Gerrans Manorial Records 1737

Manorial Records of Nampity & Pettigrew - 1737

Transcribed from LDS film 1471925 images 617 to 619 (619 being a duplicate of 618)

Memorandums April ye 4th 1737

I expect that Henry WALTERS do’s produce his Lease of the Cellar for which he pay’s a rent of 4s.

Octobr. ye 24th1734 - Offered Ned: HAYES to change Joseph DILLON & Ann the wife of George SNOWE for one years value such at £5 p. year value


And to add his own life for 3 years value

£ 5:00:00

This tenemt. consists of 3 fields containing about 4 acres, which I value in £6 a year therefore my proposal must be very reasonable. It pays Rent & Capon £0:12:0
Edward HAYES Tenant on Nampity (this may be a signature)


Will: GEAKE is inclined to add lives to George BLAMEY on P. BLAMEY’s Tenement. This Tenement is about 7 acres of land which John ROWTER acknowledge’s are worth, one acre with another, 30s p. acre; which is p. annum 


Suppose the rest of the Tenement Viz a Dwelling House & Cellar p annum


If he will deale, I asks 8 years value att £15 p year £120.


Offered £105.

Nichs. BENNETT proposes to add 2 Lives to himself on his Tenement. The value of ye Tenement is Supposed to be £6 p year att 8 years purchase 


Ask £50 & the Heriot, which on ye present lease by mistake is 5s, must be 10s. I don’t know of what this Tenemt. do’s consist, therefore view and value it.
July ye 2nd 1739 – Agreed with Nichs. BENNETT to add his Wife & Son for £48

May ye 16th 1737- I propose to Martin STODDEN that for making his £4:15s rent, I will add One Life to two – To 7.

Aug ye 25th 1739 – Offered Methusela PARSONS’s Sister to add her son, about 12 years olde, in ye place of Olde Jane QUINTRELL decd. this month, for £18:00 which is 3 years value.

Aug ye 25th – Received of Mary CHEFFORD a Heriot on ye death of olde Jane QUINTRELL £1:4:0 (this item recorded on its own on the cover – image 617)

© Bill O'Reilly 2006

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