Deddington Men who served in World War 1
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Some of the of the Deddington Men who served in World War 1 and who were not killed

These names have been taken from the Deddington Deanery Magazine and a printed Roll of Honour which is undated but probably was published in the Spring of 1917. The combination of these two sources provides a comprehensive and probably incomplete record of those that served, a list that is too often not available.

The following Men of Deddington are known to have been wounded and/or discharged. The surviving Records of Soldiers in World War One are very poor having largely been destroyed in a bombing raid in World War Two

William Allen
Alec Austin, Hempton
Cpl John Beesley
Frederick G Berry
Geoffrey Bowler
foot amputated
E Browning
Allan Callow
Frank H Callow
A Cambray
A Castle
E Cherry
F Clarke
G Clarke
P Dunn
Christopher J Ell
leg amputated
H Freeman
M French
invalided from the front
William J Gardner
G Gilkes
R Gilkes
Rev H Tyrell Green
A Hands
L Hands
William J Harper
John A Higham
E A Hicks
invalided from the front
H Hicks
G Hodges
Cpl Thomas P Holiday
Capt. D Hopcraft
A Hunt
H Malcher
P Mayo
H Miller
W Mitchell
E Paginton
B Paginton
S Payne
L Rees
O Regan
E Shirley
J Smith
G Smith
A Spenser, Hempton
H Sturch
V Taylor
Albert Tustain
Wm A Tustain
Sarg-Major J Warren DCM
Lieut. J H Warren
Lieut. J Watts
Jas Wheeler
Richard F Wheeler
W E Wheeler

We know that the following received recognition and Gallantry Awards

Leslie W H Bowler
Mentioned in Despatches, Military Cross and Bar
B Cambray from Canada
Military Medal
Private F Drinkwater
Military Medal
CQMS H J Harmsworth
Meritorious Service Medal
Sarg-Major J Warren

Some of the Men of Deddington are known to have been Prisoners of War (and survived)

James W Cowley
Leonard A Long
F Valentine

The following are known to have served but there is no record of their Wartime Service or whether they should be included in any of the other categories

Unfortunately there is no longer any comprehensive archive which enables us to add to this information

  • G Adams
  • C Austin
  • Richard G Beesley
  • G Bennet, Clifton
  • M Bennett
  • J Berridge
  • William G Berry
  • B Bletsoe
  • D Bliss
  • S Boffin, Clifton
  • E Bolton
  • J Bolton, Clifton
  • R F Bolton, Clifton
  • W Brooks or Brookes
  • James H Callow
  • P Callow
  • Robert Callow
  • R Callow, Clifton
  • R Cambray
  • P Carvill
  • J Castle
  • W Checkley
  • P Churchill
  • W Churchill
  • H Clark, Clifton
  • R Clarke
  • E Clutterbuck, Hempton
  • F Clutterbuck, Hempton
  • H Collect
  • John Compton
  • W Course
  • F Cowley
  • Jacob Cowley
  • John Cowley
  • B Dodwell
  • W Dodwell
  • F Davis
  • F Durran
  • E Field
  • F Finch
  • W Fincher, Clifton
  • S Fox, Clifton
  • J M French
  • H Gardiner
  • Francis B Garrett, Clifton
  • Charles E Gibbs
  • Walter E Gibbs
  • C Gilkes
  • F Gregory
  • H Griffin
  • S Hall
  • E Hancox
  • Arthur Harper, Clifton
  • H Harper
  • A Harris, Clifton
  • F Hawkins
  • E Hickson, Clifton
  • B Hiorns
  • John Hiorns
  • S Hiorns
  • William Holiday
  • F Hopcraft
  • S Hopcraft
  • E Hore
  • W Jennings
  • C Jones
  • Lieut D Jones
  • C Large
  • John H Lewis
  • T Luker
  • Frederick C Mayo
  • G Meadon, Clifton
  • E Mobley
  • L W Morton
  • L Nicholls, Hempton
  • F Page
  • W Page
  • J Quarterman, Clifton
  • T Quarterman, Clifton
  • F Sanders
  • W Sanders
  • Alfred A Smith
  • W G Smith
  • W O Smith
  • W Smith
  • E Stimpson
  • E Stockford
  • Stone
  • B Sykes
  • F Sykes
  • George Sykes
  • G I Sykes
  • Hubert Sykes
  • Joseph Sykes
  • John Sykes
  • R Sykes
  • Ro. Sykes
  • S Sykes
  • T Sykes
  • W ? NW Sykes
  • E Taylor
  • Percival Taylor
  • A Thornewill
  • A Thornewill
  • H Tomkinson
  • F Tustain
  • M Tustain
  • S Tustain
  • Thomas F Tustain
  • Reginald J Vincent
  • J C Warren
  • H Weaver
  • Jas Wheeler
  • H Whetton
  • D Whitton
  • A Williams
  • Reginald A Williams
  • Frederick T Williams
  • J Williams
  • J White, Hempton
  • W White
  • Alfred H E J Yerbury

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