The Parish Bounds

Description of The Parish Bounds

'A list of the parish boundaries made the 25th day of May in the year 1805.'

'Beginning first on Bisley Church Green at a mapel against Mr. Collyer's called Barhan
Bareing to the south side of the green up Kill Lane to a cross of the south side of the lane in the corner against Kill Close.
Through the hedge into Clinton's fields to a cross in an oak, keep along Clinton's fields into Hangmore Cops.
Over into Halls Mead along into the bushes at the gate a cross in a oak, from that to Spongs yard in a elm, from that to the furst tree at the lane end a cross.
Keep a crost the Coman a little below Carmans to a cross.
Bare a long the south side of the hill to a cross.
Start to Halls ground to a cross.
Under the Hedgen through the ground to a cross at the corner of Halls against Roaks Mead.
Keep a long up the Mead to Water Lane end to a cross.
Start a long up to Towers Mead a cross in a oak.
Another cross at the Sheep Wash at the further corner of the Mead.
Over the Witherack back. Under the hedge a crost the Common to the Limekill a distance from the hedge a cross keep round under the hedge to the road that comes from pold oak to Cowshot Corner a cross.
Bare up the side of Gravel pit hill to a cross.
Keep along to a cross upon the hill.
Back down the side of the hill to a cross.
Down to pold oak a cross in the oak.
Keep along under the hedge Godyhale Lane end, a cross.
Over the gate into Mr. Street's field down to the corner into the Cops to a crab between the furs field and the Cops a cross.
A crost the Cops to the corner of the Sapite field in a oak a cross.
A long Mr. Street's Mead to the Lane to a cross in a Crab.
Bareing to pingrove to a cross in a Crab.
A long pingrove into Rogers field to a cross in a chery tree against Sarles Mead.
A long over the hedge into the lane to a cross at Brigses gate.
Keep round the Common to Truley Water a cross.
Keep to the right hand of Neysmith's Mead to the corner of Trys Mead to a cross in a oak against Royers Mead to a cross at Truly house door a gainst the yard.
Keep to the left hand of Royers field round to the gate to a cross in the lane.
A long the lane to Newbrige a cross.
Down old house lane to Trys Mead Gate a cross, into Chobbam field.
Up the meadow piece into Little Burcet up under the hedge to a cross in a crab.
Keep a long into the other field down the road to the corner a cross in a crab.
A crost the Mead into Royers field to the left hand hedge a cross in a oak, a long at the end of hill place field over the stile in the lane a cross, a long the lane to hostone Gate a cross, up the lane to Cotts Barn Door a cross, down the lane to Clepitts Gate to a cross, up the fields down into Bunans Lane to a cross at the corner of Friends field, a long up the lane round by hostone Gate up to hilplace.
Seven Eakers Gate a cross, down the lane to the Stile round to the right of hillplace field, up under the Hedge into Old House field down into Church Lane.'