Gerrans Tithe Apportionments 1841

Gerrans Tithe Apportionments 1841

Bill O'Reilly 2009

Here's my transcription of the 1841 Tithe Apportionments. Note that this has been done as part of an ongoing project run by the CRO. The plan is for the CRO to use the plot numbers from these transcriptions to link them to a map of the parish. At some point the CRO will be selling CD copies of the transcript and map - see for more details.

APPORTIONMENT of the RENT CHARGE in lieu of TITHES, in the Parish of Gerrans, in the county of Cornwall.

Whereas an Award of RENT CHARGE in lieu of TITHES, in the Parish of Gerrans, in the County of Cornwall, was, on the Twenty-second day of April, in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-one, confirmed by the Tithe Commissioners for England and Wales, of which Award, with the schedule therein comprised, the following is a Copy :-

Know all Men by these Presents.

WHEREAS I, GEORGE LOUIS have been duly appointed and sworn an Assistant Tithe Commissioner, according to the provisions of the Act for the Commutation of Tithes in England and Wales, and have also been duly appointed to ascertain and award the Sums to be paid by way of Rent Charges, instead of the Tithes of the Parish of GERRANS, in the County of Cornwall:

AND WHEREAS I have held divers Meetings, in the said Parish and elsewhere, touching this matter aforesaid, of which Meetings due notice was given, for the information of the Landowners and the Tithe Owners of the said Parish:

AND WHEREAS I have duly considered all the allegations and proofs tendered to me by all parties interested, and have myself made all enquiries touching the premised subject, which appeared to me to be necessary:

AND WHEREAS I find that the Glebe Lands of the said Parish, containing, by estimation, Three Roods, are, by prescription, or other lawful means, absolutely exempt from payment of all Tithes:

AND WHEREAS I find that the estimated quantity, in Statute Measure, of all the lands of the said Parish, exclusive of the Glebe, amounts to Two Thousand Four Hundred and Sixty Acres, which are cultivated as follows: (that is to say,) One Thousand Nine Hundred and Forty Acres as Arable Land; One Hundred Acres as Meadow; Twenty Acres as Orchards and Gardens; and Four Hundred Acres are Moors, Hedges Roads, and Scites of Houses:

AND WHEREAS I find that all the Lands of the said Parish, (except the Glebe,) are subject to the payment of all manner of Tithes in kind:

AND WHEREAS I have estimated the clear Annual Value of the said Tithes, in the manner directed of the said Act of Parliament; and have also taken into account the Rates and Assessments paid in respect of such Tithes, during the Seven Years of Average prescribed by the said Act:

AND WHEREAS due notice was given to me, in the manner prescribed by the said Act, that the clear Average Value of the Tithes of the said Parish, during the Seven Years preceding Christmas, in the year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Thirty-five, would not fairly represent the Sum which ought to be the basis of a permanent Commutation of the said Tithes:

AND WHEREAS I have taken into consideration all the allegations and proofs tendered to me, touching the matter of the said Notice, before awarding the Rent Charges hereinafter mentioned:

AND WHEREAS I find that MARY HARTLEY, of ___ in the County of ___ is the owner of One Moiety of all the Tithes arising from certain Lands in the said parish, called Rosteage and Trewarthas, otherwise Trewars:

AND THAT the Rector for the time being is entitled to the other Moiety of the Tithes of the same Lands, and also to the whole of the Tithes arising from certain Lands in the said Parish, known by the names of Tregair, Tregairwoon and Vraddon Hay:

AND ALSO to a Moiety of all the Tithes arising from all the remaining Titheable Lands of the said Parish:

AND THAT RICHARD JOHNS, Esquire, of Trewince, in the said County of Cornwall, is owner of the other Moiety of all the Tithes arising from all the Titheable Lands of the Parish, (except the said Lands called Rosteage and Trevartha, otherwise, Trewars, Tregair, Tregairwoon, and, Vraddon Hay:)

NOW KNOW YE, that I the said GEORGE LOUIS do hereby award, that the Annual Sum of Nineteen Pounds and Twelve Shillings, by way of a Rent Charge, subject to the Provisions of the said Act, shall be paid to the said MARY HARTLEY, her Heirs or Assigns, or to the Persons entitled in Remainder or Revision after her, instead of one Moiety of all the Tithes arising from the aforesaid Lands, called Rosteage and Trewarthas, otherwise, Trewars:

AND THAT the Annual Sum of Three Hundred and Six Pounds and Thirteen Shillings, also by way of Rent Charge, and subject to the provisions aforesaid, shall be paid to the said Rector, for the time being, of the said Parish, instead of all the Tithes arising from the aforesaid Lands called Tregair, Tregairwoon, and Vraddon Hay; one Moiety of all the Tithes arising from all the other Titheable Lands of the said parish:

AND THAT the Annual Sum of Two Hundred and Twenty-three Pounds and Fifteen Shillings, also by way of Rent Charge, subject to the Provisions aforesaid, shall be paid to the said RICHARD JOHNS, his Heirs or Assigns, or to the Persons entitled in Remainder or Revision after him, instead of the Moiety of all the Tithes arising from the Titheable Lands of the said Parish, (except Rosteage and Trewarthas, otherwise, Trewars, Tregairs, Tregairwoon, Vraddon Hay:)

THE AFROREGOING Rent Charges to be in lieu not only of Tithes payable in kind, but also in lieu of all Moduses and Compositions, real and prescriptive, or Customary Payments, payable in respect of all the Lands of the said Parish.

IN TESTIMONY whereof I have hereunto set my Hand, this First Day of April, in the Year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-one.


Now we THOMAS BISHOP the Elder, and THOMAS BISHOP the Younger, both of the Parish of Tintagel, in the County of Cornwall, Land-surveyors, having been duly appointed VALUERS, to apportion the Total Sum awarded to be paid by way of Rent Charges, in lieu of Tithes, amongst the several Lands of the said Parish of GERRANS, do hereby apportion the Rent Charges as follows:- Gross Rent Charge payable to the Tithe-owners in lieu of Tithes, for the Parish of GERRANS, in the County of Cornwall, Five Hundred and Fifty Pounds, (viz.)-

s d
To the Rector 306 13 0
Richard Johns 223 15 0
Mary Hartley 19 12 0
550 0 0

Value in Imperial Bushels, and decimal parts of an Imperial Bushel, of Wheat, Barley, and Oats ;- viz

Price per Bushel Bushels and Decimal parts
Wheat 7s 0d 522.25519
Barley 3s 11d 926.31580
Oats 2s 9d 1333.3333

