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Hereford Gen Web Project

ADDRESS' of the Local Records Office and Family History Society

Hereford Record Office F .H..S
The Old Barracks Mrs H Bufton
Harold Street 5 Bowfort
Hereford Redhill
H.R.1.1QX Hereford
Phone 01432 260750 H.R.2 6 P Z
Fax 01432 260066

Books and items of interest held with server.
1881 Census
index to the Parish's of Hereford
list of solders that died in the 1914 1918 war
Gazetteer of Hereford

Our Shire of Hereford is one of beauty and history. Crofts have made a Wonderful vidio of the shire. But the best known treasure is the Mappa Mundi Held at the Cathedral, Which was built in the 11 centery of local Sandstone.

It is boarders by Gloucester, Worcestershire, Shropshire, And Powys Wales .
It is impossible to say of it beauty its spectacular scenery the diversity of the land
It is reknown for the cider hops , legends , and it agricuture,