Gerrans Churchyard Index

St Gerrans Churchyard Index

The index below is a copy of the one kept at the back of the church in Gerrans. Jill Edwards, the present Priest in charge at St Gerrans with St Anthony and St Philleigh was kind enough to copy it for me and it is published here with the permission of the St Gerrans Parochial Church Council. However, I later discovered that it was originally prepared by Hilary Thompson who has also kindly given me her permission to use it.

The Section column relates to the sections of the churchyard which are shown in this plan with the exception of TAB which means that there is a tablet in the church itself. The Number column gives an indication of the position of the gravestone. Note that the year column is not part of the church index but has been added by me when I have a photo of the relevant gravestone, a link to which will be in the further info column.

Please do not assume that I live close to Gerrans and can take a photo of your family's gravestone as I live about 7 hours drive away! If, however, you are gong to Gerrans then please feel free to take as many photos as you can of gravestones and send them to me and I will add them to this page.

I'd like to thank those who have already done so and Diane Honeywill in particular who has now made 2 such visits and has transcribed the inscriptions to go with the photos she has taken.

Gerrans Churchyard
Photo courtesy of Helen Ralf

AdamsMaria III133 
AdamsMary III133 
AdamsWilliam III133 
AldermanBertie VI13 
AldermanHarriet Ann VIE21  
AllanJessie Euphemia VI115  
AllanWilliam Laird VI115  
AndainDorothy Irene Rose VIQ26  
AndainEdith Elizabeth VIB12  
AndainGeorge Henry VIB12  
AndainHenry VIQ3 
AndainJoyce VIQ3 
AndainMary VIB12 
AndainThirza VIB12 
AndainWilliam VIB 12 
AndainWilliam Morgan VIQ26  
AnnearAnn II95 
AnnearCharity II94 
AnnearJames II94 
AnnearJohn Hayes II92 
AnnearWilliam II95 
ArmstrongEllen V240 
ArmstrongHenry V240 
ArthurtonJean Scott VIB1  
ArthurtonRobert TABB1 
BadcockMarion VIR26 
BakerBridgett Elizabeth III132  
BakerCharles H III131 
BakerFrancis Withcall III132  
BakerLouisa Spieker III132  
BakerWilliam (Rev) III132  
BakerRobert Barrington VIB2  
BakerSusia B VIB2 
BallBessie VIH16 
BallEmily I24 
BallThomas VIH16 
BarlowEdith Dency VIC3  
BarlowElizabeth VIC3 
BarnardDorothea VIP 1 
BarnardJames VID3 
BarnardRuth V241 
BarnettHannah Louisa VIF29  
BarnettJames VIF29 
BarnicoatDora Emmeline VIJ11  
BarnicoatGuy Humphry VIJ11  
BarronJane VIB16 
BartropRonald Charles VIN23  
BassJoseph1871II85 photo and inscription
BastonArthur Scott VIJ21  
BateElizabeth II97 
BattyDoris TABB3 
BeardJohn VID12 
BeardJoseph I72 
BeardJulia Richards VID12  
BeardMary Gill I72 
BellJohn I64 
BerrimanAnn I66 
BerrimanJames I66 
BestJane I30 
BestThomas Fletcher I30  
BillingEdith1956VIH4 photo and inscription
BillingEna May1968VIM10 photo and inscription
BillingErnest1971VIH4 photo and inscription
BillingFlorence1956VIH2 photo and inscription
BillingGeorge Henry1939VIG23 photo and inscription
BillingJohn Morley2009VIM10 photo and inscription
BillingJohn Thomas1851III141 photo and inscription
BillingJoseph1943VIH20 photo and inscription
BillingLourinda1957VIH20 photo and inscription
BillingMorley1981VIM10 photo and inscription
BlameyAnn I10 
BlameyAzias Frances VI114  
BlameyMary VIC10 
Bradley-WatsonDavid TABB2  
BrayAgnes Margaret May VIP12  
BrayElizabeth VIP 12 
BrayJoseph VIM18 
BristowGladys Mary VI10  
BroadGerald VIR30 
BrownJohn Harold VI16 
BucherJohn (Harry) VIJ3  
BurnettCharles Henry V221  
BurnettElizabeth Jane VII 20  
BurnettErnest Charles V221  
BurnettFlorrie V257 
BurnettFred VIE5 
BurnettHenry VII 20 
BurnettHenry V221 
BurnettJane Ann VI120 
BurnettMargaret V257 
BurnsHannah VIF21 
BurnsJames VIF21 
Butlan[d]Betsey I88 
Butland/BuddleEdith1965VIJ9 photo and inscription
ButlandElizabeth1942VIG19 photo and inscription
ButlandFrances May1965VIL10 photo and inscription
ButlandGeorge I37 
ButlandJoseph VIC12 
ButlandLeslie Charles1961VIJ9 photo and inscription
ButlandMaria VIC12 
ButlandRoletta1939VIG19 photo and inscription
ButlerTerry VIQ17 
CalvertCelia Emily VIP 18  
CalvertJohn F VIP 18 
CampbellElizabeth Mary VIB 13  
CampbellSarah VIB13 
CarrerasWinifred V224 
CavazzaniMabel Hall VIE3  
ChaffinAnnie1937VIG32 photo and inscription
ChaffinEthel VIH8 
ChaffinFred VIH8 
ChaffinSylvia VIQ4 
ChandlerGeoffrey John VIO24  