Payable to Rector Payable to Richard Johns
Tenement NameLandowner(s)Lessee(s)Occupier(s)Plot numberName of land/premisesCultivationAcresRodsPerchessdsdRemarksPage
Methers CollingElizabeth BateWilliam Olivey302Homestead03260000003
William Olivey299OrchardGarden00180070073
William Olivey300GardenArable00390070073
William Olivey301MeadowArable02210180183
William Olivey303Inner MoorArable01180130133
William Olivey304Outer MoorArable010001000103
William Olivey263SouthtownArable5228013501373
William Olivey264Mowhay MeadowArable11150330343
William Olivey262HillArable42140660673
William Olivey180Ewes CloseArable615010101023
William Olivey181MoorPasture1040080083
William Olivey174MoorPasture12320130133
William Olivey175BrakeArable33300410423
William Olivey177ParkenproctorArable30150500513
William Olivey179Fox CloseArable7116013201343
William Olivey265Northtown CloseArable61310138013103
William Olivey266Long MoorArable22370400423
William Olivey178Horny WinkArable3300680693
50129 468 4710
RosevineElizabeth BateElizabeth Bate823Rosevine MeadowArable0160080083
Elizabeth Bate570Middle Field6126018801883
Elizabeth Bate569Higher Field3013091001053
Elizabeth Bate494Orchard02140130133
Elizabeth Bate496Willow GardenWillows01250140143
1034 1119 1124
Tregayre or TregairBishop of ExeterEdward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill52Homestead and Waste10210000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill53Waste00180000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill67Mowhay MeadowArable303801660003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill68WasteArable02100000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill103WasteArable02390000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill66Well ParkArable1421731100003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill65MoorArable12350080003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill107Clap in DarvisArable102141120003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill62Lower Clap in DarvisArable5320990003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill64GardenArable00300070003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill59North HillArable1001201420003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill63Moor12330080003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill58North Moor1531001070003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill56Cost Lost53120850003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill57Cost Lost MoorPasture10250120003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill54Chimney FieldArable9202200003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill55West Meadow92811200003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill38Higher West Gue101511100003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill39Lower West Gue1122711110003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill40Moor0350090003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill51Well Meadow0280320003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill50Homer Gue112203100003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill49GardenGarden00320200003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill48OrchardOrchard12701050003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill46Little DownsArable1413911080003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill47Common223201100003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill41Swanpool Moor12230180003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill70Great Downs1501111500003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill94Slad Park120011100003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill140Top Slad Park1211211300003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill95Long Meadow8362320003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill169Higher Percamlyn70261460003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill182Higher Percamlyn Brake722601840003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill261Higher Percamlyn Moor0140040003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill170Little Percamlyn Moor2350800003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill171Little Percamlyn Moor21220470003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill172Lower Percamlyn Moor33501020003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill173Lower Percamlyn Moor40401090003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill139Park in Garrick1403011800003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill138Park in Garrick Moor1031201060003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill135Three Corner Moor42230460003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill136Parkenellick Moor51220470003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill137Parkenellick Moor21180210003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill97Veases Meadow53001970003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill96Parkenellick622301990003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill134Park in Bells Moor10210160003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill133Park in Bells Moor921211200003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill132Taggs Close832017110003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill99Hollow Moor30360450003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill98Hollow Moor31370710003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill100Park Polangham912521560003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill101Babs Meadow21701380003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill69Waste10180000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill102Ox Close82302500003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill104Park in BounderArable102211200003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill129Ox Close Moor03210180003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill130Ox Close Moor22310540003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill105Ox Close Moor0160000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill45Waste21290250003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill421260330003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill4303110310003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill441210320003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill7320320430003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill7400160000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill7500150000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill7600250000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill7700180000003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill713310820003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill7212120280003
Edward Hayes HillEdward Hayes Hill9101320040003
350117 4836 000
Vraddon HayBishop of ExeterHenry BullockHenry Bullock93Square MeadowArable33320800003
Henry BullockHenry Bullock92New Meadow41210890003
Henry BullockHenry Bullock90Hill803401680003
Henry BullockHenry Bullock78Hill23250260003
Henry BullockHenry Bullock89Hill Meadow03220190003
Henry BullockHenry Bullock80Waste03220000003
21036 1178 000
Egen's WarraBishop of ExeterJohn Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.106Egen's WarraArable11161471593
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.126Egen's Warra8021017401823
19127 2111 2311
Kearn QuayBishop of ExeterJohn Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.26Kearn QuayArable7126012801304
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.25Horney Wink523904100504
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.24Lower Kearn Quay51100500504
18135 126 130
Kearn QuayBishop of ExeterJohn Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.227Homestead 0017 000 0004
PolingyBishop of ExeterJohn Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.216House and Garden00330100104
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.215Homestead00280000004
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.217Waste00380000004
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.218UndertownArable325011301194
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.154Abovetown3117010201084
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.152Hill2237011001114
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.153Middle Close30180750794
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.219Mill Meadow4140124012104
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.151Inner Point Close32130630664
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.149Brake0320040044
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.150Outer Point Close231004100504
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.148Waste120160000004
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.213Well Close31605705104
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.212New OrchardOrchard0200210224
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.211Old Orchard00380100104
40325 341 369
MillBishop of ExeterJohn Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.246Mill and Mill Pool40310000004
John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.John Penhallow Peters Esq. Sen.220GardenGarden00120020024
