St Mawes Methodist Circuit - Million Guinea Contributors

Contributors from the St Mawes Circuit to the Methodist Million Guinea Fund

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The Million Guinea Fund was established to celebrate the centenary of the death of John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist movement. You can find more about this fund at Central Hall Westminster.

The names of those who contributed were recorded in the Wesleyan Methodist Historic Roll, a unique set of 50 large leather bound volumes which are located at Westminster Methodist Central Hall in London. The volumes contain the names of over one million people who donated a guinea [£1/1/- or £1.05] to the Wesleyan Methodist Twentieth Century Fund [or The Million Guinea Fund] between January 1st 1899 and September 1909 when the fund was finally closed. The majority of the donations were made between 1899 and 1904.

The Fund was officially launched in 1898. Initially no one was allowed to donate more than One Guinea but donors could make additional donations “In Memoriam” for loved ones who had died or moved away from home.

The Fund Raising Committee decided to ask all donors to write their names and addresses on special pages which were distributed to all Wesleyan Churches and Circuits in England, Wales, Scotland and Overseas. When the pages were returned, they were bound into 50 volumes which were called “The Historic Roll.” The volumes were arranged in District order, then by Circuit and by Church within each District.

This is a transcription of the entries for the St Mawes Wesleyan Methodist Circuit from Volume 13, fiche 16 & 17. Rather than sort them into surname order I have left them in the order that they appear as this may help to identify family groups. Note that there are several pages (out of order) for St Mawes and there are occasional entries on one village page by people from another village - so browse carefully!