ChandlerHerbert Stanley VII 25  
ChandlerWinifred Florence VI24  
ChapmanGeorge E A VIF15  
ChapmanJessie Annie VIA11  
ChapmanWilliam V242 
ChenowethCharles Edward VIA8  
ChenowethElizabeth VIA8  
ChenowethElizabeth Jane VIA8  
ChenowethFrederick V248  
ChenowethJohn Henry1896V234 photo and inscription
ChenowethRhoda V248 
ChenowethSimon VIA8 
ChipmanHelen Annie VIB10  
ChipmanJohn VIB10 
ClaricoatsJames VIQ21 
ClarkRuth Helen VID2 
ClarkeJohn VIA 12 
CliffFanny Rix VIL16 
CoadMary Jane VIB20 
CockEsther Anna V246 
CockJane V246 
CockWilliam I6 
CockingsEdgar A VIIS 
CockingsEmma VIJ20 
CockingsEric John VIN11  
CockingsJean VIN11 
CockingsMiriam VI18 
CoeWilliam Ekins VIF11  
CohenDesmond Alfred VIQ12  
ColleyGeorge Edward VIP4  
CollingsA VI12 
CollingsE VI12 
CollinsBeatrice Helen VI18  
CoffinsFanny VIH 11 
CollinsFrank Horace VIM9  
CollinsGeorge C VIE17 
CollinsGuinevere VIM9 
CollinsMaurice VI113 
CollinsMillicent VI113  
CollinsNellie VIG2 
CollinsWilliam G VIE17  
ConnellHannah V183 
ConwayIsaac Walter VIA17  
CookJoyce VIQ8 
CookMary Elizabeth Vincent VIP26  
CookPhilip Ronald VIQ8  
CookRon VIP26 
CoppAnnie Louisa VIF3 
CoppSamuel VIF3 
CornfordBrian Leonard VI21  
CorynClara VID1 
CossinsKathleen Agness V227  
CouchLilian Iris VIN 16  
CouchThomas Gamett VIN 16  
CourageAlice Gerda(Patty) VIP9  
CoutoulyYvonne de VIJ2  
CoveosHilda Monti VIM22  
CoxAlexander Bewley VIG20  
CrappJohn IV163 
CrappMary IV163 
CregoeAnn IV148 
CregoeCharles VIH 12 
CregoeEdith VIH 12 
CregoeEdward IV147 
CregoeJohn III127 
CregoeThomas IV146 
CrewesAnn VIE6 
CrewesBeatrice VIJ16 
CrewesCharles VIC11 
CrewesEffie VIC11 
CrewesElizabeth VIL20 
CrewesElizabeth VIE10 
CrewesHarry Pridden1953VIM 16 photo and inscription
CrewesJames VIE10 
CrewesLouise VIC11 
CrewesReginald Charles VIC11  
CrewesSarah Edna2000VIM16 photo and inscription
CrewesWilliam VIJ 16 
CudmoreSidney TABF1 
DalyMargaret Mary (Madge) VIQ6  
DarbyArthur VIH10 
DarbyElizabeth VIH10 
DashNicholas1822II89 photo and inscription
DashSusanna1841II89 photo and inscription
DaviesJoseph VIB17 
DaviesMary VI817 
DavisArthur VI118 
DavisArthur Penrose VIQ20  
DavisDouglas George Shepherd VIQ23  
DavisGrace Ann VID9 
DavisHelen Phyllis VIQ23  
DavisHelena VIG6 
DavisJane VIF2 
DavisJohn Henry VID9 
DavisLena VIH7 
DavisLeonard VIH7 
DavisLily VIL18 
DavisRosemary VIN7 
DavisWilliam VIF2 
De I'AubiniereConstant Auguste Semitiere VIA3  
De I'AubiniereGeorgina M VIA3  
DellEliza Jane VIM2 
DerryMargaret Graham VIE1  
DicksonSusie Doris VIM17  
DicksonWilliam VIM17 
DillonElizabeth III121 photo and inscription
DillonJohn III116 
DillonJoseph III117 
DillonJoseph III119 
DillonMargery III116 
DillonMary Ann III117 
DillonMichael1834III121 photo and inscription
DillonMichael III121 photo and inscription
DillonPeter Edward1865III122 photo and inscription
DillonT. (Staff Cdr.) III123  
DillonWilliam III115 
DinneyDamaris Louise VIE2  
DinneyDorothy VIJ28 
DinneyHoward VIJ28 
DoudneyAnnie Friend VIA5  
DouglasAda Constance VIG13  
DouglasJames Stewart (Major Sir) VIG13  
DrewJoseph1884II84 photo and inscription
DrewMary1892II84 photo and inscription
DudleyClara Seal VIE22  
DunnettCharlotte VIJ18  
DunstoneEliza Mary VIG25  
DunstoneRobert VIG25 
DurginMary I48 
ElliottCharles VIK1 
ElliottCharles VIK1 
ElliottCharles VIE18 
ElliottMary Sophia VIM4  
ElliottPhil VIK1 
ElliottPhil VIK1 
ElliottRebecca VIE 8 
EllisAnnie VIE8 
EllisDonald Alexander VIN14  
EllisJane VIB9 
EllisMargaret VIN14 
EllisPercy Arthur VIL24  
EmmettArthur VIL2 
EmmettCharles Dunn1943VIH18 photo and inscription
EmmettEmma Lena1950VIJ24 photo and inscription
EmmettEthel Maude VIJ24  
EmmettGladys May VIR28  
EmmettJames Edward VIC14  
EmmettJane VIE9 
EmmettKarleon VIL2 
EmmettLillia1956VIH18 photo and inscription
EmmettMargaret Gladys Cavell VIQ13  
EmmettMiriam Gwendoline1966VIL6 photo and inscription
EmmettPeter VIE9 
EmmettSimon Henry (Harry) VIQ13  
EmmettW T1947VIJ24 photo and inscription
EmmettWilliam B VIP20 
EmmettWilliam Humphrey1970VIL6 photo and inscription
EmmettWilliam Kenneth VIQ30  
EvansJohn Philip Ogilvie VIP6  
FarleySarah VIC17 
FawknerAlice II91 
FitzherbertThomas Woodhouse (Lt.) III138  
FlookFraine Lawrence VIQ11  
FlookHarold Stanley VIQ11  
FowlerJenifer VIQ1 
FreemanH C VIA 14 
FrostJimmy VIC7 
FurleyLaura V250 
GableFrank William VIL4  
GaleAnnie Mary VIP23 
GaleThomas Leonard VIP23  
GallehawkAnnie Elizabeth1907V256 photo and inscription