413 002 002
TregassickBishop of ExeterGeorge HillGeorge Hill456Homestead01280000004
George HillGeorge Hill455GardenGarden00370120124
George HillGeorge Hill350OrchardOrchard015001100114
George HillGeorge Hill329Homestead and Lanes2130000004
George HillGeorge Hill352GardenGarden00130050054
George HillGeorge Hill328Court MeadowArable203006606104
George HillGeorge Hill240Scantlebury Close412012701324
George HillGeorge Hill221Reins73370172017114
George HillGeorge Hill222Vetan Tellan60350121001354
George HillGeorge Hill223Peavers Hill20140370394
George HillGeorge Hill239Park in Davis4129011201194
George HillGeorge Hill238Lane End Close331309901014
George HillGeorge Hill237Carnavers121201001094
George HillGeorge Hill236Cost is Lost413408100914
George HillGeorge Hill235Way Dennis10323016701664
George HillGeorge Hill337Waste00270000004
George HillGeorge Hill231North Quilot3040400404
George HillGeorge Hill230Percula Field6119010001004
George HillGeorge Hill225Brake1290030034
George HillGeorge Hill228Homestead and Waste00150000004
George HillGeorge Hill229Little MeadowArable00240010014
George HillGeorge Hill232Little Percula Field21130400414
George HillGeorge Hill233South Quilot21310400414
George HillGeorge Hill234Great Dennis12012012501204
George HillGeorge Hill338Willow GardenWillows02160100104
George HillGeorge Hill346Willow GardenWillows0380140144
George HillGeorge Hill336Peach CloseArable4340113011104
George HillGeorge Hill335Joses Close615015601624
George HillGeorge Hill334Park in Over4037010801124
George HillGeorge Hill333Morrish51100111101264
George HillGeorge Hill332Plum Meadow5180360384
George HillGeorge Hill347OrchardsOrchard20310930984
George HillGeorge Hill348GueArable9101741874
George HillGeorge Hill457Long Close4210015001524
George HillGeorge Hill473Mounts8081561604
George HillGeorge Hill224waste33180000004
George HillGeorge Hill331Acre Meadow103403803104
George HillGeorge Hill330Pattys Meadow032602902104
17702 14141 1540
TregassaBishop of ExeterElizabeth BateElizabeth Bate439Homestead01380000004
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate367GardenGarden03200460484
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate438MeadowArable031602110304
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate368Parkenball831619811004
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate369Parkendever5337015401604
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate370Park Cook8314014801584
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate305Parkengregor11139110511104
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate306Parkenpond70161371484
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate307PlantationPlantation10340000004
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate366OrchardOrchard231014701504
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate440LotteryArable113104110514
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate310Long Close52251041104
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate365Homer Windmill Field23390930984
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate311Outer Windmill Field41270132013104
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate441GardenGarden01100180184
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate483Homestead and Lawn0180000004
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate253Great Hill901301951004
Elizabeth BateElizabeth Bate309Waste0080000004
72232 1045 10113
PolhendraBishop of ExeterJohn VigursWilliam Annear189Homestead and Waste01220000004
John VigursWilliam Annear192GardenGarden00190070074
John VigursWilliam Annear188Well CloseArable4120011001164
John VigursWilliam Annear184Higher Parkentower411407110834
John VigursWilliam Annear183Lower Parkentower313607707114
John VigursWilliam Annear260Moor12310320344
John VigursWilliam Annear259Grove30390830874
John VigursWilliam Annear185Grove Moorpasture0380080084
John VigursWilliam Annear186Orchard MeadowArable11100230244
John VigursWilliam Annear187GardenGarden0170060064
John VigursWilliam Annear308Lower ParkenmadgyArable4125013701434
John VigursWilliam Annear258Higher ParkenmadgyArable4037013101394
28228 387 3118
PolhendraBishop of ExeterJohn VigursWilliam Annear190Homestead00150000004
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick193Waste00110000004
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick194GardenGarden00220070074
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick195Mowhay CloseArable400011501204
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick196Park Voran40120111101204
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick168Higher Close51250111101204
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick257Parkenponds80331101205
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick255Meadow01200120125
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick198Park Hay5226015001585
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick254OrchardOrchard03290330345
Dorothy Williams MartinThomas Hick256OrchardOrchard00280070075
20021 31610 3194
PolhendraBishop of ExeterDorothy Williams Martin & John VigursThomas Hick & William Annear191Mowhay Close 0022 000 0005
LanhahBishop of ExeterThomas HickThomas Hick161Homestead 0039 000 0005
Thomas HickThomas Hick160GardenGarden0100130135
Thomas HickThomas Hick166Mowhay and Homestead01150000005
Thomas HickThomas Hick197MeadowArable02380250265
Thomas HickThomas Hick167Park Go51300151001685
Thomas HickThomas Hick159Parktreath3113010001065
Thomas HickThomas Hick142Higher Crackage31408100935
Thomas HickThomas Hick85Lower Crackage23340630665
Thomas HickThomas Hick86Park Minnus71360900915
Thomas HickThomas Hick79Brake03390000005
Thomas HickThomas Hick87GueArable6030010001025
Thomas HickThomas Hick88Moor10190090095
Thomas HickThomas Hick141Park Warro810018001895
Thomas HickThomas Hick81Point Gilly7336012001245
Thomas HickThomas Hick84Great Gilly9010015001535
Thomas HickThomas Hick82Brake03300000005
Thomas HickThomas Hick145Bottom Close312509901035
Thomas HickThomas Hick144Lane End Close01150000005
Thomas HickThomas Hick143Little Gilly50130910965
Thomas HickThomas Hick146OrchardOrchard03300490505
Thomas HickThomas Hick147Polingy GillyArable1127015001545
Thomas HickThomas Hick157Post Close4222012801335
Thomas HickThomas Hick214PlantationPlantation00170000005
Thomas HickThomas Hick210Polingy CloseArable302307607105
Thomas HickThomas Hick202Higher Well Close22130830875
Thomas HickThomas Hick204Lower Well Close1380530575
Thomas HickThomas Hick199Undertown4014013401405
Thomas HickThomas Hick200Undertown Hill2260440465
Thomas HickThomas Hick209OrchardOrchard011601901105
Thomas HickThomas Hick83Waste7350000005
106327 1010 1088
LanhahBishop of ExeterJemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.162Homestead and Garden00210000005
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.163OrchardOrchard00170060605
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.158MeadowArable0228011001115
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.201Undertown4313014601505
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.205Hill2240440465
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.206Top Meadow21190360385
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.207OrchardOrchard033304100515
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.250OrchardOrchard00320040045
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.249OrchardOrchard00260030035
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.208OrchardOrchard01320240465
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.203GueArable23280870905
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.156Higher Polingy CloseArable23320900935
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.155Lower Polingy CloseArable332011501215
Jemima IncledonJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.164Waste00260000005
22033 315 341
LanhahBishop of ExeterThomas Hicks & Jemima IncledonThomas Hicks & John Penhallow Peters Esq.165Waste 0132 000 0005
ResoresBishop of ExeterElizabeth CockJohn Rickard22Homestead00180000005
Elizabeth CockJohn Rickard23Mowhay MeadowArable231704100515
Elizabeth CockJohn Rickard10River Close402305805115
Elizabeth CockJohn Rickard11Winnowing Close22150450485
Elizabeth CockJohn Rickard9Quarry Close503507607105
Elizabeth CockJohn Rickard7Hill13380300325
Elizabeth CockJohn Rickard8OrchardOrchard01230080085
1719 161 174
PorthcuelBishop of Exeter226House and Garden 0010 000 0005
TregassickBishop of ExeterRev William BakerRev William Baker353House and Garden 009 000 0005
