mr. Doe continued to reside there, making his home with his eldest son, till 1856, when he came to Pittsfield, where he died (1862).
He reared a family of eight children, -
John, married Abby Davis and resides in Pittsfield; has two children, a son and daughter.
Nancy, married John Garland, of Nottingham. They have one daughter.
Drucilla married, first, L. Kimball; no issue. Second, Moses Brown, of Andover. By this marriage she had two children. She is now deceased.
Abigail, married John T. Gilman; resides in Deerfield; has two sons.
Charles C., subject of this sketch.
Gilman L., married Nancy Ellenwood. They reside in Iowa; have three sons.
Mary J., married David Garland, of Nottingham. They have one son.
Hezekiah H., married - Sleeper; had one son. Hezekiah enlisted in Company B, Nonth Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Infantry, and died in hospital at Nicholasville, Ky., August 1863.
Charles C. Doe, like so many of the sons of the yeomanry of New England, had but limited facilities for obtaining an education, the public school of the town in which his father chanced to reside affording the only opportunity he enjoyed. Being one of a somewhat numerous family, in very moderate circumstances, he had to contribute his share of labor to the support of the family as soon as he was old enough for his services to be of any avail. When he was sixteen years of age he hired out away from home to work on a farm, and from that time till he attained his majority his wages went to the support of his parents. December 15, 1845, he married Mehitable P., daughter of Amos and Nancy (Libby) Davis, of Epsom, N. H., and went to reside with his father-in-law and manage the farm. Mr. Davis lived but a few months after his daughter's marriage. There still remained, however, three old people in the family, - Mrs. Davis, her mother (Mrs. Libby) and a bachelor brother of Mrs. Davis. Mr. Doe took charge of the farm and assumed the care of the old people, a trust which he most faithfully performed to the time of their death.
He has followed farming as his chief occupation through life, and has been successful. In addition to farm labor, however, he has usually employed the winter months in teaming and lumbering; and for many years, while his sons were growing up to manhood, they employed their time at shoemaking and thus added to the family exchequer.
Mr. Doe represented his town in the Legislature during the two years of 1865 and 1866. He has been selectman of his town and has been a member of the Christian Church for more than forty years.
Mrs. Doe's ancestors, both on the paternal and maternal sides, came from Rye, N. H., to Epsom, about a century ago, when this country was almost an unbroken wilderness. Her grandfather, Davis, settled on the spot where Mrs. Doe now resides. The old homestead has never been out of the possession of the family. Her grandfather, Libby, was a soldier in the War of the Revolution, and her uncle was in the War of 1812.
The children of Mr. and Mrs. Doe are, -
Walter C., born November 12, 1846; married Elva Cass, of Epsom; resides in Lynn, Mass.; is a shoemaker by trade.
Amos, born September 11, 1849; married Mellie Hobnan, of Dixfield, Me.; resides in Boston; is by trade a carpenter.
James A., born March 7 1852; married Augusta Ladd, of Deerfield, N. H.; resides in Manchester; is a surveyor of lumber, etc., in a large sash and blind-factory and lumber-yard.
Sarah A., born November 1, 1854; married Calvin D. Clark, of Barnstead, N. H. He was for four years engaged in the grocery trade in Pittsfield, N. H., but in 1884 he sold out his business and went to reside with his father-in-law on the farm.
George W., the youngest of the family, was born August 24, 1857; died December 17, 1883; unmarried. He always resided with his parents. He was a young man of bright intelligence and more than ordinary ingenuity in mechanical matters.
Mr. Charles C. Doe is an honest, upright, sincere man; unobtrusive, attending strictly to his own affairs, and of a generous, manly, frank disposition. The world would be better for more such men.