GallehawkElsie Maud1918V256 photo and inscription
GalleyhawkLorenzo VID13  
GanderJ C VIG12 
GatesJohn G VIF6 
GayElizabeth Ann VIH14  
GayEthel Lila Maud VIG24  
GayMary VIG24 
GayNorman George VIC15  
GayRichard Edwin VIC15  
GaySarah Annie VIC15 
GaySusan Jane VIA 16 
GayWilliam Edwin George VIA 16  
GayWilliam Stanley V233  
GayesNellie Lena VI11 
GeeS T VIA19 
GillMary Stephens VIQ14  
GilmoreOswald VIN21 
GolleyJohn1950VIG17 photo and inscription
GolleyMary1940VIG17 photo and inscription
GolleyViolet VIP2 
GollyAlice IV157 
GoodchildMabel Annie VIL1  
GoodersonJohn VIM14 
GoodmanEthel Mary VIN9  
GrahamL VIP8 
GreenAudrey Emily VIP11  
GreeneMeryl Lois TABE2  
GreetEdward1937VIG30 photo and inscription
GreetMaria III120 
GreetMary E1958VIG30 photo and inscription
GreetReginald Edward Dillon TABA2  
GreetRhoda TABC2 
GroseBen VIP14 
GroseHarriet Ann II86 
GroseJohn May II86 
GroseNatasha V227a 
GrossMuriel Blaine VIJ22  
GryllsJane IV149 
GummaThomas I29 
GummoeJohn I29 
GummoeSusan I29 
HallAnnie VIG36 
HallWilliam Thomas Stephens VIE16  
HallettLeonard Wilmott VIK11  
HallettSarah Sawle VIK11  
HamJane V223 
HamSampson V223 
HancockArthur Alfred VIG33  
HancockGertrude Annie VIG33  
HannafordGeorge Ash V236  
HannafordUry Nicholls V236  
HardingEdith Ivey VI8 
HardingReginald Courtenay VI8  
HarrisBathsheba III106  
HarrisBeatrix Rose VIF20  
HarrisClaude Charles VIH19  
HarrisCyril VIQ22 
HarrisEdward Hocking VIA9  
HarrisEliza Jewell III136  
HarrisElizabeth III133  
HarrisFred VIF20 
HarrisHettie VIF23 
HarrisJames Mark VIK 3  
HarrisJames Mark VIK3 
HarrisJames Maurice VIK9  
HarrisJames Maurice VIK9  
HarrisJohn III133 
HarrisJoseph VI818 
HarrisLavinia Jane VIH 19  
HarrisMabel B Mary VIK10  
HarrisMabel B Mary VIK10  
HarrisMargaret III135 
HarrisMary III133 
HarrisMary Amelia VIA9  
HarrisNorah Annie VIQ22  
HarrisSelina VIB18 
HarrisWilliam George VIF23  
HartleyEmma VIJ19 
HartleyLeonard VIJ19 
HayesStephen (Capt.) I34  
HayesElizabeth I34 
HayesNathaniel1891I19 photo and inscription
HayesThomasine1878I19 photo and inscription
HayesUrsula I21 
HendersonIan Macdonald VIJ14  
HendersonKathleen Mary (Mollie) VIJ14  
HendleyFanny VIG18 
HetheringtonConstance V219  
HetheringtonEuretta V220  
HetheringtonFletcher V219  
HicksCharlotte II100 
HicksElizabeth I83 
HicksJohn II100 
HicksPriscilla I83 
HicksRichard Peter V239  
HicksSarah I79 
HicksThomas II100 
HicksThos VIA1 
HillAbigail1875II81 photo and inscription
HillEliza1866II81 photo and inscription
HillElizabeth III108 
HillG.W.1904II81 photo and inscription
HillJames1902II81 photo and inscription
HillJohn1894II81 photo and inscription
HillOphilia1868II81 photo and inscription
HillsHenry1863V165 photo and inscription
HillsMary1863V165 photo and inscription
HitchcockKathleen Molly VIL4  
HockingCharlotte Victoire VIJ12  
HoggGodfrey James VIB5  
Holmes-SiedleTimothy J H VI17  
HooperJohn1916VIC18 photo and inscription
HooperSarah1928VIC18 photo and inscription
HubberEmily VIL15 
HugoDorothy II99 
HugoeMary VIA1 
HugoeTrevanion Gumey V238  
HugoeWilliam Pylle VIA1  
Hunter-VickersAnita Lilian VIP27  
Hunter-VickersWallace Bruce VIP27  
HusseyWilliam George TABD4  
HyronsLavinia1939VIG32 photo and inscription
IddisonWilliam Leslie VIR25  
IveyJames VIB3 
IveyMary VIB3 
JagoAlbert1941VIG9 photo and inscription
JagoBertie VID14 
JagoMay Evelyn1966VIG9 photo and inscription
JamesElizabeth V189 
JamesLeonard Warwick TABC1  
JaneAnn V180 
JaneWilliam V180 
JenningsEmma Ritta1865III111 photo and inscription
JenningsJohn C1877III111 photo and inscription
JenningsJohn1883III112 photo and inscription
JenningsMary1884III112 photo and inscription
JenningsMary1884III113 photo and inscription
JobCharles Frederick V253  
JobHilda V253 
JohnsAnna V197 
JohnsBarry Hilton V247  
JohnsBlanch V197 
JohnsBridget I26 
JohnsCharlotte Ellen V197  
JohnsEdmund Allen V197  
JohnsEdward Thomas1960VIH29 photo and inscription
JohnsElizabeth V197 
JohnsElizabeth Ann VIB21  
JohnsEmma V197 
JohnsJames I67 
JohnsJohn VIB21 
JohnsJohn1848III107 photo and inscription
JohnsJohn1880III118 photo and inscription
JohnsJulia1814V206 photo and inscription
JohnsCharles Edward (Lieut. Col.) V197  
JohnsLilian Doris V247  
JohnsMargaret1853V206 photo and inscription
JohnsMaria V197 
JohnsMary1895III118 photo and inscription
JohnsMary McCarmic V197  
JohnsMary McCarmick V197  
JohnsPendarves V197 
