What's New on the Gerrans OPC web site

What's new on the Gerrans OPC web site?

DateChange made
July 2018....and we're back! After Rootsweb being unavailable since before Christmas, the Gerrans (& St Anthony & St Just) OPC website is now back online again. If you notice anything not working then please let me know!
February 2017I've just transcribed the Exeter Bishops Transcripts (Bap, Bur & Mar) for St Anthony in Roseland that have appeared on the FamilySearch website. This is a great find as it contains records from 1630-1659 which are not available from the parish registers!!
10th March 2016Updated the Gerrans Parish Records pages to add baptisms to 1916 and burials & marriages to 1941. Similarly for St Anthony in Roseland. The Mevagissey Bible Christian baptisms and the St Mawes Wesleyan Methodist Circuit baptisms have been extended to 1916
12th Oct 2015I don't have any more material to add to the website at present but please don't think that the site is no longer maintained! I keep adding snippets to the Strays page as and when I come across it.
18th Dec 2013Just reworked the Gerrans & St Anthony Postcards again - there are about 400 in the collection now - of varying image quality
3rd Oct 2012Recently Chris Pollard very kindly sent me a copy of his book "Zion Bible Christian Chapel Gerrans" and has given his permission for a scanned copy to be available.
30 Jan 2012Started a new page for photos of our Gerrans ancestors
29th Oct 2011Added images and a transcription of the memorial tablets in the Portscatho Independent Chapel
24th May 2011Added transcriptions of the 1799 Land Tax for Gerrans and St Anthony in Roseland
20th Jan 20111911 census transcription for Gerrans & St Anthony in Roseland added
30th Nov 2010Carol Hughes has produced a complete list of all Memorial Inscriptions in St Gerrans with photos. I have used this to generate a new set of pages for Gerrans MIs
27th Nov 2010Surveyed the St Anthony church yard while in Cornwall recently and have listed all the gravestones and their inscriptions (with photos) at St Anthony_MIs
15th Dec 2009Embryonic web site for St Just in Roseland created
6th October 2009Just reworked the Postcards page and added all the images I have collected since the first release. There are now about 230 images available
5th Oct 2009I have been given permission to put the St Gerrans churchyard index of gravestones on this site and I have combined it with the increasing number of gravestone photos and inscriptions. The new page is at gerrans_churchyard. If you spot any mistakes that I have made please let me know.
30th Sep 2009Added a scan of a 1938 booklet called St Gerent, A Cornish Saint which gives a history of St Gerent and of Gerrans (2.2Mb)
21st July 2009Nothing for ages then 2 entries together! Just added my transcription of the 1841 Tithe Apportionments for Gerrans
20th July 2009Added 4 wills - three from the Johns family and one from the Odgers family - to the Gerrans Wills page. Thanks to Clare Bevan and Jay Venables for the transcriptions
11th March 2009Added the document "The Wells, Shutes &Springs of Gerrans Parish", compiled & edited by Hilary Thompson, published here with permission from the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Partnership .
29th Jan 2009I've changed the way the menu is displayed at the top of the page. If you are scrolling down a page you will now always see the menu bar floating near the top of the window - which saves having to scroll back up to the top of the page to get to it.
22nd Jan 2009Added 2 articles to the historical items page: one about the dissolution of the Roseland Friendly Society and another about Portscatho being called the Brighton of the West. Thanks to Beryl Truran and to Bill Norton for bring these to my attention.
18th Jan 2009Spent last week transcribing Philleigh parish records (which are now available on http://www.cornwall-opc-database.org/) so I've just been through and extracted all the Gerrans related records I can spot and added them to the strays page. I added the strays that I found in the St Just in Roseland Bishops Transcripts a couple of weeks ago.
27th Dec 2008Added a number of extracts from the London Gazette to the strays page. These entries are mainly to do with bankruptcy proceedings.
17th Dec 2008Added a transcription of a single Settlement Order relating to the transfer of Ann Roberts from St Just to St Anthony in 1794
16th July 2008After a recent visit to Gerrans, Diane Honeywill kindly sent me photos and transcriptions of about 60 gravestones in Gerrans Churchyard. These have boosted the coverage on the Gerrans MIs page quite considerably. All other contributions gratefully received!
