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Living People Lookups

Please do not request information on living people via posts on mailing lists or bulletin boards. Many researchers will not respond as it may be considered a violation of their code of ethics. There are a number of various privacy, legal and ethical issues about posting or exchanging information on living people.

That being stated, there are a host of Internet tools for you to search for living kin.

Here are some search sites with a wide range of "Living" data:

  1. The International Telephone Directories site.

  2. The UK Telephone Directories site.

  3. The UK Yellowpages Directories site (primarily commercial listings).

  4. The UK People Finder site. This site is free and you can send pictures of missing relatives and friends who live in the United Kingdom. They also have a message board.

  5. The UK School Friend Finder site. Enter the name of the school you attended and the year you left the school; the system displays your school and lists the people who have registered.

  6. The Bob Coret site contains on-line phone books of the world.

  7. The UK Electorial Polls site. At last report, you get 20 free searches a month, then you have to pay a fee.

  8. And, of course, many of the common search engines have a "People Search" feature. Try Yahoo or AllSearchEngines.Com.

Data Protection Act

The Data Protection Act of 1998 affects information you may publish on living people, but ONLY IN THE UK.

  1. The Data Protection Act does not prevent publishing personal data, it merely controls the accuracy and storage of such data.
  2. Under the Act there is absolutely no difference between "public figures" and anyone else.
  3. Information for research and history purposes is exempt (Chapter 33).
  4. You should NOT expect this Act to protect you from laws relating to privacy or copyright misuse. Remember that everything you find on the Internet has an inherent copyright and you need permission to use it.

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