JohnsPhillipa Macarmick V197  
JohnsRichard V197 
JohnsRichard V197 
JohnsRichard Pendarves V197  
JohnsSeraphim I26 
JohnsStephen1814V206 photo and inscription
JohnsStephen I40 
JohnsWilliam1866V247 photo and inscription
JohnsWilliam I42 
JollyWilliam III103 
JonesArmenell II93 
JonesJohn V204 
JonesNicholas V204 
JonesThomas V204 
JowettAnastasia Patricia VIQ28  
JuleffAnnie VI17 
JuleffSydney James VI17  
KarlsenV VIE4 
KendallJohn (Jack) VIQ24  
KendallMarion Daisy VIQ24  
KennabyGeorge Lewis V226  
KeyWendy TABC4 
KirkMillicent Edna VIF8  
KirkWilliam Henry VIF8  
KnibbsNora VIO11 
KnibbsNorman V S VIO11  
La PortaNorman VIP15 
LairdWalter Ross VIK13  
LampshireElizabeth Eddy1867III114 photo and inscription
LampshireGeorge1884III114 photo and inscription
LampshireMary1885III114 photo and inscription
LangEmma Hope VIK20 
LeeGeorge Wallis TABE3  
LeeJane I32 
LeesBarbara VIP5 
LeesDorothy VIP22 
LeesElizabeth Hardie Henderson VIO12  
LeesJanet Rosa VIK19 
LeesJanet Rosa VIK19 
LemonCharles Francis IV160  
LesterBlanche Emmeline VIM3  
LesterNorman William James VIP25  
LewarnRichard I27 
LewarnWilliam I36 
Lisle-MartinEdith E VIC23  
ListerEmma Agnes VIM13  
LittleDonald Jack TABE4  
LobbElizabeth V251 
LobbEllen VIG22 
LobbHannah IV152 
LobbHenry VIG15 
LobbJane VIE 12 
LobbJim VIG34 
LobbJohn1929V251 photo and inscription
LobbLaura VIM23 
LobbLouisa Elizabeth V251  
LobbMargaret Kate IV152  
LobbMary Ann IV152 
LobbMary Jane V225 
LobbMaude VIG34 
LobbRichard1893IV151 photo and inscription
LobbRichard Samuel VIM23  
LobbRichard Samuel VIE12  
LobbWilliam VIG34 
LobbWilliam1887IV151 photo and inscription
LobbWilliam Charles VIG22  
LobbWilliam Webb V225 
LowerAdena VID16 
LowerAdena1884I57 photo and inscription
LowerCT I76 
LowerCharles VID16 
LowerEden V254 
LowerEdwin V254 
LowerErnest Morley1878I76 photo and inscription
LowerLilian Mary1899I57 photo and inscription
LowerLouie1881I76 photo and inscription
LowerMary1847I82 photo and inscription
LowerMary Jane VIC20 
LowerWilliam VID16 
LowerWinona VID16 
LowryJames V216 
LowryJenefer V216 
LydecoatAnn V205 
LyndonPhilip VIB8 
LyndonSusan VIB8 
LynnRobert Sydney(Bob) VIQ16  
MacfarlaneCamilla Lydia VIK7  
MacfarlaneCamilla Lydia VIK7  
MacfarlaneEric Odgers VIK7  
MacfarlaneEric Odgers VIK7  
MacgregorAndrew Kenneth Cortlandt VIM6  
MacgregorRhoda Eileen VI7  
MacgregorTrevor Moreton Courtlandt VI7  
ManearWilliam Henry I84  
MankeyMary Ann V194 
ManleyJohanna IV158 
MartinDorothy Williams II101  
MartinJane II101 
MartinJohn II101 
MartinMargaret III128 
MartynGrace III129 
MartynGrace I41 
MartynJohn Withiell III129  
MartynMary III129 
MartynRichard III129 
MartynWilliam I41 
MaryBeatrice VIE5 
MaxwellMargaret Joanna (Peggy) VID17  
MayCapt. Richard I79 
MayJames I81 
MayJane I22 
MayJane I81 
MayMary Ann I71 
MayRichard Augustus I79  
MayThomas I22 
McCannMargaret VIN10 
McKennaCecilia Elizabeth VIQ5  
McKennaDavid VIQ5 
MedlinElizabeth Ellen VIB1  
MedlinThomas VIB1 
MenearCharles VIE23 
MenearEdwin VI119 
MenearEmily VI119 
MenearFrank VIP24 
MenearMary VIE23 
MenearMonica Evelyn VIP24  
MennearMary V175 
MennearWilliam V175 
MerefieldFrancis1854I65 photo and inscription
MerefieldJane1851I65 photo and inscription
MerifieldArthur James VIA15  
MerifieldCharles Stanley VIA15  
MerifieldCharles Stanley I4  
MerifieldEdith1907V255 photo and inscription
MerifieldElizabeth1841I69 photo and inscription
MerifieldHenry1820I69 photo and inscription
MerifieldJames1843I77 photo and inscription
MerifieldJohn1895V255 photo and inscription
MerifieldJohn1844I77 photo and inscription
MerifieldMabel VIB14 
MerifieldMary1917V255 photo and inscription
MerifieldSJ VIE19 
MerifieldWilliam John VIB14  
MerrifieldJames I51 
MerrifieldWilliam1835I61 photo and inscription
MichellCecilie1916V237 photo and inscription
MichellElizabeth Grace1940VIF7 photo and inscription
MichellJohn Henry1891V237 photo and inscription
MichellJosephine Irene VIK24  
MichellRalph VIK24 
Michel!Ralph1935VIF7 photo and inscription
MillerAlice Eliza VIISO  
MillerHenry VII 30 
MingoClara VIM20 
MingoLeslie VIL23 
MingoPercy VIM20 
MingoPercy VIM20 
MingoSimpson VIK22 
MingoSimpson VIK22 
MitchellAnnie VIG5 
MitchellOlive VIG5 
MorganEvelyn Mary (Linda) VIQ25  
MorseBeatrice Lavinia VIK6  
MorseBeatrice Lavinia VIK6  
MorseHenry Arthur VIK6  
MorseHenry Arthur VIK6  
MorseJohn Allen (Jack) VIO23  
MorseVera May (Cissie) VIO23  
Mos...yCharlotte IV156  