2nd June 2008Added postcard images that I've been acquiring from a well known auction site - so far I have over 100, some more interesting than others. Note that the size/quality of the images is beyond my control.
28th May 2008Added some memorial inscriptions for St Anthony in Roseland transcribed by Shirley Cattermole.
4th May 2008Added the obituary of Joshua Rosevear, published in the Bible Christian Magazine in 1884.
8th April 2008Added a scan of a pamphlet called 'The Story of S. Gerrans and S. Anthony in Roseland.' A description of the two churches with photographs -  first published in 1952
9th Mar 2008Rationalisation of entries found in the West Briton - they are now all included in the strays page as opposed to some being embedded within notes against baptism, marriage and burial records
14th Jan 2008Added a scan of a 1920s auction catalogue for several properties in Gerrans - Parton Vrane, Porth Cornick & Higher Tregassa. With thanks to Malc McCarthy for making it available. See the entry on the other items page if you want to see the whole catalogue
4th Jan 2008Added a scan of a holiday brochure for Place from 1955 - with thanks to Graham Parkes for sending me the images. I really like this little booklet as it gives an interesting insight into the holiday trade in the fifties - particularly the prices!
14th Nov 2007Added a transcription of Hearth Tax returns probably from about 1662-64
4th Oct 2007Added transcriptions of wills for John Garland Cregoe and Nicholas Kempe, courtesy of Lyn Nunn
2nd Oct 2007Added a scan of a booklet "The Story of Place, St Anthony in Roseland" by Edward Harte. A history of the church and Place House at St Anthony. Note it's a quite large file (3Mb) so it may take some time to load.
7th August 2007Added a transcription of the St Mawes Wesleyan Methodist Circuit contributors to the Methodist Million Guinea Fund. This fund ran from 1899 to 1909 with the majority of contributions made by 1904.
2nd August 2007Added a list of books on the Gerrans area by Chris Pollard.
1st August 2007Transcription of a single Barstardry Warrant for St Anthony
27th July 2007Hilary has let me publish an article she wrote some time ago about the history of Portscatho Independent Chapel
3rd July 2007Hilary Thompson has kindly transcribed some descriptions of shipwrecks near St Anthony that correspond with some of the burials at St Anthony. These have been added to the 'Historical Items' page under 'Other Items'.
18th June 2007Added a transcription of Mevagissey Bible Christian Circuit Baptisms for 1837 to 1907. When I set out on this transcription I was expecting/hoping for quite a few Gerrans records - there are only about 50 but one of these might be relevant to someone!!
13th April 2007Added links to 1871 census transcriptions now available from Cornwall Online Census Project
29th March 2007Added transcriptions of four 18th cent. Apprenticeship Indentures from St Anthony
7th March 2007Revamped the 'strays' page to try to make the information more intelligible. Suggestions for further improvements welcome!
3rd March 2007Added a small transcription of Bishop's Transcripts records for St Anthony (1623-1752)
28th Feb 2007Added a photo and transcription of the list of Rectors of St Gerrans
8th Feb 2007Updated and extended the transcription of St Gerrans burials post 1813 after checking against a better set of images.
7th Feb 2007Updated the transcription of St Gerrans Baptisms 1799-1812 after checking against a better set of images.
6th Feb 2007Updated the transcriptions of St Gerrans Marriages 1754-1812, Marriages 1813-1837 and Burials 1792-1812 after checking against a better set of images.
5th Feb 2007Updated the transcription of St Gerrans burials 1538-1791 by checking my transcription of the Furze transcription against good quality images of the original parish records. That means I have now replaced all transcriptions of secondary sources with those of primary sources.
3rd Feb 2007Added transcription of the Protestation Returns of 1642 for both Gerrans and St Anthony - courtesy of Graham Tall
1st Feb 2007Updated the transcriptions of St Gerrans baptisms 1538-1798 and marriages 1538-1754. My original transcriptions were of a secondary source (Furze/Phillimore transcriptions) but I have now reviewed these against images of the original parish records. The level of modification is less than about 1% or 2% but you might want to take a look at these revised transcriptions in case your records are among that 2%.

