Gerrans Manorial Records 1727

Manorial Records of Nampity & Pettigrew - 1727

Transcribed from LDS film 1471925 images 614 & 616. I'm not convinced about the '& dom.' entries but that's certainly what it looks like.
Manorius Pettigrew als. Nampitey - Court Held & Rents Recd. 28th Apr 1727sd
Recd. of Mr Arthur KEMPE a year's rent040
Nicholas BENNETT the like051
Mr Robt CHIMMOW by the hands of Edward WEBB the like090
John JENNINGS the like068
Elizabeth JENNINGS Widdow two year's rent020
Mr Stephen JOHN a year of rent060
Idem the like050
Peter BLAMEY the like0100
Idem the like0108
Mrs Jane TREHAILE(?) Widdow the like010
John ROWTER Junr. 2 year's Rent1148
Idem the like090
John ROWTER Senr. A year's Rent036
James SILBY formerly Amantia CREGOE Widdow lately decd. For Boniface's house a year's Rent020
Idem For a Herriot on the death of the said Amantia CREGOE who was a life on the said House020
Richard ZARA one year's Rent020
Thomas BENNET the like040
Idem the like054
Henry GEORGE the like0100
Jacob DAVEY the like040
Thomas TREGIDEO the like020
Humphrey HAINES the like020
Solomon PASCHOE the like024
Henry WALTERS for a Cellar the like040
Grace PASCHOE Widdow the like for a House006
Martin POMORY two year's Rent for NORMAN's tenemt.2140
Idem The like for Nowoy's tenemt.090
Henry PASCHOE one year's Rent044
William PADDEY the like020
Richard COUCH the like040
Mr Edward CREGOE the like040
Martin STADDON the like040
Katharine HAINS Widdow the like0198
Ead. "'(?) the like010
George COCKE the like050
Solomon EXBRIDGE the like010
George BLAMEY the like136
Methusala PARSONS the like0136
Katharine RICE Widdow two year's Rent428
Memorand Herwth. 2 due for a Herriott on the death of her Son Nicholas RICE
(second page)
Recd. of Charles PASCHOE one year's Rent010
Richard QUINTRELL the like096
Mrs Jane TRENHAILE Widdow the like0100
Mr Stephen JOHN the like1136
George SAWLE the like039
William GEAKE the like039

Brought away from the other side


In all

Allowed Martin POMORY for two year's Land Tax030
Allowed George BLAMEY one year's Land tax016
Allowed Katharine RICE Widdow two year's Land Tax060
Holding Court0106


2nd May 1727 paid Mr Benjamin HINGESSON the abovementioned 20-8s-0d 
To the use of Samuell ENYS Esq. by me (unreadable signature - perhaps M WEBB)
The allowance for Land Tax to Geo. BLAMEY is wrong:
for his Rent is clear of deductions

Bill O'Reilly 2006

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