Tregayreoon or TregairoonBishop of ExeterRichard Johns Esq.John Harris122Homestead and Lanes1230000005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris123GardenGarden00130070005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris124PlotArable00390130005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris125Meadow13140740005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris121Little Commons1060370005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris120Clarks Plot02160200005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris119Willow GardenWillows00250040005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris118Great CommonArable22506100005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris117Little Gaw Whidden513601880005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris116Great Gaw Whidden923011040005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris115Size Hill112371880005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris277Brake Stigga42290960005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris278Brake Stigga7230780005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris276Higher Stigga9237110100005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris275Great Close1203321300005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris274Parkendarrah1121211970005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris273Long Close83331860005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris272Parkenbews93221830005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris279Moor21140140005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris109Parkenthorn411412100005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris108Little Parkenthorn2240860005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris110New Close902011830005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris111Philly Churchtown Hill1032701870005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris61Ramsay821801770005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris60Higher Moor4050750005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris112Middle Moor12160100005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris113Lower Moor22150190005
Richard Johns Esq.John Harris114Little Hill52220820005
151028 2124 000
CurgurrelHenry Beauchamp, Esq. (deceased), Representatives ofJane PetersJane Peters808House and Garden00320000005
Jane PetersJane Peters777Barn CloseArable212807607105
Jane PetersJane Peters778Beacon Close213207707115
Jane PetersJane Peters779Parkentol30190880916
Jane PetersJane Peters811GardenGarden00150050056
Jane PetersJane Peters813LawnGarden01130110116
Jane PetersJane Peters921Kitchen GardenGarden0030001100116
Jane PetersJane Peters922Little HillArable22130540576
Jane PetersJane Peters923Little Outer Field112702110316
Jane PetersJane Peters948Waste02180000006
13127 1145 11511
Lower RosevineMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns763Homestead00270000006
Stephen Johns762GardenGarden0029001000106
Stephen Johns759Lower Port CornickArable20360810886
Stephen Johns760Higher Port Cornick2250880916
Stephen Johns577Forest Meadow3212010001066
Stephen Johns761Garden Meadow13240620666
Stephen Johns766Geakes Meadow2250640686
Stephen Johns819Lower Geakes Meadow3040690716
Stephen Johns820Waste0100000006
16122 2610 294
RosevineMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Samuel Pearce829Homestead0080000006
Samuel Pearce758GardenGarden0038001000106
Samuel Pearce579OrchardOrchard00100020026
Samuel Pearce578OrchardOrchard00230030036
0039 013 013
TrewithianMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.505Homestead1190000006
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.506GardenGarden00160060066
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.507House and Garden00200080086
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.508House0020000006
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.408Paddys MeadowArable41110101101156
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.515Penperth7119016501736
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.547Waste0090000006
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.380Penperth60300104010106
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.379Philips Close61290143014116
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.378Four AcresArable5128013001376
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.377Saffron Meadow22190900956
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.409Town Meadow03100140146
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.410Jacobs Meadow1360620656
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.412House, Garden and Plot00350000006
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.411GardenGarden0080000006
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.413House and Garden00200000006
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.286Great CloseArable7017015001526
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.285Little Rundell Field42909901026
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.127Redreak41220840876
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.131Stile Close42160820866
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.269New Park5217012001216
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.287Betty Oliveys Meadow12260430456
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.375Outer Croft20350590616
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.512Well Meadow11230470496
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.504GardenGarden011401901106
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.503Waste0140000006
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.502House and Garden00140000006
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.501Homestead0070000006
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.500OrchardOrchard01220200216
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.511New OrchardOrchard01390270286
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.499Balls MeadowArable12140550586
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.559Great OrchardOrchard02300370396
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.424Tobacco CloseArable534017901886
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.425Church Close62171041106
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.426New Close430015101536
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.498Hill3328011001166
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.432Lower Trewithian Field4234015001586
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.433GardenGarden00220080086
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.430WillowsWillows00370090096
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.431OrchardOrchard00210050056
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.495OrchardOrchard01370350376
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.497OrchardOrchard00300080806
99110 121010 1303
TrewithianMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.William SimmonsWilliam Simmons414House and Garden 0031 007 0076
TrewithianSamuel CoxallSamuel Coxall537House and Garden 0024 005 0056
TrewithianSamuel Ennys Esq.John Pearce & Margaret OdgersJohn Pearce613Homestead 008 000 0006
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John Pearce444Homestead0160000006
John Pearce443GardenGarden00120050056
John Pearce364Saffron MeadowArable11380510536
John Pearce363Way Meadow1250520556
John Pearce321Hill2080530566
John Pearce688Higher Field23160920986
John Pearce689Lower Field3010920986
John Pearce751Higher Jane's Field113104110516
John Pearce750Lower Jane's Field132706706116
John Pearce442Saffron Meadow10330410436
John Pearce485Rock Meadow2220520556
18119 2150 2177
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett606Homestead00160000006
John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett605OrchardOrchard00110040046
John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett358Lower OrchardOrchard00350110116
John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett317New CloseArable20240630666
John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett482Meadow11405100606
John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett586Higher Field11390510546
John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett585Road Field102203803106
John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett690Middle Field2020750796
John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett755Cliff Field03140270296
John Penhallow Peters Esq.Henry Burnett833Waste0120000006
929 1123 1137
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Thomas HicksThomas Hicks445Mustard MeadowArable03340340366
Thomas HicksThomas Hicks314New Close2010740786
Thomas HicksThomas Hicks318Outer New Close202807110836
Thomas HicksThomas Hicks313Twenty Acres01350160166
Thomas HicksThomas Hicks312Way Meadow12120470496
Thomas HicksThomas Hicks315Way Meadow0110370396
Thomas HicksThomas Hicks248Hill5319010001056
Thomas HicksThomas Hicks479Sawles Meadow02101100207
Thomas HicksThomas Hicks449Moor03370360387
Thomas HicksThomas Hicks360GardenGarden00230080087
15330 243 262
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Henry NichollsHenry Nicholls447Churchtown MoorArable02250240257
Henry NichollsHenry Nicholls361Homer Field2120800847
Henry NichollsHenry Nicholls319Hill2150700747
Henry NichollsHenry Nicholls448GardenGarden00330110117
Henry NichollsHenry Nicholls596House0020000007
5137 0185 0192
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Rev. William Baker476MeadowArable02270170187
Rev. William Baker452Great Close11212242317
Rev. William Baker451Highertown Field5216011201197
Rev. William Baker356Lowertown Field4326014601537
Rev. William Baker324Higher Brake Close5020101101157
Rev. William Baker244Lower Brake Close32240620657
Rev. William Baker243Quilot00340060067
Rev. William Baker241Mill Hill332408608107
Rev. William Baker327Lower Undertown211005110627
Rev. William Baker326PlantationPlantation00270000007
