St Mawes Independent Calvinistic Chapel Baptisms 1798-1837

St Mawes Independent Calvinistic Chapel Baptisms 1798-1837

© Bill O'Reilly 2013

This is my transcription of the St Mawes Independent Calvinistic Chapel Baptisms from 1798 to 1837 from document RG4/109. There aren't many records so I'll just present them in date order.

ForenameSurnameFatherMotherAbodeBaptism DateBaptism yearBorn
DorethaFURZEJamesNancyBorough of St Mawes24-Oct179829-Sep 1798
HannahFURZEJamesNancySt Mawes28-Feb180029-Jan 1800
MaryFURZEJamesNancySt Mawes20-Jun18025-May 1802
JosephFURZEJamesNancySt Mawes18-Dec180511-Nov 1805
LydiaFURZEJamesNancySt Mawes20-Sep18115-Aug 1811
Mary JanePETERSJamesPhilippaSt Mawes14-Jun1818 14-Jun 1818
Olivia JaneTHOMASMichalElizabethSt Mawes of the parish of St Just30-Jan182031-Oct 1819
AnnNAPTONBengemanElizabethSt Mawes28-Mar18117-Mar 1811
Mary JenkingGANTJamesAlliceotp22-Apr183320-Feb 1833
PhilippaPETERSWm (Jnr)MarySt Mawes22-Jun1834-
ElizabethWEBBERWmAnnSt Mawes11-Jul183421-Sep 1833
AnnWEBBERWmAnnSt Mawes11-Jul183421-Sep 1833
MaryWEBBERWmAnnSt Mawes25-Dec183519-Oct 1835
PeggyWARRENNichsCatharineSt Mawes17-Jan183631-Dec 1835
ElizabethPETERSWmMarySt Mawes28-Feb183603-Jan 1836
OliviaCHAMBERSJohnGraceSt Mawes28-Feb183628-Jan 1836
AnnCOFFINHenryPattySt Mawes04-Apr183631-Jan 1836
HarrietSTEWARTAlexandaMarySt Mawes15-Jan183706-Nov 1836
SusanGREENWmJeneferSt Mawes29-Jan183729-Nov 1836
Mary AnnLOWRYJohnThomasinSt Mawes05-Feb183719-Nov 1836
Joseph HicksKEAMRobertElizabeth-09-Feb183711 Feb 1827
Elizabeth LyellHICKSJosephElizabethSt Mawes12-Mar183719 Feb 1837?
Wm JamesLOCHARTWmMargaretSt Mawes20-Apr183719 Feb 1837?
Elizabeth JenkingSPRAKESJohnMatildaSt Mawes23-Apr1837-

The document also provides some history of the Chapel. It has some pages missing but here's what there is:

St Mawes Calvinistic Independent Chapel

The cause of Christ, in the Borough of St Maws, amongst that class of Dissenters from the Establishment, called Independents, had its commencement in the year 1784 when a few persons met together for the purpose of religious worship in a small wooden house, that had been used as a Carpenters Shed: a sermon being read there only for some time by Mw William Silwood, on Sabbath Evenings; with occasional preaching: it was not however long before Mr Silwood himself began to expound the Scriptures to those, who from time to time, assembled there; being encouraged by them so to do: and thus matters continued for nearly the span of 4 years: when the late Countess of Huntingdon having sent two of her students to ministate in the County of Cornwall, namely Stepns. Wall and Upton; they were encouraged to visit St Maws, frequently and at this time the place of worship was rendered more commodious for worship, and would accommodate about 130 thearin it was usually well attended, and pleasing evidence was afforded that the labour was not in vain in the Lord. And then after a few years, the students in Lady Huntingdon’s connexion were withdrawn from the County entirely; still the little cause in this place was kept alive, chiefly through the means of Mr Silwood’s exertions; and Mr Cory’s; a respectable surgeon in the place by whose united endeavours, with occasional preaching by neighbouring Ministers, and particularly of the Revd W Wildbore of Falmouth, and the Revds Stephns Paddon and Pearce of Truro; things continued to go forward upon the whole, without any remarkable circumstances occurring until the year 1808, excepting; that in consequence of a County Itinerancy having been established by the Associated Independent Ministries of Cornwall. The Friends at St Maws shared in the advantages thereof and the effect seemed to be an imperious(?) sort of call for some exertion to be made, in procuring a better place of worship – but previous to this, the ordinance of Baptism having been administered, particularly in the family of Mr James Furze, it is proper here to insert the Register of the same –