MoyleRhoda VIA7 
MullettGeorge VIP3 
MullettViolet Maud VIP3  
NealBessie Eveline VIL21  
NealCharles VIJ1 
NewtonDavid VIR29 
NichollsAmbrosine V232  
NichollsAmelia1900V176 photo and inscription
NichollsCaroline Ann VIL11  
NichollsCharles VIC8 
NichollsCharles Eddy1918VIA7 photo and inscription
NichollsEdith1962VIJ 13 photo and inscription
NichollsEdwin V232 
NichollsElizabeth V208  
NichollsElizabeth V215  
NichollsElizabeth Ann V178  
NichollsElizabeth Ann1903V179 photo and inscription
NichollsEvelyn VIG1 
NichollsFrederick V208  
NichollsFrederick John VIQ29  
NichollsHarold1957VIJ13 photo and inscription
NichollsHarriet V249 
NichollsHenry V207 
NichollsHenry V209 
NichollsHenry V214 
NichollsJane V207 
NichollsJane1886I3 photo and inscription
NichollsJane I54 
NichollsJane Tiddy V214  
NichollsJohn1901V250 photo and inscription
NichollsJohn1845I54 photo and inscription
NichollsJohn Eddy VIL11  
NichollsJohn H1902V179 photo and inscription
NichollsJohn Henry V232  
NichollsKate1907V230 photo and inscription
NichollsKathleen Olivia VIC6  
NichollsLilian1969VIJ6 photo and inscription
NichollsLily VIA6 
NichollsLucy VIG28 
NichollsMaria Jane1947VIG28 photo and inscription
NichollsMary Ann1909V250 photo and inscription
NichollsMary Jane V209  
NichollsMaude Mary VIF22  
NichollsMuriel VIQ27 
NichollsNicholas1877I3 photo and inscription
NichollsPeter1827V177 photo and inscription
NichollsPriscilla VIC8  
NichollsRhoda Jane VIE2  
NichollsSarah Ann1879V179 photo and inscription
NichollsStephen1957???? photo and inscription
NichollsSusan I2 
NichollsThomas V249 
NichollsThomas Arnold VIJ6 is this an error?
NichollsThomas James1961VIJ6 photo and inscription
NichollsThora Jane VIQ29  
NichollsWilliam1938VIG28 photo and inscription
NichollsWilliam1897V176 photo and inscription
NichollsWilliam Henry1915V230 photo and inscription
NichollsWilliam John V178  
NichollsWilliam Mildred1899V230 photo and inscription
NicholsJohn I60 
NicholsMillicent Estelle TABA4  
NurseDavid Robert Ernest VIG7  
OdgersEliza Ann V203is this an error?
OdgersElizabeth1827V203 photo and inscription
OdgersElizabeth1827V203 photo and inscription
OdgersElizabeth Ann1892V203 photo and inscription
OdgersJames1837V185 photo and inscription
OdgersJames1827V203 photo and inscription
OdgersMargaret1851V185 photo and inscription
OdgersWilliam Billing1887V203 photo and inscription
OliveE.M.1879V174 photo and inscription
OliveElizabeth V190 
OliveHarriet V198 
OliveJane C V191 
OliveJohn James VIF19 
OliveMary1867V173 photo and inscription
OliveMatilda Jane VIF19  
OliveNicholas1856V174 photo and inscription
OliveRichard V190 
OliveSamuel1870V173 photo and inscription
OliveThomas E V191 
OliverMarjorie VI19 
OliveyCatherine III104  
OliveyWilliam III104 
OliveyWilliam1818III105 photo and inscription
OrlebarAlexandria VIG14  
OrlebarBeauchamp VIG14  
OsborneFlorence A VIC22  
OsborneQueenie L VIL22  
OsborneTryphena VIL22 
OsborneTryphena VIC22 
O'TooleKathleen Adelaide (Kit) VIP7  
O'TooleKathleen Ann (Yan) VIP7  
O'TooleKevin VIP7 
O'TooleLawrence VIP7 
OverCharles Edward VI112  
OverCharles Elliott VI112  
OverIvy Mary VI112 
OverMatthew V245 
OverMatthew V245 
OxenberryElizabeth II98  
OxenberryEmily1946VI116 photo and inscription
OxenberryHedley1949VI116 photo and inscription
OxenberryJames VIH30 
OxenberryJohanna1887V186 photo and inscription
OxenberryJohn1835V186 photo and inscription
OxenberryJohn1900V188 photo and inscription
OxenberryJohn Eddy II98  
OxenberryJohn Edward1917VI116 photo and inscription
OxenberryMabel Parody VIG8  
OxenberryMatilda V186 
OxenberryMatilda1876V188 photo and inscription
OxenberryPhilippa II98  
OxenberryRalph II98 
OxenberrySamuel John VIE14  
OxenberryWilliam Eddy II98  
PacaGwladys Caroline VI82  
PacaRichard Carmichael VIB2  
PaddyMary Jane1898IV161 photo and inscription
PaddyThomas1918IV161 photo and inscription
PainAlbert VIC2 
PainDinah VIC2 
PainVictoria Selena VIC4  
PascoBetty VIQ19 
PascoJ J VIN18 photo and inscription
PascoWyn L R1874VIN18 photo and inscription
PascoeAdelaide Cicely VIP17  
PascoeCecil Lorraine1901VIK12 photo and inscription
PascoeEdwin1964VIF1 photo and inscription
PascoeEdwin1946VIF30 photo and inscription
PascoeEleanor Hill1942VIF1 photo and inscription
PascoeEliza1885I47 photo and inscription
PascoeEsther Anne1972VIN4 photo and inscription
PascoeJames VI6 
PascoeJames1949VIK12 photo and inscription