Rev. William Baker325QuilotArable00290030037
Rev. William Baker355OrchardOrchard201509901037
Rev. William Baker354Higher Undertown221108100937
Rev. William Baker351Court Meadow0031001000107
Rev. William Baker475Waste00270000007
Rev. William Baker454Homestead01130000007
Rev. William Baker453GardenGarden00200080087
Rev. William Baker242Brake01320060067
44019 625 6610
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.George HillGeorge Hill349MeadowArable0110001100117
George HillGeorge Hill584Dillons Field4226015901667
George HillGeorge Hill756Dillons Field02320220237
George HillGeorge Hill832Waste00380000007
5326 01810 0198
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.George HillGeorge Hill844Homestead 0014 000 0007
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Henry NichollsHenry Nicholls854Homestead 0010 000 0007
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Richard LewarnRichard Lewarn614House and Garden 004 000 0007
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Francis MerrifieldFrancis Merrifield611Homestead 001 000 0007
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John SawleJohn Sawle610House and Garden 0030 007 0077
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John SawleRev. William Baker609GardenGarden 0013 000 0007
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John SawleJohn Sawle599House and Garden 011 0010 00107
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John MerrifieldJohn Merrifield477House and GardenGarden00190050057
John MerrifieldJohn Merrifield450MeadowArable01120100107
John MerrifieldJohn Merrifield478Garden0090000007
0200 150 15
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John MerrifieldJohn Eddy Oxenberry600Barseys Meadow1060370397
John MerrifieldJohn Eddy Oxenberry481MeadowArable01320160177
John MerrifieldJohn Eddy Oxenberry252Higher HillArable21360540577
John MerrifieldJohn Eddy Oxenberry251Lower HillArable03190160177
John MerrifieldJohn Eddy Oxenberry601Homestead0020000007
4315 01111 0126
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John VarcoeJohn Varcoe245Penny PoolArable02180100107
John VarcoeJohn Varcoe247Penny Pool0150050057
John VarcoeJohn Varcoe838Homestead00100000007
0333 015 015
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Elizabeth LewarnElizabeth Lewarn607House0020000007
Elizabeth LewarnElizabeth Lewarn683GardenGarden00100020027
0012 002 002
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Grace PenverGrace Penver604House and GardenGarden 0033 007 0077
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Mathew Garland CregoeElizabeth Lewarn603House 001 000 0007
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Edward PhilpEdward Philp602House0020000007
Edward PhilpEdward Philp682GardenGarden00120030037
0014 003 003
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William PearceWilliam Pearce598House and GardenGarden 0020 004 0047
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.597Chapel 006 000 0007
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William JollyWilliam Jolly594House and GardenGarden 0020 005 0057
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John SawleJohn Sawle595House 003 000 0007
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Richard Penver593House and GardenGarden 0124 014 0147
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Isaac BehennaIsaac Behenna592House and GardenGarden 0013 002 0027
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William StoddenWilliam Stodden590House and GardenGarden 010 0010 00107
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John HillJohn Hill684House and GardenGarden 0020 005 0057
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William PearceWilliam Pearce680House and GardenGarden 0020 004 0047
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.George JohnsGeorge Johns675Homestead 0012 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John E OxenberryJohn E Oxenberry676Homestead 0011 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Stephen BennettJane Merrifield677Homestead 0020 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Sir Samuel SpryRichard Pearce615Homestead 008 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Richard PearceRichard Pearce678Homestead 006 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Richard PearceGeorge Johns687Higher FieldArable3033010901138
Richard PearceGeorge Johns693Lower FieldArable202207100828
5115 0187 0195
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Thomas SawleThomas Sawle735House and OrchardOrchard 027 0111 01118
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Thomas SawleWilliam Cregoe862House 005 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Edward WakehamJames Rabling695House and GardenGarden 011 0010 00108
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Henry ManearHenry Manear736House and Garden 006 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Stephen HayesStephen Hayes877House0040000008
Stephen HayesStephen Hayes869House0030000008
Stephen HayesStephen Hayes851Cellar00100000008
0017 000 000
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Thomas PetersThomas Peters861House and Garden 0012 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Richard WardRichard Ward860House and Garden 0013 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William OliverWilliam Oliver859House and Garden 0011 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William OliverWilliam Saule853Houses 0012 000 0008
Ann ThomasAnn Thomas744House and Waste 0012 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Jane OxenberryJane Oxenberry742House and GardenGarden 00220 050 058
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Dorothy BullenDorothy Bullen743House and Garden 007 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Thomas MayThomas May746House and GardenGarden00180040048
Thomas MayThomas May852Cellars0080000008
0026 004 004
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Edward SwayneEdward Swayne747House and Garden 007 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William PetersWilliam Peters748Houses00140000008
William PetersWilliam Peters749Waste0060000008
William PetersWilliam Peters846House and Garden0090000008
0039 000 000
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William PetersWilliam Peters842House and Garden 004 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William PetersRichard Lower850Houses 002 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Mary SimmonsJohn Vincent849House 001 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Samuel OliveSamuel Olive847Cellar 008 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Margaret OdgersMargaret Odgers845Houses 0012 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.George Hill & Elizabeth DillonElizabeth Dillon843Houses 002 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Mary DillonMary Dillon841House and GardenGarden 00140 030 038
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Phillippa PetersCatherine Treverton839Houses 008 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Phillippa PetersPhillippa Peters871Houses 005 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Phillippa PetersPhillippa Peters745House and Garden 006 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Phillippa PetersGeorge Mannel837House and Garden 00110 000 008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Phillippa PetersArmidda Peters835House and Garden 009 000 0008
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Jessie FordJessie Ford836House and GardenGarden 0020 004 0048
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William Peters834Homestead and Waste01360000008
William Peters754Cliff CloseArable1280590608
William Peters691First Field2332010001068
William Peters587Second Field202407100828
William Peters588Third Field202607110828
William Peters757First Meadow11160410438
William Peters831Waste0160000008
William Peters583Second Meadow221808608118
William Peters484Third Meadow123605110628
William Peters362Snells Meadow1030360388
William Peters322Hill03380260278
William Peters323Bottoms01380130138
William Peters357Square Close0228011001118
William Peters359Dowricks Meadow02100180198
William Peters316Long Park033402100308
William Peters320Down Meadow02370220238
William Peters446Seccombe Meadow11350510548
William Peters752Shoot Meadow11170470498
William Peters753GardenGarden0080030038
William Peters692Second MeadowArable1290540578
25019 410 446
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.William Peters864Cellars 007 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Thomas StoddenThomas Stodden872House and Garden 0010 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John VigursJohn Vigurs870House and Garden 008 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Nicholas Representatives of PetersMargaret Johns868House 003 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Samuel HayesSamuel Hayes865House and Garden 009 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.George SawleGeorge Sawle875House, Garden and Waste 0020 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John DullonJohn Dullon874House and Garden 009 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John DullonJohn Dullon867House and Garden 004 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Bennett Snell698Homestead0140000009
