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Donald E Curkeet

The transcriptions on this website were made by Don Curkeet who passed away in June 2011.

This website remains online in his memory and so that others can continue to benefit from the results of his countless hours of work.

Don was the volunteer OPC for:
Charles the Martyr (Charles, Plymouth)...(transcribed from original church records)
Holbeton...(transcribed from older transcripts)
Newton Ferrers...(transcribed from original church records)
Pennycross... (transcribed from older transcripts)
Plymstock...(transcribed from original church records)
St. Budeaux...(transcribed from original church records)

Contact details for the current OPC for Don's parishes can be found from Devon OPC

This web site is not to promote any parishes, churches or religious organizations but is for the sole purpose to help individuals find records of their ancestors in any of the records of parishes in Plymouth or the surrounding neighbouring parishes.

It is divided up in to four areas, Home, Parish List, Parish Map and Links. This is 'Home' - it introduces you what is available on this site.

The 'Parish List' provides names of most of the parishes with in and around the Plymouth area, the decade years that the Parish Registers records are archived by Devon Record Office and which of the parishes has some information on them for you to view on this site. To do this all you have to do is click on the parish name. This list does not include all the churches and is limited on the amount of transcripts that are partially or completely done.

The 'Parish Map' provides a map of some of the main older parishes and where they are located so that if the parish you are researching does not pan out you will know which parishes is next to it. The benefit is that if you know your ancestors lived in one of the parishes but they're not found in their church event records, baptisms, marriages, burials, etc. then the next nearest parish would be where to start and then branch out from them.

The 'Link' page is just some places you can do researching to help find out more information.

As for the partial transcripts that are provided, the Church of England Diocese of Devon places restrictions on what information that is allowed to be publish online and hence I cannot display any full transcriptions on any of the parishes records, including the parishes Parish Registers. The amount of information that is displayed is hopefully enough for you to know if the ones you are interested in is in that parish's records. If I am not the OPC for that parish you will have to contact them by going to Devon OPC site. As for some of the other parishes I am the OPC (Online Parish Clerk) and these transcriptions were done from either the original parish records or transcripts done from earlier transcripts.



[Parish List] [Parish Map] [Links]

All material on this website is Copyright © 2010 Donald E. Curkeet. Website by Bill O'Reilly, OPC for Gerrans