Gerrans Manorial Records 1719

Manorial Records of Nampity & Pettigrew - 1719

Transcribed from LDS film 1471925 images 609 & 610.
TenementsTennants namesArrearsYearly RentRents Due Lady Day 1719 Rents Recd. in monyAllowance of RatesArrears Brought Forward
A CellerArthur KEMP Esq.040040040
A houseMr Stepn. BENNET054054054
Houses & GardensMr CHIMMOW090090090
A House & CellerMr Jno. JENNINGS068068068000068
A House & CellerElizabeth JENNINGS010010010
TrewithianMr Stepn. JOHNS100100100020
A CellerMr Stepn. JOHNS050050050
A CellerAnthony MICHELL068068068
A HouseAntho. MICHELL020020020
part of ROWTER's HouseAntho. MICHELL030030030
A CellerJohn ROWTER Junr.026026026000026
Houses & GardensJohn ROWTER Junr.0174017401740000174
WEBB's GardenJohn ROWTER Junr.046046046000046
A houseRichd. SAMSON036070070
Pt of HAYNE's HouseArmantia CREGOE01110011100111000001110
BONNIFICE's House etc.Armantia CREGOE020020020000020
SCONETBURY's houseArmantia CREGOE080080080000080
Richd. SARAH020020020000020
A houseHenry GEORGE010001000100
A CellerThomas BENNETT040040040
A houseThomas BENNETT054054054
A houseThomas DILLON040040040
A House & CellerJacob DAVEY060060060
A houseHumphrey HAYNE020020020
A CellerMr Richd. JOHNS050050050
A houseSolloman PASCO024024024
A House & CellerMr Henry WALTERS0154015401540000154
A houseJohn PASCO006006006
A houseStepn. EXBRIDGE010010010
BABB's MeadowsMr Stepn. JOHNS060060060
CORLION's House & GardensMartyn POMERY170170170020
A house & Tenemt.Mr Robert BENNET & Este.108108108
A houseHenry PASCO040040040
A houseJohn ROWTER Junr.010010010
William PADDY020020020
Richd. COUCH040040060
A house & CellerThe Execs. of Mr HOBBS1 year76076076000000
Martyn STADDAN040040040
DILLON's Tenemt.Cath. HAYNE019801980198
Jno. HAINE's HouseCath. HAYNE010010010
a house & LinneyGeorg COCK5-
Cock 050066
(on reverse side)
Rents due Lady Day 1719 for Nampity
Novemr 6th 1719 Recd. The rent as undersd
fromMr Stepn JOHN one year for Pentolvadren1136and Rates 2s
Mr George BLAMEY a year136
Thomas DILLON do.0120
Thomas DILLON do.001
Thomas TOOLEYs Execrs. do.039
George SOLE do.039
Math. PARSONS one year & 6m in arrears0140
Charles PASCHO do.010
John ROWTER do.0100
Richd. QUINTRELL do.096
Thomas DAVEY do.001

and rates


Toto Recd is

Expenses at the court9s

Bill O'Reilly 2006

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