Bennett Snell734HillArable12300590609
Bennett Snell741GardenGarden00140050059
Bennett Snell699Little HillArable1310600649
Bennett Snell697Hop Garden122705805119
Bennett Snell671Higher Slade FieldArable21150800859
Bennett Snell672Lower Slade Field133607307119
Bennett Snell673Churchtown Close21290830879
Bennett Snell670South Churchtown Close2200800859
14236 294 2120
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Bennett SnellBennett Snell848House and Court00110000009
Bennett SnellBennett Snell856House and Cellar00120000009
0023 000 000
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Robert GoodfellowRobert Goodfellow857Cellar0060000009
Robert GoodfellowRobert Goodfellow855House and Court0060000009
0012 000 000
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Robert GoodfellowGeorge Johns674GardenGarden 0013 003 0039
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Robert GoodfellowGeorge Johns612House 001 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Robert GoodfellowGeorge Johns681House 002 000 0009
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Thomas May & John VigursThomas May & John Vigurs685First CloseArable03390330359
Thomas May & John VigursThomas May & John Vigurs686Toddens Steps10603903119
Thomas May & John VigursThomas May & John Vigurs696Second Close03100300319
Thomas May & John VigursThomas May & John Vigurs694Lower Close03290340359
334 0134 01310
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.John Eddy OxenberryJohn Eddy Oxenberry739Homestead0060000009
John Eddy OxenberryJohn Eddy Oxenberry740GardenGarden00180050059
John Eddy OxenberryJohn Eddy Oxenberry878Cellars00160000009
John Eddy OxenberryJohn Eddy Oxenberry737House0020000009
Thomas OliveThomas Olive879Cellars0080000009
Stephen DunnStephen Dunn866Houses0050000009
Stephen DunnStephen Dunn876House, Garden and Waste0110000009
011 000 000
ChurchtownSamuel Ennys Esq.Samuel Ennys Esq.863GardenGarden01350170189
Samuel Ennys Esq.880Waste00170000009
Samuel Ennys Esq.873Waste10110000009
Samuel Ennys Esq.589Waste00140000009
Samuel Ennys Esq.591Waste01230000009
Samuel Ennys Esq.738Waste00180000009
Samuel Ennys Esq.840Waste01360000009
Samuel Ennys Esq.858Waste10230000009
Samuel Ennys Esq.480Waste2180000009
6025 017 018
TrewithianSamuel Ennys Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.422Trewithian GreenArable02370000009
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.415GardenGarden00190070079
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.416Garden0070020009
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.417Waste00140000009
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.419QuilotArable00290090099
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.420Quilot00260080089
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.423Green Meadow11360520579
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.429Higher Trewithian Field61260191010109
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.376Inner Croft23130790839
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.128Long Redreak6325013001379
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.270Peters Mea301605705109
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.271Great Ranldle Field73110152015119
29319 388 3120
TrewithianSamuel Ennys Esq.Daniel SnellWilliam Johns418House and Garden 0016 002 0029
TrewithianSamuel Ennys Esq.William OliveyWilliam Olivey421House and Garden 0023 005 0059
RosevineSamuel Ennys Esq.Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns764Homestead00380000009
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns575Mowhay MeadowArable3020890929
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns574OrchardOrchard02240110119
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns576HillArable12300240259
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns573Court Meadow212907707119
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns824Little Pedanvadan0110001000109
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns765Long Meadow03370300329
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns767Curlew Field221408508109
Matthew Garland Cregoe Esq.Stephen Johns818Cot Field024001000109
12128 11210 1143
RosevineSamuel Ennys Esq.Samuel PearceSamuel Pearce828House and GardenGarden001400200210
Samuel PearceSamuel Pearce827GardenGarden00900000010
0023 002 002
PendanvadanSamuel Ennys Esq.Richard Johns Esq.John Johns822Higher PedanvadanArable7200168017610
Richard Johns Esq.John Johns825Middle PedanvadanArable80701710018010
Richard Johns Esq.John Johns826Lower PedanvadanArable12229192110610
Richard Johns Esq.John Johns821Waste103800000010
29134 338 360
TreloanEarl of Falmouth- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls666Homestead and Waste011700000010
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls703Mowhay CloseArable32270127013210
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls731Middle Mowhay Close30250111011710
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls885Peters Splash53290148015410
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls732Vettans Cowan50200176018410
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls733Lords Close3060103010910
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls702Calves Meadow033503403610
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls701Lane002600000010
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls884Waste023000000010
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls708Paul02501401410
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls727Moor222704604910
- CurgenvenHenry Nicholls888Willow GardenWillows11002202310
2727 3175 410
TreloanEarl of FalmouthGeorge CanningGeorge Hill707Homestead032600000010
George CanningGeorge Hill729GardenGarden013501401410
George CanningGeorge Hill728Orchard MeadowArable031402002110
George CanningGeorge Hill709Moor10250128013310
George CanningGeorge Hill661Gue Meadow133807407810
George CanningGeorge Hill660Outer Gue Meadow133106406810
George CanningGeorge Hill621Lane End Close3070103010910
George CanningGeorge Hill618Road Field31340111011710
George CanningGeorge Hill619Outer Road Field32801130111010
George CanningGeorge Hill663Lane003200000010
George CanningGeorge Hill668Long Meadow122802302610
George CanningGeorge Hill881Little Craig Nellis33230100010610
George CanningGeorge Hill882Great Craig Nellis52270150015810
George CanningGeorge Hill883Waste02400000010
George CanningGeorge Hill913Little Cliff Close218051006110
George CanningGeorge Hill886Middle Cliff Close33190119012410
George CanningGeorge Hill730Road Meadow203107808010
George CanningGeorge Hill704Mowhay Meadow10120110011110
George CanningGeorge Hill705GardenGarden003000700710
George CanningGeorge Hill706Homestead012200000010
George CanningGeorge Hill887Great CloseArable521001710171110
George CanningGeorge Hill911Great Cliff Close30908408810
George CanningGeorge Hill912Waste031400000010
58027 727 794
TreloanEarl of FalmouthRev. William Baker665Homestead013200000010
Rev. William Baker664GardenGarden0100010001010
Rev. William Baker617Green CloseArable40170134014010
Rev. William Baker667Own Meadow122905906010
Rev. William Baker662Undertown41300135014210
Rev. William Baker620Gue422501511016410
Rev. William Baker710Little Moor12002602710
Rev. William Baker711Great Moor322006406810
Rev. William Baker669Long Meadow207076071010
Rev. William Baker700Crookenellis7334148151010
30234 4103 4143
TreloanParish of GerransOverseers of the Poor608House 003 000 00010
TreloanParish of GerransOverseers of the Poor616Bowling Green 0124 000 00010
TregassaMary HartleyRichard Ferrel488Homestead01400000010
Richard Ferrel437Waste001500000010
Richard Ferrel487GardenGarden003101001010
Richard Ferrel486ParkentowerArable51101710171110
Richard Ferrel582Parkentreath50380158016510
Richard Ferrel830Waste021600000010
Richard Ferrel581Peters Close52320185019010
Richard Ferrel489Great Tregassa803917318510
Richard Ferrel580Willow GardenWillows011501501610
Richard Ferrel490New Close FieldArable3111098010110
Richard Ferrel436New Close43140154016010
Richard Ferrel435Well Close702812013010
Richard Ferrel491OrchardOrchard1022051006110
Richard Ferrel434Higher CloseArable6314019910910
Richard Ferrel493OrchardOrchard013200500510
49232 71310 807
ParkenframeMary HartleyRichard Ferrel624House and GardenGarden001700600610
Richard Ferrel628House and GardenGarden002901001010
Richard Ferrel629Well MeadowArable237097010010
Richard Ferrel658Orchard Meadow3190111011810
Richard Ferrel638GardenGarden012402102210
Richard Ferrel659Lower CloseArable3150110011610
Richard Ferrel622Higher CloseArable31370120012710
Richard Ferrel632Waste01900000010
13317 273 295
ParkenframeMary HartleyThomas ButlandThomas Butland625House 002 000 00010
ParkenframeMary HartleyJohn SawleJohn Sawle626House 001 000 00010
ParkenframeMary HartleyJames CoomJames Coom627House00100000010
James CoomJames Coom630Garden001200300310
0013 003 003
ParkenframeMary HartleyJames CoomJames Coom635Garden 0016 000 00010
ParkenframeMary HartleyJames CoomRichard Butland633Garden00800000010
James CoomRichard Butland634Garden001500400410
James CoomRichard Butland636Garden002500700710
James CoomRichard Butland637Garden002500700711
James CoomWilliam Stodden631Garden012701601611
0133 016 016
ParkenframeMary HartleyJames CoomWilliam Stodden623House and Garden 009 000 00011