Baptism of Dorothea Furze daughter of James Furze of the Borough of St Maws, and of Nancy his Wife, was born September 29th 1798 and was Baptized October 24th 1798 by ... Parsons, Minister of Ebenezer Meeting, Truro.

Baptism of Hannah Furze, Daughter of James Furze of St Maws, and of Nancy his wife, was born January 29th 1800 and was baptized February 28th 1800 by Wm Paddon, Minister of Bethseda Meeting, Truro.

Baptism of Mary Furze, Daughter of James Furze of St Maws, and of Nancy his wife, was born May 5th 1802 and was baptized June 20th 1802 by J.E. Pearce, Minister of Ebenezer Meeting, Truro.

Baptism of Joseph Furze, Son of James Furze of St Maws, and of Nancy his wife, was born November 11th 1805 and was baptized December 18th 1805 by James Angeon, one of the County Itinerants.

The other baptisms which took place, within or about the same space of time, were either performed at the parish church, on account of there being no .... Minister connected with the little Meeting House; or else they were registered by the neighbouring Ministries, who administered the same, in the places to which they severally belonged.
But about this time, the Spirit of Hearing being upon the whole increased in St Maws, which Town was .... {pages appear to be missing}
Copy of the Trust Deed {some pages appear to be missing}

... all the said parties to these presents that when and as soon as the said parties to these presents Trustees in the premises shall be reduced to the number of 3 then and in such case the said surviving Trustees or the survivors of them or survivor shall and will grant and assign the said Meeting House with the appurtenances and all the Estate interest and Trust of in and to the same free of all incumbrances to such honest and fair men of good character and reputation who holding Calvinistic principles and Infant Baptism as will make up the number of 11 at the least as he or they surviving as aforesaid with the advice of two reputable and Independent Ministers in the County shall think fit and convenient upon the several Trusts and to and for the several uses interets (sic) and purposes and subject to the same or the like provisos and agreements as are hereinbefore mentioned AND so from time to time and as often as need shall require AND also that they the said Humphry MARTIN John MARTIN James EDDY William TUCKER John SYMONS Nicholas RICE Isaac BURGESS John McDOWALL the Elder and Richard THOMAS the Younger and such other person or persons who shall or may be elected or chosen Trustee or Trustees in the Premises aforesaid and every of them shall and may from time to time and at all time hereafter by and not of the monies which shall or may arise from sittings subscriptions or otherwise deduct and retain to or otherwise reimburse themselves all such costs charges and expenses whatsoever as they shall or may pay in the necessary repairs of the said Meeting House for or by reason of the trusts hereby in them or any of them repaid in any manner whatsoever provided always that if it be at any time hereafter decided expedient to procure borrow and raise any sum or sums of money for the discharging of any debt on the aforesaid Meeting House for any improvement thereof that the Trustees for the time being or the majority of them shall have power to procure borrow and raise any sum or sums of money for that purpose and an hereby fully enabled authorized and empowered to make and execute any Mortgage or Mortgages of the said Meeting House on the security thereof anything herein contained to the contrary notwithstanding AND lastly the said Elizabeth CORY? Doth hereby for herself and her Executors and administrators covenant promise and agree with the said Trustees, parties hereto, their Executors administrators and assigns that for and notwithstanding any act matter or thing it shall and may be lawful for them the said Trustees and the Trustee or Trustees for the time being peaceably and quietly to have hold use occupy possess and enjoy all and singular the said Premises with the appurtenances for and occurring all the term aforesaid upon the several Trusts aforesaid without any let suit trouble molestation eviction interruption denial claim or demand whatsoever having or lawfully claiming the same or any part thereof by from or under or in Trust for her or them for witness whereof the parties aforesaid to these Presents their hands and seals interchangeably have set the day and year first above written”

