Gerrans Manorial Records 1720

Manorial Records of Nampity & Pettigrew - 1720

Transcribed from LDS film 1471925 images 612 & 613.

Rent Roll for Pettigrew and Nampity for Lady Day 1720

TenementsTenants namesArrearsNotesYearly RentRents Due Lady Day 1720Rents monyAllowance of RatesArrears Brought Forward
A CellerArthur KEMP Esq.-40-40-40
A HouseMr Stepn. BENNET-54-54-54
Houses & GardensMr CHIMMOW-90-90-90
A House & CellerMr Jno. JENNINGS68-68-134-134
A House & CellerElizabeth JENNINGS-10-10-10
TrewithenMr Stephen JOHNS10010010020
A CellerMr Stepn. JOHNSin Portscatho-50-50-50
A CellerAntho. MICHELL-68-68-68
A HouseAntho. MICHELL-20-20-20
part of ROWTER's HouseAntho. MICHELL-30-30-30
A CellerJohn ROWTER Senr.26-26-26-2626
Houses & GardensJohn ROWTER Junr.174on this estate a life dead-17411481148
WEBB's GardenJohn ROWTER Junr.46-46-90-90
A HouseRichd. SAMSONnow John ROWTER Senr. One half-36-36-36
Part of HAYN's HouseArmantia CREGOE1382 years-1110138-00138
BONNIFICE's House etc.Armantia CREGOE402 years-20-40-0040
SCONETBURYEs HouseArmantia CREGOE1602 years-80-160-00160
Richd. SARAH20-20-40-40
A HouseHenry GEORGE100-100-100-00100
A CellerThomas BENNETT-40-40-40
A HouseThomas BENNETT-54-54-54
A HouseThomas DILLON-40-40-40
A House & CellerJacob DAVEY2 leases-60-60-60
A HouseHumphrey HAYNE-20-20-20
A CellerMr Richd. JOHNS-50-50-50
A HouseSoloman PASCO24-24-24-0024
A House & CellerMr Henry WALTERS1542 leases-15411081108
A HouseJohn PASCO-06-06-06
A HouseStepn. EXBRIDGE1--10-10-0010
BABBs MeadowsMr Stepn. JOHNS-60-60-60
CARLION's House & GardensMr Martyn POMERY17017017020
A House & Tenemt.Mr Robert BENNET & Estate108108108
A HouseHenry PASCO-44-44-44
A House Jno. Rowter now Mr TRENHAILES-10-10-10
A HouseWilliam PADDY-20-20-20
Richd. COUCH4--40-40-0040
A House & 2 CellersMr CREGOE762 leases-76-150-150
A House & CellerMartyn STADDAN4--40-40-004
DILLON's Tenemt.Cath. HAYNE-198-198-198
Jno. HAYN's HouseCath. HAYNE-10-10-10
a House & LinneyGeorg COCK10-2 years-50-100-00100
(on reverse side)40Dedn.Rates
Rents Recd. For Nampity: Due Lady Day 1720sd26Highrent
One year ofMr Stepn JOHN 1136all rates2010Expense
Mr Willm. RICE for Piddigrew214all rates401398
Mr George BLAMEY---
Mr Thomas DILLON0120
Thomas DILLON001
Thomas TOOLEYs Wido.039
George SOLE039
Matheusela PARSONS0136
Charles PASCO010
Richd. QUINTRELL---Rent p ann. 8s: Capon etc. 1s 6d
Thomas DAVEY---one penny p ann.
Dedn. Rates060
The whole mony Recd:1927
May 17 1720

Bill O'Reilly 2006

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