LandhouseJethro Martin HarrisJethro Martin Harris33Homestead01200000011
Jethro Martin Harris34GardenGarden001100400411
Jethro Martin Harris32OrchardOrchard002200800811
Jethro Martin Harris36PlatArable002100400411
Jethro Martin Harris35Mowhay Meadow02001501611
Jethro Martin Harris27GardenGarden001900700711
Jethro Martin Harris21Square MeadowArable102900600611
Jethro Martin Harris14Higher Long Close23906006311
Jethro Martin Harris13Lower Long Close232606206511
Jethro Martin Harris4Inner Parkenponds412408008411
Jethro Martin Harris6Outer Parkenponds311805906011
15321 199 11011
TrewinceRichard Johns Esq.Richard Richards643Homestead101100000011
Richard Richards644GardenGarden00800000011
Richard Richards466Square CloseArable1210299211211
Richard Richards467Little Meadow1032031004011
Richard Richards463Long Close70230130013411
Richard Richards344Cliff Close80120160016411
Richard Richards342Key Downs102901310014011
Richard Richards341House and Waste023200000011
Richard Richards465Middle Downs1011416517211
Richard Richards647Pick Heath1522517018011
Richard Richards648Saint Anthonys CloseArable633513114211
Richard Richards719OrchardOrchard11003203511
Richard Richards715Higher Beef CloseArable722818519911
Richard Richards723Lower Beef Close622114315411
Richard Richards893OrchardOrchard20307507911
Richard Richards724Seven AcresArable8391167117111
Richard Richards714Five Acres710161017111
Richard Richards640Paddy's Meadow322701320131011
Richard Richards657Higher Trelevan Close712217018311
Richard Richards713Lower Treleven Close722218519911
Richard Richards712Higher Moor30802702811
Richard Richards689Parkenbank533910311311
Richard Richards471Higher Church Close110211164117011
Richard Richards458Pelin Church Close5210147015311
Richard Richards459Inner Pelin Field40260106011411
Richard Richards461GardenGarden01200800811
Richard Richards460Waste001800000011
Richard Richards462House and Lane003200000011
Richard Richards345Pelin MeadowArable1328058051111
Richard Richards389Cliff Close Waste013600000011
Richard Richards472Lane002900000011
Richard Richards470Dry CloseArable32270106011011
16310 2393 2456
TrewinceRichard Johns Esq.Richard Johns Esq.645Homestead03000000011
Richard Johns Esq.642Mowhay Plot012000000011
Richard Johns Esq.646PlantationPlantation12500000011
Richard Johns Esq.652GardenGarden0327048041011
Richard Johns Esq.651OrchardOrchard01160110011111
Richard Johns Esq.650GardenGarden001600600611
Richard Johns Esq.649Kennal003200000011
Richard Johns Esq.653PlantationPlantation331100000011
Richard Johns Esq.654Lawnpasture132606406711
Richard Johns Esq.655Lower Lawnpasture310098010111
Richard Johns Esq.469PlantationPlantation11400000011
Richard Johns Esq.717GardenGarden103306206311
Richard Johns Esq.716Doves WalkArable012601501611
Richard Johns Esq.718Waste001000000011
Richard Johns Esq.725Lower Moor233802602711
Richard Johns Esq.468PlantationPlantation213700000011
Richard Johns Esq.343PlantationPlantation603900000011
Richard Johns Esq.464PlantationPlantation130800000011
Richard Johns Esq.340Waste1913403503711
Richard Johns Esq.641PlantationPlantation01800000011
Richard Johns Esq.656Way CloseArable31140120012711
6404 286 2105
PollanghamRichard Johns Esq.John Harris296Homestead112100000011
John Harris297Willow GardensWillows023201601611
John Harris292Little CommonArable021701401411
John Harris291Great Common11150011001111
John Harris293GardenGarden002200800811
John Harris290MeadowArable03402602711
John Harris289Round Meadow132705205511
John Harris294Long Meadow203805906011
John Harris295Garden011601001011
John Harris373Sauls Meadow212106106311
John Harris374Tiggs Close6120155016211
John Harris288Well Close6030101010611
John Harris268Four Acres5139095091011
John Harris176Waterstile Close70120111011711
John Harris267Peas Meadow303006907111
John Harris298Vineyard013901001011
John Harris372Church Close90512813911
John Harris371Lane002100000011
John Harris427House and Garden001100000011
John Harris428GardenGarden001500600611
49230 5110 561
Higher RosevineRichard Johns Esq.Stephen Johns567Homestead002700000011
Stephen Johns566Mowhay MeadowArable31390112011911
Stephen Johns568OrchardOrchard0270110011111
Stephen Johns565MoorArable02801501511
Stephen Johns564OrchardOrchard00270010001011
Stephen Johns563Little Gommas GroundArable2011077071111
Stephen Johns562Great Gommas Ground50210159016611
Stephen Johns561Town Meadow20407507911
Stephen Johns560Chubbs Meadow1025031104111
Stephen Johns558Waste00600000011
Stephen Johns772High Cliff FieldArable21906807011
Stephen Johns917Lower Cliff Field33009009511
Stephen Johns918Waste023100000012
Stephen Johns768Old Rowan42140120012712
Stephen Johns817Brake211601001012
2905 3187 422
TrewithianRichard Johns Esq.John Johns513Homestead012600000012
John Johns510GardenGarden001000500512
John Johns550Seven AcresArable80815316012
John Johns775Two Acres211507808012
John Johns774Two Acres211907908012
John Johns773Two Acres22408308712
John Johns769Great Field133804905012
John Johns770Great Field121704104312
John Johns816Great Field22605305612
John Johns914Hills221602802912
John Johns916Well Close405098010012
John Johns771Two Acres2323081009212
John Johns815Higher Sunny Shuts3037095091012
John Johns919Lower Sunny Shuts40350101010612
John Johns952Waste003300000012
John Johns915Waste02600000012
John Johns552House and Waste00600000012
John Johns551OrchardOrchard011902002012
John Johns555GardenGarden001000400412
40017 565 5104
TrewithianRichard Johns Esq.Sarah ThomasSarah Thomas557House and GardenGarden 0015 002 00212
TrewithianRichard Johns Esq.Sarah ThomasJames Ward553House00400000012
Sarah ThomasJames Ward554GardenGarden001500500512
Sarah ThomasJames Ward556OrchardOrchard012302002012
022 025 025
TrewithianRichard Johns Esq.Sarah ThomasSamuel Robins509House and Garden 0011 000 00012
TrewithianRichard Johns Esq.Sarah ThomasSamuel Robins514House 0012 000 00012
CurgorrellRichard Johns Esq.Elizabeth HugoRichard Ferrel809Homestead and Waste013300000012
Elizabeth HugoRichard Ferrel810GardenGarden002000800812
Elizabeth HugoRichard Ferrel814Lower CloseArable531401610017712
Elizabeth HugoRichard Ferrel920Hill50290115012012
Elizabeth HugoRichard Ferrel776Middle Close32150103010912
Elizabeth HugoRichard Ferrel549Yonder Barrow Close33200108011212
Elizabeth HugoRichard Ferrel548Nearer Barrow Close4070116012112
23018 314 343
Dillons RosevineJohn Penhallow Peters Esq.John Penhallow Peters Esq.571RosevineArable33210111011812
John Penhallow Peters Esq.572Hill112901501512
John Penhallow Peters Esq.492OrchardOrchard027011102012
5317 0145 0151
CurgurrelJane PetersJane Peters807House CloseArable2126026021012
Jane Peters805Hop Garden Meadow201406206512
Jane Peters806OrchardsOrchard13509209712
Jane Peters812Homestead032500000012
Jane Peters924New GardenGarden022001001012
Jane Peters926Furze CloseArable3013096091112
Jane Peters925Town Meadow31230910010412
Jane Peters949Outer Field2233047041012
Jane Peters950Creek StephenShrubbery003000000012
Jane Peters951Outer RocksArable111102302412
Jane Peters953Waste021500000012
19015 250 273
MerroseRev R.M.N. UsickeJames Crewes382Homestead and Lanes03500000012
James Crewes381MeadowArable033102502612
James Crewes282Park in Burraws533109209712
James Crewes281Park in Trees63270107010812
James Crewes280Dinnis522005906012
James Crewes387Moor41102402512
James Crewes385Lower Close4037051006112
James Crewes386Willow Garden01100100112
James Crewes384Middle Close53300101010612
James Crewes402Orchard Meadow112003703912
James Crewes383Mowhay Meadow23906606912
James Crewes403Well MeadowArable201105405412
James Crewes404Willow GardenGarden003100300312
James Crewes405GardenGarden002800500512
James Crewes406GueArable23906006312
James Crewes407Higher Gue51260114011812
James Crewes284Burrow Close53909009512
James Crewes283Burrow Close60110103010912
61227 41811 525
Kemp's TenementPrince of WalesJane PetersSamuel Croxall785Homestead013200000012
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall786Well MeadowArable023002002112
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall787Long Meadow0130011001112
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall797Long Moor023001201212
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall798Well Moor10102502612
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall396Beef Close5160110011112
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall395Moor1170010001012
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall530Higher Parkencraig403207808012
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall529Lower Parkencraig21003203412
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall525GardenGarden003500400412
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall526First MoorArable033601001012
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall527Second Moor111201401412
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall528Third Moorpasture022900600612
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall524Three Corner MeadowArable3125047041012
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall544Higher Park in Burrows812201411015112
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall521Lower Park in Burrows4324081009312
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall928Long Morvast50380110011612
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall945Long Morvast Hill111700700712