St MawesCharles WilliamRHODESSt Mawes-16225
St MawesElizabethRHODES--16225
St MawesCharles L B RHODES--16225
St MawesEdwin GRHODES--16225
St MawesEthel ARHODES--16225
St MawesHerbert RRHODES--16225
St MawesHarold FRHODES--16225
St MawesEdwardANDREWSt Mawes-16225
St MawesThomasineANDREWSt Mawes-16225
St MawesRichardANDREWSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesMaryANDREWSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesJohnANDREWSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesJaneJENKINGSt Mawes-16225
St MawesThomas JenkingCHRISTIANASt Mawes-16225
St MawesAnnie MatildaJENKINGSt Mawes-16225
St MawesNicholasJENKINGSt Mawes-16225
St MawesThomasineJENKINGSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesNicholasJENKINGSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesMaryJENKINGSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesMatildaGREENSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesMary LydiaFITTOCKSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesAnnaJENKINGSt Mawes-16225
St MawesMary ThomasineJENKINSSt Mawes-16225
St MawesGeorge HaroldJENKINSSt Mawes-16225
St MawesGraceDASHSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesPriscillaJAMESSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesMary ElizabethLOWERSt Mawes-16225
St MawesJoseph EdwardGREENSt Mawes-16225
St MawesEmmaGREENSt Mawes-16225
St MawesJosephGREENSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesJaneGREENSt Mawesin memoriam16225
St MawesElizabethLIBBYSt Mawes-16225
St MawesFlorence GreenCOLLINSSt Mawes-16225
St MawesGeorge GreetCOLLINSSt Mawes-16225
St MawesMary AnnVINCENTSt Mawes-16225
RuanGeorge WarrenDINGLERuan-16226
RuanHarriet AnnDINGLERuan-16226
RuanCatherine MaryDINGLERuan-16226
RuanElizabeth JaneDINGLERuan-16226
RuanGilesWILLIAMSBarn, Ruanin memoriam16226
RuanGiles (Jnr)WILLIAMSBarn, Ruanin memoriam16226
RuanEmmaWILLIAMSBarn, Ruan-16226
RuanThomas RodwellDAVEYLambourne, Ruan-16226
RuanSarah AnnieDAVEYLambourne, Ruan-16226
RuanJohn HaroldDAVEYLambourne, Ruan-16226
RuanEllen MaudeDAVEYLambourne, Ruan-16226
RuanWilliam AlexanderDAVEYLambourne, Ruan-16226
RuanThomas Rodwell (Jnr)DAVEYLambourne, Ruan-16226
RuanJohnCOADGonitor, Ruan-16226
RuanHarriet AnnCOADGonitor, Ruan-16226
RuanElizabeth AnnCOADGonitor, Ruan-16226
RuanWilliam LoveyHEARLETreburtha, Veryan-16226
RuanLoveday NellyHEARLETreburtha, Veryan-16226
RuanSamuelHEARLETory, Stithiansin memoriam16226
RuanElisabethHEARLETory, Stithiansin memoriam16226
RuanJohnWEARNEPonsanoothin memoriam16226
RuanThomasineWEARNEPonsanoothin memoriam16226
St MawesCharles HenryHARRISSt Mawes-16227
St MawesSarrahHARRISSt Mawes-16227
St MawesWilliamJENKINGSt Mawes-16227
St MawesJoseph GreenJENKINGSt Mawes-16227
St MawesMarthaJENKINGSt Mawes-16227
St MawesFlorence ElizabethJENKINGSt Mawes-16227
St MawesWilliam JohnJENKINGSt Mawes-16227
St MawesJoseph GreenJENKINGSt Mawes-16227
St MawesWilliamJENKINGSt Mawes(1st) in memoriam16227
St MawesJeniferJENKINGSt Mawes-16227
St MawesWilliam JohnJENKINGSt Mawes in memoriam16227
St MawesCharlesGREENSt Mawesin memoriam16227
St MawesNicholasVINCENTSt Mawes-16227
St MawesMatilda JenkingVINCENTSt Mawes-16227
St MawesElizabethROBERTSSt Mawes-16227
St MawesJohnANDAINSt Mawes-16227
St MawesMary JagoANDAINSt Mawes-16227
St MawesJohn HenryANDAINSt Mawesin memoriam16227
St MawesHubert EdgarANDAINSt Mawes-16227
St MawesJohn HenryANDAINSt Mawes-16227
St MawesEdwardJENKINGSt Mawes-16227
St MawesMatilda JaneVINCENTSt Mawes-16227
St MawesCharlesFITTOCKSt Mawes-16227
St MawesPhilippaFITTOCKSt Mawes-16227
St MawesEloiseFITTOCKSt Mawesin memoriam16227
St MawesWilliamTOMSSt Mawes-16227
St MawesWilliamGREENSt Mawes(1st) in memoriam16227
St MawesMartha GraceGREENSt Mawesin memoriam16227
St MawesFrancis JohnGREENSt Mawesin memoriam16227
St MawesWilliamGREENSt Mawes(2nd) in memoriam16227
St MawesJoseph ArthurISABELLSt Mawes-16227
St MawesJamesGREENSt Mawes-16227
GerransJamesTHOMASMethers Collyn-16228
GerransDorothy EmilieTHOMASMethers Collyn-16228
GerransElizabethTHOMASMethers Collyn-16228
GerransGertrudeTHOMASMethers Collyn in memoriam16228
GerransJaneNICHOLLSMethers Collyn-16228
GerransSamuelTHOMASMount View-16228
GerransCharlotteTHOMASMount View-16228
GerransElizabethTHOMASMount View-16228
GerransWinifred MaryTHOMASMount View-16228
GerransHerbert WilliamsTHOMASTregassa-16228
GerransKathleen MaryTHOMASTregassa-16228
GerransJames Francis HerbertTHOMASTregassa-16228
GerransJohn HenryNICHOLLSPortscatho-16228
GerransElizabeth AnnNICHOLLSPortscatho-16228
GerransLilian-Portscathain memoriam16228
GerransJames Fredk.THOMASTregassick-16228
GerransCaroline ElizabethTHOMASTregassick-16228
GerransPhyllis ElizabethTHOMASTregassick-16228
GerransJohnCHIPMANLanhoose, Trewithian-16228
GerransJosephDAVISLanhay (Gerrans)-16228
GerransMaryDAVISLanhay (Gerrans)-16228