I'm currently working my way through all the St Gerrans records (about 1000 hand written pages) and it may be another month or two before this task is complete.

11th Jan 2007Added a transcription of the St Mawes Wesleyan Methodist Circuit baptisms - which covers Gerrans & St Anthony
29th DecemberAdded a transcription of Gerrans Banns for 1754-1785
13th DecemberAdded a transcription of Banns of Marriage for Gerrans 1836-1911
7th DecemberAdded a transcription of Gerrans marriages from 1837 to 1907 - marriage records take an age to transcribe!
26th NovemberRevised transcription of Gerrans Baptisms post 1813 having checked it against a better quality source
21st NovemberAdded an article "Life at Porthcurnick", by Hilary Thompson.
16th NovemberSt Anthony - added transcription of the register of "burials in woolling"
15th NovemberSt Anthony - added transcription of the Banns of Marriage 1825-1906
14th NovemberSt Anthony - added transcription of burials for 1678-1811
12th NovemberSt Anthony - added transcription of Baptisms 1660-1813
7th NovemberSt Anthony - added transcription of Marriages 1668-1905
6th NovemberSt Anthony - added transcription of Burials 1813-1906
5th NovemberSt Anthony - added transcription of Baptisms 1813-1906
19th OctoberHousekeeping - tidied up the page links at the bottom of every page so they match the menus at the top of the page. If you spot any problems please let me know!
17th SeptemberAdded an article about the Salt Water Mills of Gerrans by Hilary Thompson
29th JuneSeveral corrections to the Manorial documents - with thanks to Hilary Thompson
27th MayPhoto albums for Gerrans Churchtown, Gerrans Outskirts and Portscatho added - mainly from my recent trip
24th MayPhotos of St Anthony from my recent trip to Cornwall - under the 'photos' menu item
3rd AprilNew link on Gerrans Photos page to 'The Magic of Cornwall' site
18th MarchAdded Manorial Records for 1727 and a series of 'memorandums' sic. for 1737
16th MarchAdded Manorial Records for 1719 & 1720
15th MarchAdded Manorial Records for 1676
14th MarchAdded Manorial Records for 17th March 1674
10th MarchAdded Manorial Records for Lady Day 1748. This one contains more information on the ages of the Lessees.
8th MarchAdded Manorial Records for Lady Day 1747 - shows who had leases for property in the village. The format is complex so feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer them!
7th MarchAdded some partial transcriptions of the parish records for St Anthony in Roseland. I know it's not strictly "Gerrans" but there isn't an OPC for St Anthony and it is fairly close by.
4th MarchSearch facility added to Home Page.
Feb 2006Changed the images on the main page and added some photos taken by Mary Alice Pollard to that and the 'Gerrans Photos' page. Also added a menu system to help navigate the website. If you find it difficult to use or don't like it then please let me know.
Feb 2006Added a series of photos of Gerrans taken in 1886 courtesy of Malc McCarthy.
Feb 2006Added transcriptions and photos of the WW1 and WW2 war memorials in St Gerrans.
Feb 2006Added a transcription of the will of Gilbert Crewes of Gerrans made in 1614 - courtesy of Ken Nash
Feb 2006Added 3 sets of Churchwarden's Rates & Accounts (1817-18, 1823-24 & 1845-48)
Feb 2006Added 1901 census transcription for Gerrans (including St Anthony)
Jan 2006Added a transcription of the School Admission Records 1874-1926
Jan 2006Added a list of publications about the history of Gerrans by Hilary Thompson

Bill O'Reilly 2006

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