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall946GardenGarden001200000012
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall804Great MorvastArable82810611612
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall927Crick Stephen Morvast622201140111012
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall947Great Stephen Morvast4030029021012
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall954Waste10100000012
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall942Quantrel MorvastArable60601211013712
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall959Waste012800000013
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall520Willow GardenGarden00300011001113
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall523GardenGarden00600000013
Jane PetersSamuel Croxall780Waste00200000013
69314 608 650
Lenner's TrelugganPrince of WalesJane PetersCharles Ferrel534Homestead022500000013
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel536GardenGarden003701201213
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel399Long CloseArable701801700171013
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel398Lower Little Close4250108011013
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel397Higher Little Close313308909013
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel533Duels Close2225071108113
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel532Town Meadow023903103213
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel392Calves Close513609309913
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel391Moor02200500513
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel390Moor011400300313
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel393Moor023000700713
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel394Moorpasture03600600613
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel389Moorpasture1100010001013
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel388Fowling Pool Moorpasture322402202313
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel930Gleece MarvastArable81380181018613
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel944Hill132302702813
Jane PetersCharles Ferrel956Waste032200000013
43117 433 460
TrelugganPrince of WalesMatthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.541Homestead003000000013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.539Mowhay003400000013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.542GardenGarden001100400413
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.538Waste00500000013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.784GardenGarden003301001013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.800Waste002900000013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.540Chapel CloseArable42120116012113
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.543Church Close50220134013613
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.522Parkenrows63360154015613
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.401Great Moor112901201213
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.400Little Moor03300010001013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.546Borough Close721001211013013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.545Higher Bullons43108709013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.517Lower Bullons22104304513
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.518Waste012000000013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.519Willow GardenWillows002300000013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.516Whit CloseArable4218077071113
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.781Waste003400100113
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.932Higher Gleast5000106011013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.934Lower Gleast2237048041013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.941Morvast831711212213
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.960Morvast Hill02240010001013
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.961Morvast HillArable021900800813
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.962Morvast103401701813
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.963Morvast031801201213
Matthew GarlandMatthew Garland Cregoe Esq.964Waste013900000013
6026 5176 612
TrelugganPrince of WalesRichard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle782Homestead122400000013
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle783House and Garden002600000013
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle801Old OrchardArable121801101113
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle799Willow Gardenpasture012900200213
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle803Town MeadowArable50350127013013
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle929Higher Morvast10129121114013
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle955Waste02200000013
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle943Lower Morvast815019710013
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle957Hill323705005313
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle958Waste11700000013
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle931Willow Garden Meadow4340105011113
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle802Orchard Meadow13604704813
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle933Slip Close4238081109413
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle935Long Close53180127013213
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle939Parkenmorrish62220112011613
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle938Geans Moor40604104313
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle937Second Moor313703703913
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle936Parkenmorrish Moorpasture332702502613
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle792Fowling Pool MoorArable503603703913
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle793Hay Moor231102502613
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle791West Moorpasture323202602713
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle790Parkentodden MoorArable102201401413
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle531Parkentodden72300165017213
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle789Parkenvaughan5350144014613
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle788Parkenvaughan Meadow03402802913
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle796Meadow Moor01000500513
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle795Little Quarterspasture022000400413
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle794Great QuartersArable214021103113
Richard Johns Esq.Alexander Dingle535Forty AcresArable002500600613
99019 866 8128
LandhooseRichard Johns Esq.Richard Stanton31Homestead and Waste033200000013
Bishop of ExeterRichard Stanton30GardenGarden002100700713
Sir John St Aubyn (deceased), Represenatives ofRichard Stanton37HillArable021201001013
Richard Stanton18Well Close5390169017013
Richard Stanton17Lower Well Close422006406813
Richard Stanton1Moor411021103113
Richard Stanton16Great Close71330129013013
Richard Stanton2Broom Close51309009513
Richard Stanton3West Close60210104010813
Richard Stanton5Trevenick Meadow1132029021013
Richard Stanton15Winnowing Close60210114011813
Richard Stanton19Cow Close223107507913
Richard Stanton20Acre Meadow115038031013
Richard Stanton12Jennings Meadow023501701713
Richard Stanton28Long Meadow022602002113
Richard Stanton29Town Meadow022602302413
4838 4108 4136
RosetegueMary HartleyMary Hartley895Homestead and Lanes22400000014
Mary Hartley898GardenGarden013202402314
Mary Hartley899PlantationPlantation233600000014
Mary Hartley900OrchardOrchard011000000014
Mary Hartley897Front FieldArable24111408319514
Mary Hartley905Lower Grebe931214013814
Mary Hartley901Higher Grebe61911611214
Mary Hartley902GardenGarden003601201114
Mary Hartley903OrchardOrchard022803603514
Mary Hartley907New CloseArable1211520820014
Mary Hartley909Cliff Close9114100019814
Mary Hartley906Waste412200000014
Mary Hartley720Cram Field162102137212914
Mary Hartley721Undertown90251163115814
Mary Hartley896PlantationPlantation01900000014
Mary Hartley894PlantationPlantation91600000014
Mary Hartley722Waste01100000014
Mary Hartley904Little DeerparkArable30280108010614
Mary Hartley892Great Deerpark52130163016014
Mary Hartley889Long Close Meadow61270199019514
Mary Hartley890Meadow013601401314
Mary Hartley891PlantationPlantation02000000014
Mary Hartley726Waste Piece021900000014
Mary Hartley908Long TrewarsArable15002142213414
Mary Hartley910Little Trewars3390127012514
144312 19185 19120
RosetegueRev William BakerRev. William Baker474Homestead and Garden 0312 000 000Glebe - Tithe Free14
RosetegueRev William BakerRev. William Baker679Church and Burial Ground 028 000 00014
42037 000 000

Note that the Tithe Apportionment document does contain a summary at the end bringing together all the entries for Landowners, Lessees and Occupiers but after transcribing the detail I couldn't bring myself to transcribe the summary as well! If anyone wants to have the details for a particular person in the summary then contact me and I'll look them up!

Bill O'Reilly 2009

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