Gerrans 1914-18 War Memorial

Gerrans 1914-1918 War Memorial

Gerrans War Memorial 1914-18

Bill O'Reilly 2006

With thanks to Arthur Coomb for checking this transcription against the memorial in St Gerrans Church.

To the Glory of God and in memory of the Men of the Parish who faithfully served their King & Country in the Great War 1914-1918

Alderman B. Grose R. Over G.E. Real T.
Barnett T. Harris L. Over M.V. Roberts A.
Butland E. Hughson J. Pascoe M. Roberts W.
Collins C.J. Hooper D. Pascoe E. Rowe S.H.
Collins G.H. Jago A. Pearce M. Rowe W.
Collins M.T. Jenken A.H. Peters C. Sawle F.E.
Coon F. Lower C. Peters S. Sawle G.W.
Couch J. Lower C.E. Perfield P.J. Sawle W.
Dinney A. Lyndon W.H. Pope C.E. Sawle W.
Davies E.J. Medlin G. Pope C.R. Teague F.H.
Egerton P.E. Merrifield A.J. Pope E.T. Teague W.T.
Elliott C. Merrifield G.S. Raspison T.C. Thorn R.W.
Gallehawk W.J. Nicholls T.H. Raspison H.E. Ward C.V.
Greet B. Nicholls J.H. Raspison R. Ward W.L.
Greet J.D. Nicholls W.C.O. Real A. Welburn F.
Greet W.S. Olive J.J. Real H. Wilmot W.
Greet R.
Baxter C. Cudmore M. Lobb W. Pope G.H.
Billing E. Davis G. Menear E.C. Prime P.
Billing G. Davis L. Menear J.H. Quintrell J.L.
Burnett J.H. Davis V. Menear R. Quintrell W.S.
Butland C.G. Davis W. Oxenberry C.G. Raspison L.
Butland J.M. Dunstone L. Oxenberry J.L. Rogers G.
Butland L.C. Elliott P. Oxenberry L. Rowe R.H.
Campbell A.H. Emmett W.T. Pascoe A. Sie W.J.
Chaffin F.T. Gallehawk B.C. Pascoe J. Symonds H.
Chenoweth F. Gallehawk H.R. Pascoe J. Teague F.J.
Cockings E.A. Gallehawk P.J. Pascoe O. Teague W.H.
Collins C.S. Gay W.S. Pascoe Oscar Thomas A.L.
Collins F.H. Golley E.F. Penhaligon C. Thomas C.C.
Collins R.J.W. Golley J.C. Penhaligon S. Thorn T.
Couch L. Goodchild T. Peters E.J.D. Van Grutten W.
Cregoe C. Greet F.D. Peters V. Ward R.W.E.
Crewes R. Greet R.E. Phillips W.S. Wilson R.H.V.
  Harris C.C. Pollard C. Woodliffe G.
  Harris W. Pollard G.  
  Keast R.H. Pollard J.  
  Lobb R.    
To the sacred memory of the following who died on active service.
Edwards W.G. Nicholls C.E. Pope W.J. Tatam R.B.
Hunkin E. Paddy T. Pope W.  
Lower L. Peters A.J. Real W.T.B.  
Lower M. Piper R.C. Rowe W.S.  
Collins B.G. Gaylard R. Oxenberry J.E. Peters F.
Crewes R. Golley W. Peters B. Qunitrell F.
Seager J.

"To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die."

Bill O'Reilly 2006

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