GerransPhilippaPEARCEGerransin memoriam16228
GerransClaraCORYNSt Omer, Gerrans-16228
GerransAmelia Jane KeturiahRICHARDSSt Omer, Gerrans-16228
GerransSamuel RLOBBPollanghan-16229
PhilleighWesleyPEARCEArdevora, Philleigh-17230
PhilleighBessiePEARCEArdevora, Philleigh-17230
PhilleighJamesHOCKINGArdevora, Philleigh in memoriam17230
PhilleighThomasinePEARCEArdevora, Philleigh in memoriam17230
PhilleighJohnHOCKINGRatens, St Enoder in memoriam17230
PhilleighCatharineHOCKINGRatens, St Enoder in memoriam17230
PhilleighFrancisCOLLETTPolglazein memoriam17230
PhilleighWilliamOSBORNETolverne Barton-17230
PhilleighSusanOSBORNETolverne Barton-17230
PhilleighWilliam JohnBRENTONCarvinack, St Just-17230
PhilleighWilliamLITTLEPenhallow, Philleigh-17230
PhilleighJames PaulCARBISArdevora Veor, Philleigh-17230
PhilleighJohannah WCARBISArdevora Veor, Philleigh-17230
PhilleighFlora MildredCARBISArdevora Veor, Philleigh-17230
PhilleighMyrtleCARBISArdevora Veor, Philleigh-17230
PhilleighHilda ACARBISArdevora Veor, Philleigh-17230
PhilleighStanley JCARBISArdevora Veor, Philleigh-17230
PhilleighJohn FrancisHAWKINSChurch Town, Philleigh-17230
St MawesMarthaCOLLINSSt Mawes-17231
St MawesHumphreyHICKSHalwartha, St Mawes-17231
St MawesJ CKENNERLEYThe Haven, St Mawes-17231
St MawesT AKENNERLEYThe Haven, St Mawes-17231
St MawesWilliam Pennington (Revd.)BURGESS- in memoriam17231
St MawesFrances (Mrs)BURGESS-in memoriam17231
St JustMary JagoPASCOESt Just in Roseland-17232
St JustJohn BlitchfordBORLASESt Just in Roseland in memoriam17232
St JustGrace JagoCLEMOWFair View, St Just in Roseland-17232
St JustJohn JagoPASCOESt Just in Roseland in memoriam17232
St JustCharlesPASCOESt Just in Roseland-17232
St JustCharlotte AnnPASCOESt Just in Roseland-17232
St JustGladys EllenPASCOESt Just in Roseland-17232
St JustNorman HartleyPASCOESt Just in Roseland-17232
St JustWilliamPASCOETreverras, St Just in Roseland-17232
St JustElizabethPASCOETreverras, St Just in Roseland-17232
St JustBertha AdelinePASCOESt Just in Roseland-17232
TrewarthaWilliam HenryTROUNCETrevilveth, Veryan-17236
TrewarthaEllen Maude MaryTROUNCETrevilveth, Veryan-17236
TrewarthaWilliam HenryMIDDLECOATGwendra, Veryan-17236
TrewarthaMabelHEARLEPort Loe, Veryan-17236
TrewarthaSusan WrightHEARLE-in memoriam17236
TrewarthaElizabethDUNSTONEPine Cottage, Portloe, Veryan-17236
TrewarthaGrace LSPRYBehan Parc, Veryan-17236
TrewarthaThomas JohnCHENOWETHVeryan Green-17236
TrewarthaMartha MBLAMEYLower Mill, Veryan-17236
TrewarthaNathaniel SpryHUGHVeryan Green-17236
TrewarthaWilliam (Jnr)SIMONSCamels, Veryan-17236
TrewarthaMary AnnBLAMEYTretheuelin memoriam Thomas Blamey17236
TrewarthaGertrude ElizabethNICHOLLSTrewartha Hall, Veryan-17236
Port HollandJamesHOLMANTreberrick, Caerhays-17238
Port HollandJaneHOLMANTreberrick, Caerhays-17238
Port HollandElizabethMARTINKennall, Stithians-17238
Port HollandMary EllenPHILLIPSRichardson Co., Nebraska, USA-17238
Port HollandMary PetersSTOCKERStoke Lodge, Stoke on Trent-17238
Port HollandEliza JefferyAVERY12 Mitchell Hill Terrace, Truro-17238
Port HollandThomasHOLTPenvose, Veryan-17238
Port HollandAlfredSNELLChurch Town Caerhays-17238
Port HollandWilliamSYMONSCamels, Veryan-17238
Port HollandRichardCOLLINS1 Albert Terrace, St Mawes-17238
Port HollandWilliam JamesRUNDLEVeryan Green, Veryan-17238
Port HollandJamesHOLMANMenerdue, Stithians in memoriam17238
Port HollandSarahHOLMANMenerdue, Stithians in memoriam17238
Port HollandJosephHOLMANNebraska, USA in memoriam17238
Port HollandJaneHOLMANMenerdue, Stithians in memoriam17238
Port HollandJosephMARTINTretheague, Stithians in memoriam17238
Port HollandHughPHILLIPSTrescocru, Stithians in memoriam17238
Port HollandFrancisSTOCKERTregenna, St Ewe in memoriam17238
Port HollandThomasPEARCETrelissick, St Ewe in memoriam17238
Port HollandWilliamELLIOTTBoswague, Veryan-17238
Port HollandMary AnnieELLIOTTBoswague, Veryan-17238
Port HollandMargaretta JaneELLIOTTBoswague, Veryan-17238
Port HollandJosephus ReginaldELLIOTTBoswague, Veryan-17238
Port HollandJennyELLIOTTBoswague, Veryan in memoriam17238
Port HollandSusan AnnaTROUNCEStrandermayo Terrace, Truro in memoriam17238
Port HollandElizabeth JaneKERKINPolgrain, Caerhays-17238
Port HollandWilliamKERKINGreat Polgrain, Caerhays, St Austell-17238
Port HollandHannahKERKINPolgrain, Caerhays-17238
Port HollandWilliam HenryKERKINPolgrain, Caerhays-17238
Port HollandWilhelminaKERKINPolgrain, Caerhays-17238
Port HollandEdwardMARTINHovel, Caerhays-17238
Port HollandMary JoannaMARTINHovel, Caerhays-17238
Port HollandMary AnnVINCENTTreleslick, St Ewe-17239
Port HollandWilliamDYERPolsue, St Ewe-17239
Port HollandAnnie MatildaDYERPolsue, St Ewe-17239
Port HollandThurston HarlJULIANPimlico, London, SW-17239
Port HollandGertrudeJULIAN--17239
Port HollandDorcasPADDYPorthollandin memoriam17239

© Bill O'Reilly 2007

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