Gerrans & St Anthony in Roseland Parish Records

Parish Records for Gerrans & St Anthony in Roseland

Note that my transcriptions of baptisms, marriages and burials are searchable online at

As with any transcriptions you are advised to also look at the original records to make sure I've transcribed the record correctly. I do try to get it right but if you spot any records you think may be incorrect or you'd like me to check a record for you then please contact me at .

Make sure you don't miss the strays page - this is evolving into a place where I put odd bits of information I come across that relate to local people.

St Gerrans Baptisms Baptisms 1537-1798
  Baptisms 1799-1812
  Baptisms 1813-1916
St Gerrans Banns Banns 1754-1785 (by Groom) Banns 1754-1785 (by Bride)
  Banns 1836-1911 (by Groom) Banns 1836-1911 (by Bride)
St Gerrans Marriages Sorted by name of Groom Sorted by name of Bride
  Marriages 1538-1754 Marriages 1538-1754
  Marriages 1754-1812 Marriages 1754-1812
  Marriages 1813-1837 Marriages 1813-1837
  Marriages 1837-1941 Marriages 1837-1941
St Gerrans Burials  Burials 1538-1791
  Burials 1792-1812
  Burials 1813-1941
St Gerrans Memorial Inscriptions Gerrans MIs
St Gerrans Rectors Photo of tablet in St Gerrans Church and transcription here
St Anthony in Roseland Baptisms 1660-1813
  Baptisms 1813-1916
Baptisms 1630-1812 from the Exeter Bishops Transcripts
  Banns of Marriage 1825-1941
  Marriages 1668-1941 (by Groom) Marriages 1668-1941 (by Bride)
Marriages 1630-1812 from the Exeter Bishops Transcripts
  Burials 1678-1811
Burials 1630-1812 from the Exeter Bishops Transcripts
  Burials 1813-1941
  Burials in Woollen 1768-1814
  Extracts from Bishop's Transcripts (1623-1752)
St Anthony Monumental Inscriptions St Anthony MIs
St Anthony Bastardy Warrant Just one Bastardy Warrant
St Anthony Apprenticeship Indentures Some 18th Century Apprenticeship Indentures
St Anthony Settlement Order A settlement order relating to Ann Roberts to be returned by St Just in Roseland to St Anthony in Roseland in 1794
Non-Conformist Records Portscatha Independent Chapel Baptisms 1826-1836
  St Mawes Wesleyan Methodist Circuit Baptisms 1838-1907 - this covers St Mawes, St Just, St Anthony, Gerrans, Portscatho, Philleigh & Veryan
  Mevagissey Bible Christian Circuit Baptisms 1837-1907 - this covers several parishes including Mevagissey, Gorran, St Austell, Veryan, St Ewe etc. as well as Gerrans
  St Mawes Circuit - contributions to the Methodist Million Guinea Fund 1899-1909
Gerrans School Admissions Gerrans School Admissions 1874-1926
Wills Wills relating to Gerrans & St Anthony
Protestation Returns Protestation Returns 1642
Hearth Tax Returns Hearth Tax 1664
Manorial Records for the Accounts for 17th March 1674
Manors of Pettigrew &  Accounts for 1676
 Nampity Accounts for Lady Day 1719
  Accounts for Lady Day 1720
  Accounts for 1727
  Memorandums for 1737
  Accounts for Lady Day 1747
  Accounts for Lady Day 1748
Land Tax 1799 Gerrans
  St Anthony in Roseland
Gerrans Churchwardens 1817-1818 Accounts
Rates & Accounts 1823-1824 Accounts
  1845-1848 Accounts
1841 Tithe Apportionments Gerrans
  St Anthony in Roseland - not yet transcribed
War Memorials 1914-18 War Memorial
  1939-45 War Memorial
Strays Strays - records relating to folk from Gerrans & St Anthony found in other parishes and in various publications

Bill O'Reilly 2007

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