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Welcome to the Shalstone Genealogy Page!

My name is Heather Olsen, and I established this page to share information with others who are researching ancestors who lived in the parish of Shalstone in Buckinghamshire, England. If you are also researching Shalstone families and would like to be added to the surname list, please email me your name, the surname(s) you are researching, and the time period of interest. If you have any records relating to Shalstone that you would like to see added here, please contact me by email.

I have been researching Shalstone genealogy since 2002 when I discovered that my ancestor Thomas Strange was born in the parish in 1762. I was able to visit Shalstone in 2003-- it is a beautiful place. Far too many people have helped me with my Shalstone research to list here, but I would particularly like to thank Ed Hanson, Betty Judge, John Moore, Geoffrey Purefoy, Patricia Shillington, and Mike Strange.