Baptism of L Furze – September 20th 1811 Lydia Furze, daughter of James Furze of St Maws, and of Nancy his wife, was born August 5th 1811 and was baptised this day by Jno. Bevan, Minister, at St Maws.

General Affairs 1815

Previous to the building of the gallery, the Chapel which was erected entirely by subscriptions from the public, was considerably in debt: the amount of the different sums subscribed by the people in St Maws and other places in the County, not meeting the expenses of the original Building by the sum of at least £ and in consequence of the additional expense of the gallery Mr Bevan visited London & Bristol and other places with the case; where he had some success, but not equal to his hopes, and the expectation of the People so that after every exertion made, a heavy debt remained.
Some time after, things became rather unpleasant in reference to Mr Bevan’s continuance at St Maws – and at length he removed, with his family, from there; to the Eastern part of the County.
Ordination of Mr Winnicott
But it was in providence so ordered, that the Friends at St Maws, were not long left destitute of a minister: Mr Winnicott of Plymouth, hearing of their situation, made them a visit – and his labours proving very generally acceptable, at the expiration of about 6 months probation he was unanimously called to the “Pastoral Office”: and on 18th October 1815 was ordained over the Church.
The Revd Mr Douglas introduced the service, with reading the Scriptures and prayer. The Revd Mr Moore of Truro delivered the introductory discourse, on the nature of a Gospel Church etc. and received Mr Winnicott’s confession of faith. The Revd Mr Smith of Fowey offered up the ordination prayer. The Revd Mr Wildbore Jnr of Penryn gave the charge from Matthew 25.29 “good and faithful servant”. The Revd Mr Guard of Mevagissey addressed the Church & People from Hebrews 13.17 and closed the solemnities of the service in prayer. Mr Hart of Bodmin preached in the evening from Romans 1.16. All the services were well attended and it is hoped that many found it good to be there.

Baptism of M. J. Peters
May 9th 1818 Mary Jane Peters, Daughter of James Peters of Saint Mawes, and of Philippa his wife was born and baptized the 14 of June 1818 By Saml. Winnecott, Minister at St Mawes.

Baptism of O J Thomas
October 31st 1819 Olivea Jane Thomas daughter of Michal (sic) and Elizabeth Thomas was born and baptized the 30th of January 1820 St Mawes in the Parish of St Just. By Saml Winnecott, Minister of the Gospel.

Baptism of Ann Napton
March 7th 1811 was born Ann Napton Daughter of Bengeman and Elizabeth Napton of St Mawes and baptized 28th of March 1811 by John Bevan, Minister at St Mawes

General Affairs 1833 & 1834

Baptism of M J Gant
Mary Jenking Gant was born on the 20 day of February 1833 and baptized on the 22 day of April following by Revd Wm Billing. Her father James Gant and her mother Alice Gant are both of this parish.

Ordination of Mr Gant
The ordination of Mr Gant took place on the 24th June 1834. The Revd Mr Johnson of St Austell introduced the service with reading the Scripture and Prayer. The Revd Mr Hart of Tregony delivered the introductory discourse on the nature of a Gospel Church etc. and received Mr Gant’s confession of Faith. The Revd Mr Billing of Gerrans offered up the ordination prayer. The Revd Mr Wildbore of Falmouth gave the charge to the minister from Heb. Latter clause of 1.1 The Revd Mr Moore of Truro addressed the Church and congregation.


© Bill O'Reilly 2013

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