PascoeMary Jane1931VIF30 photo and inscription
PascoeOscar1970VIM1 photo and inscription
PascoeSarah1960VIK12 photo and inscription
PascoeWilfred VIP17 
PaulJames George V259 
PaullFanny III108 
PearceAnnie Mary VI15 
PearceCharles VIIS 
PearceCharles I55 
PearceElizabeth I74 
PearceEthel Grace VIM5  
PearceHonor I15 
PearceJane I75 
PearceJohn I75 
PearceMargery C. I55 
PearceMary Jane I15 
PearceMorley VIM5 
PearcePhilip I15 
PearceRichard VIB2 
PearceWilliam I14 
PearceWilliam I55 
PeastonAlfred Edwin VI2  
PeastonGladys Hilda VI2  
PeckhamLillas M VIP19 
RenderDaniel I33 
PenderHenry I33 
PenderMary I33 
PenhaligonC F VIG23 
PenhaligonCharles Francis VIG4  
PenhaligonElizabeth Jane VIG23  
PenhaligonEmily VIG4 
PenhaligonFanny Blamey VIK14  
PenhaligonFanny Blamey VIK14  
PenhaligonGertrude Ethel VIG23  
PenhaligonFanny Blamey VIK14  
PenhaligonGertrude Ethel VIG23  
PenhaligonJohn Charles VI111  
PenhaligonMargaret VIG4  
PenhaligonS T VIG4 
PenhaligonSamuel VIK14  
PenhaligonSamuel VIK14  
PenprazeE VIJ29 
PenprazeM E VIJ29 
PenverPhilippa I52 
PenverRichard I52 
PetersAnn1859I49 photo and inscription
PetersAnn1821I82 photo and inscription
PetersBeatrice1880V218 photo and inscription
PetersBeatrice1894V218 photo and inscription
PetersC Eldred1927VIE7 photo and inscription
PetersClara Maria I85 
PetersEdmund1887V218 photo and inscription
PetersEdward VIJ26 
PetersEdward VIB11 
PetersEdward I89 
PetersEdwin John Dalby1962VIE7 photo and inscription
PetersElizabeth Dalby1935VIE7 photo and inscription
PetersEmily VIB 11 
PetersFrederick George VIC5  
PetersGrace I35 
PetersJabez I85 
PetersJane II101 
PetersJohn1892V218 photo and inscription
PetersJohn1840I49 photo and inscription
PetersJohn I53 
PetersJohn Wentworth Dillon I85  
PetersJoseph Ernest Dillon I85  
PetersLavinia I89 
PetersMary Ann I85 
PetersPhillipa I53 
PetersWilliam I58 
PhilipCharles IV153 
PhilipEmma IV153 
PhilipMary IV153 
PhilipPeter IV153 
PhillipsEthel Harriett VIJ23  
PhillipsWilliam Stephens VIJ23  
PilgrimFlorence Beatrice VIN20  
PilgrimJoyce VIR27 
PiperHannah Maria VIM24  
PiperRobert VIM24 
PitzipiosMichael Demetrius VIB6  
PlummerEthel VIF2 
PollardAnnie Laura VIL13  
PollardEmma VID8 
PollardGeorge VIN8 
PollardJames VIL13 
PollardKenneth James VIL14  
PollardWilliam Joseph VID8  
PomeryCaroline Annie VIF27  
PopeCharles Rattu1954VIF4 photo and inscription
PopeCharles W VIF4is this an error?
PopeGertrude1911V168 photo and inscription
PopeJennie VIJ16 
PopeKate1936VIF4 photo and inscription
PopeSophia Charlotte1904???? photo and inscription
PopeThomas Kenny1933???? photo and inscription
PopeWilliam John1918???? photo and inscription
PorterMargaret VIP5 
PoskusMahalah VIN12 
PoskusVytautus VIN 12 
PriceJohn Martin VIQ2 
QuintrellElizabeth VIF18  
QuintrellMargery I28 
QuintrellSidney Dowrick VIF18  
QuintrellSidney Dowrick I28  
QuintrellWalter Sydney VIE13  
RaimbachCatherine Amelia VIC16  
RaimbachHenry Emerson VIC16  
RandallHenry VIJ 10 
RandallPhoebe VIJ10 
RaspisonArminal VII 26  
RaspisonHerbert Edward VIL7  
RaspisonLottie Annie VIL7  
RaspisonReginald VII 26  
ReadJane I68 
RealMary I70 
RealWilliam I70 
ReedRachel VIE20 
ReeveDenis TABD1 
RetallackCharles Henry VIN22  
RetallackMichael VIP10  
RetallackOlive VIN22 
RiceDorothy Benson III124  
RiceLavinia VIM11 
RiceWilliam Francis VIM11  
RichardsJane V251 
RichardsMary Pope I44 
RickettJane V181 
RidleyKathleen May VIQ10  
RobertsElizabeth Jane VIF25  
RobertsEunice VIP21 
RobertsJohn VIF25 
RobertsMartha VID6 
RobertsPeter V222 
RobertsPhilippa Ann VIG21  
RobertsStanley VIP21 
RobinsCharles TABD2 
RobinsElizabeth I56 
RobinsGeorge VI114 
RobinsJacob I56 
RobinsJohn I62 
RosevearAnn1890III102 photo and inscription
RosevearGrace Ann1850III102 photo and inscription
RosevearJoshua1881III102 photo and inscription
RosevearJoshua1885III102 photo and inscription
RoweGeorgina1925VID5 photo and inscription
RoweHenry V233 
RoweHetty VIH23 
RoweHilda Clarissa VI1  
RoweJames1929VID5 photo and inscription
RoweJames VIC21 
RoweMary VIC21 
RoweMary Catherine VIA13  
RoweRhoda Ellen VIH28 
RoweWilliam VIH28 
RoweWilliam VIA 13 
RoweWilliam I16 
RoweWilliam James VIO1  
RowellCarol VIP27 
SalmonEthel VI20 
SalterGeorge VIL25 
SalterLillie VIL25 
SandersFrank VIK5 
SandersHannah VIK5 
SarahAbraham I87 
SawleAbigail1860II81 photo and inscription
SawleAlfred1954VIH27 photo and inscription
SawleAlice Mary1969VIM7 photo and inscription
