St Anthony in Roseland Land Tax 1799

Land Tax 1799 for St Anthony in Roseland

This is my transcription of the Land Tax records held at the National Archive (with thanks to Kathleen Lawry who photographed the pages).

An Assessment made in Pursuance of an Act of Parliament passed in the 38th Year of His Majesty's Reign, for granting an Aid to His Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the Year 1799.
Sums Assessed
Proprietors SurnameProprietor's Forename(s)Occupier SurnameOccupier Forename(s)Address/Tenement Name sdDate of Contract Notes
Spry, Esq.Thos.Spry, Esq.Thos.The Tithes 268
Spry, Esq.Thos.Spry, Esq.Thos.Place 1668
Spry, Esq.Thos.Spry, Esq.Thos.Mill 134
Spry, Esq.Thos.Spry, Esq.Thos.Bohortha 118
Spry, Esq.Thos.CanningJohnBohortha 115
Spry, Esq.Thos.CanningJohnPorth 134
Spry, Esq.Thos.CanningJohnBealers Tenement 510
Spry, Esq.Thos.Pearce, MissAbigailBohortha 81510
Peers, MissAbigailPearce, MissAbigailBohortha 2182different spellings used
Spry, Esq.Thos.PomeryEphm.Porth 342
Spry, Esq.Thos.PomeryEphm.Carlean 115
Spry, Esq.Thos.CanningJohnCarlean 134
Bedford, RevThos.OliverRobertBohortha 4134
Spry, Esq.Thos.OliverRobertBohortha 118
Spry, Esq.Thos.OxenburyJno.Bohortha 134
Spry, Esq.Thos.OxenburyJno.Porth 134
Spry, Esq.Thos.Pearce, MissRichardPorth 134
Total 454 0total is incorrect!

Bill O'Reilly 2011

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