First World War Memorial Plaque from Deddington, Oxfordshire
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Parish Church of Sts. Peter & Paul, Deddington, Oxfordshire

First World War Memorial Plaque, Deddington, Oxfordshire
  • Albert ADEY
  • Joseph AUSTIN
  • Edwin BLISS
  • William Frederick BOLTON
  • Ronald Page BULL
  • Charles CALLOW
  • Wallace James CARVILL
  • Alfred John CASTLE
  • George William Henry CASTLE
  • John Hawtin CHECKLEY
  • Arthur Joseph CHISLETT
  • Norman CHISLETT
  • Henry George Stratford CHURCHILL
  • George Isaac DAVIS
  • Stanley Hubert DEELEY
  • O Arthur John H DORE
  • William John DUNN
  • Alfred ELL
  • Harold FREEMAN
  • William Loder FRENCH
  • Walter Albert GARDNER
  • Louis Henry GARDINER
  • James GODFREY
  • Archie Andrew GOMM
  • Harry GRACE
  • Harry Gerard GRIFFIN
  • Walter David HANCOX
  • William Rufus HANCOX
  • Albert Edward HANCOX
  • Fred HAWKINS
  • John Frederick HAWKINS
  • Benjamin HAWKINS
  • Joseph William HIORNS
  • Archie William HUTT
  • Frederick Rowland HUTT
  • Thomas Alexander MANCHIP
  • John Ernest MUNDY
  • Percy PINFOLD
  • George SYKES
  • Frederick T TUSTAIN
  • Matthew James TUSTAIN
  • James Ethelbert TWISSELL
  • William Alfred WEAVER
  • Bernard WHEELER
  • George Henry WHITE
  • William WILKINS
  • Alfred Edwin YERBURY

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