SawleAmanda1942VIH27 photo and inscription
SawleAmelia Ann1942VIC19 photo and inscription
SawleAnnie Maria1896V244 photo and inscription
SawleCharlotte1869I73 photo and inscription
SawleEdward1819V172 photo and inscription
SawleEhud1820II81 photo and inscription
SawleEliza1914V168 photo and inscription
SawleEliza Ann1942VIF4 photo and inscription
SawleEliza Victory1914VIB15 photo and inscription
SawleElizabeth1913V231 photo and inscription
SawleElizabeth Mary1989VIM7 photo and inscription
SawleEmily Jane1970VIL26 photo and inscription
SawleEmma Jane VID11 
SawleFred1978VIM7 photo and inscription
SawleFrederick1916VIC19 photo and inscription
SawleGeorge1905V171 photo and inscription
SawleGeorge Williams VIG8  
SawleJames1898V231 photo and inscription
SawleJohn1950VIL26 photo and inscription
SawleJohn1868III110 photo and inscription
SawleJohn James1976VI3 photo and inscription
SawleJohn W1950VIF4 photo and inscription
SawleMary1900V171 photo and inscription
SawleMontague1869I73 photo and inscription
SawleStephen1869I73 photo and inscription
SawleSusan1894V231 photo and inscription
SawleSusan1851III110 photo and inscription
SawleThomas1910VIB15 photo and inscription
SawleThomas V167  
SawleThomas1887V168 photo and inscription
SawleThomas1852III109 photo and inscription
SawleWilliam R VID11 
SawleWilliam R1917V244 photo and inscription
SawleWilliam T VI5 
ScandlingJean VI12 
SchofieldBetty VIG21 
SeagerClara Elizabeth1972VIN3 photo and inscription
SeagerEdith Mabel1977VIN3 photo and inscription
SeagerElizabeth VIN3 
SeagerJessie Harriet1938VIG27 photo and inscription
SeagerJoseph George1942VIG27 photo and inscription
SeagerWilliam Frederick1976VI4 photo and inscription
SeagraveDora VIP16 
SeccombeEdward I1 
SeccombeJane I1 
SheehanThomas Francis( George) VIQ9  
ShortEdna TABC3 
SiblyAgatha Mary VIC1 
SiblyVirginia Frances Bertha VIC1  
SimmonsChristopher Robert Walpole VIE15  
SimpsonMary Edith VIN2  
SimpsonPercy Thomas VIN2  
SkelcherJacqueline VIO15  
SmithCharley Maud VIL9  
SmithHilda VIL9 
SmithJames II87 
SmithMaronette TABD3 
SmithWilliam John TABA3  
SnellGeorge Hill1827V169 photo and inscription
SnellHarriot1826V169 photo and inscription
SnellJane VIE11 
SnellJohn1832V170 photo and inscription
SnellJohn1824V184 photo and inscription
SnellMary1784V184 photo and inscription
SnellPhilippa I50 
SnellWilliam I50 
SpearGeorge Hellyar VIK8  
SpencerIvy Florence VIE9  
SpiekerJoanna Katharine III132  
StaintonJohn Havard VIC9  
StaintonSylvia VIC9 
StanislasEdith Mildred VIF12  
StanislasLouis Charles VIF12  
StantanJohn1833I23 photo and inscription
StantanRichard1835I23 photo and inscription
StantonElizabeth II96 
StantonRichard V182 
StentifordAnn Rogers VID15  
StentifordGrace I25 
StentifordHenry I25 
StentifordThomas VID15  
StephensJames IV155 
StephensJanet Ann IV155  
StilingNellie VIG11 
StoddenAlfred I31 
StoddenAnn1841I43 photo and inscription
StoddenAnn Hill I20 
StoddenElizabeth1884V193 photo and inscription
StoddenElizabeth V195 
StoddenElsie V224 
StoddenEmma Jane V196 
StoddenFlorence Chrystabel VII 29  
StoddenGeorge I31 
StoddenGrace1842I43 photo and inscription
StoddenHedley VII 29 
StoddenJohn1842V193 photo and inscription
StoddenMargaret Ann I43  
StoddenNorman V224 
StoddenRichard V196 
StoddenRichard1909I43 photo and inscription
StoddenThomas I20 
StoddenThomas I31 
StoddenThomas1844I43 photo and inscription
StoddenWilliam V192 
StoddenWilliam V195 
StoddenWilliam1823I43 photo and inscription
StootCora A VIF13 
StootGeorge A VIF13 
StowDinah VIH13 
StowStephen VIH13 
SwayneEdward III145 
SwayneMaria III145 
SymonsWilliam H1855II83 photo and inscription
TaylerLouisa Blanche VI110  
TaylorKathleen Margaret VI22  
TeagueCatherine VIF14 
TeagueChristine Laura Jane VIA16  
TeagueChristobel Maud VIJ4  
TeagueEdith VIJ17 
TeagueElizabeth VIJ15 
TeagueEthel Lillie1980VIM15 photo and inscription
TeagueEveline VID10 
TeagueFreddie John VIJ4  
TeagueFrederick VII 27  
TeagueHazel VIP13 
TeagueHilda Daisy VID7  
TeagueIrene VII 27 
TeagueJohn Henry VIF14  
TeagueKatherine Winifred VID10  
TeagueLavinia Jane V211  
TeagueMary Jane V223 
TeagueOlivia Kate VID10  
TeaguePeter VIN5 
TeaguePeter VIJ15 
TeaguePeter V211 
TeaguePeter V212 
TeagueRonald Douglas VIP13  
TeagueSusan V212 
TeagueSusan Ann VID7 
TeagueWilliam Henry1953VIM15 photo and inscription
TeagueWilliam Thomas VIJ17  
ThomasCaroline Elizabeth VIM21  
ThomasCatherine1830III143 photo and inscription
ThomasCyril H VI13 
ThomasElizabeth III130  
ThomasEmily1885III139 photo and inscription
ThomasEmma VIB7 
ThomasEthel VIB7 
ThomasGertrude III125 
ThomasHenry Martin V228  
ThomasHenry S VIB22 
ThomasJames VI822 
ThomasJames Frederick VIM21  
ThomasJames Oswald V228  
ThomasJane1870III139 photo and inscription
ThomasJohn1827III139 photo and inscription
ThomasJohn Collette VIB7  
ThomasLily Elizabeth VIB7  
ThomasMargery III144 
ThomasMary V228 
ThomasNellie V228 
ThomasNicholas III144 
ThomasRichard III144 
ThomasSamuel V258 
ThomasSamuel III126 
ThomasW. Vercoe V229 
Thomason I14 
ThornAnn II90 
ThornAnn D'Venning II90  
ThornEmily Edwards II90  
ThornRobt. H. II90 
TillarMary I52 
TiltonDavid Bruce VI11  
TomlinsonEva VIM12 
TonkinMary I1 
TonkinPascoe I1 
TreganowanClara I7 
TregidonRobert V166 
TregonningDavid Bevill TABA1  
TregunnaEdwin VIB14 
TregunnaGertrude Maria VIK17  
TregunnaGertrude Maria VIK17  
TregunnaMary VIB14 
TregunnaRichard Arthur VIK17  
TregunnaRichard Arthur VIK17  
TretheweyPauline VIN13  
TretheweyWilliam James VIM8  
TruranAnn1894V243 photo and inscription
TruranArchie V217 photo and inscription
TruranCharles1948VIH29 photo and inscription
TruranEdgar V217 photo and inscription
TruranFrederick1941VIG3 photo and inscription
TruranHonor1915VIA18 photo and inscription
TruranJames1891V217 photo and inscription
TruranMark1900V243 photo and inscription
TruranMary Maria1941VIG3 photo and inscription
TruranMary Pascoe1942VIH29 photo and inscription
TruranReggie V217 photo and inscription
TruranSydney V217 photo and inscription
TuckerAnna Lavinia IV159  
TuckerMary Jane VIA10 
TylkeSeymour VIN15 
Van GruttenEnid VIA4 
Van GruttenJohn Winchcombe VIA4  
Van GruttenLucien S L VIA4  
Van GruttenWinchcombe Norman Carpenter VIA4  
VanstoneEveline VIC17 
VanstoneRichard VIC17 
VelenowethAlfred III134  
VelenowethEdward James III134  
VelenowethKate III134 
VelenowethLaura III134  
VellanowethCatherine VIB4  
VellanowethElizabeth V235  
VellanowethJames VIB4 
VellanowethMary VIB4 
VellanowethSamuel H. V235  
VigursArthur John VIF5  
VigursElizabeth VIF5 
VillersErnest Alexander VIL8  
VillersMaud Cissie VIL8  
VincentLeslie William VIN 1  
VincentOlive May1986VI9 photo and inscription
VincentSelena Annie VIN 1  
VincentThomas George1977VI9 photo and inscription
VyvyanEdmund Gray V252  
WakemAnn1833III137 photo and inscription
WakemBlanche1872III118 photo and inscription
WaltersMary Ann VIC17 
WaltersMuriel III125 
WaltonJohn VIF31 
WardCharles Victor1991VIN6 photo and inscription
WardCharles Victor1951VIL17 photo and inscription
WardEdward1833?II82 photo and inscription
WardEdward1829II82 photo and inscription
WardEliza1843I78 photo and inscription
WardEliza1880II82 photo and inscription
WardEthel1972VIL17 photo and inscription
WardEthel Verona1972VIN6 photo and inscription
WardHarriet1878I78 photo and inscription
WardHarriet Ann1856II82 photo and inscription
WardJames W.1865I38 photo and inscription
WardJane1902I38 photo and inscription
WardJohn1863I17 photo and inscription
WardNancy1871I17 photo and inscription
WardRichard1888I38 photo and inscription
WardRichard1833I78 photo and inscription
WardRichard1845I78 photo and inscription
WayCharles Frederick VIN17  
WayNancy VIN17 
WealeFrances Blamey VIN19  
WealeSidney John VIN19  
WebbElizabeth Ann1905I18 photo and inscription
WebbJohn1900I18 photo and inscription
WebbJohn1848I63 photo and inscription
WebbMary1860I39 photo and inscription
WebbMary1878I63 photo and inscription
WebbMary Ann1891I39 photo and inscription
WebbRichard Butland1950VIK15 photo and inscription
WebbWilliam Henry?I39 photo and inscription
WellsB VI819 
WetherallArthur VIL12 
WheelerHazel Thirza VIQ15  
WheelerHenry Arthur VIQ15  
WilkinsRuth Mitchem V241  
WilleyPolly Mary VIF17  
WilliamsCharity I86 
WilliamsElizabeth II97  
WilliamsHenry I86 
WilliamsIsaac II97 
WilliamsJames II97 
WilliamsJames II97 
WilliamsMargaret II97 
WilliamsMaury Joan VIQ7  
WilliamsPhyllis Maud VIQ18  
WilliamsWilliam II97 
WilliamsWilliam Henry VIQ7  
Williams-SalterViolet Amanda TABB4  
WillmottJohn VIE21 
WillmottWilliam (Jackie) VIH15  
WilsonG G VI14 
WithiellDorothy III129  
WithiellJohn III129 
WonhamC H IV150 
WoodwardAnn1855II83 photo and inscription
WordenLance Beverley VIR24  
WorrallBertram I40a 
WrightHerbert Thomas VID4  

Bill O'Reilly 2009

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