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Parish Church of All Saints

War Memorial, Wroxton, Oxfordshire

To the glorious memory of the men of Wroxton who fought in the Great War and were numbered amongst those, who at the call of King and Country, gave up the lives that others might live in freedom

  • Lieut. F. H. WISE Royal Air Force
  • Sergt H. V. DRAKE, Oxfordshire Hussars
  • Cpt. A. S. WISE Oxon and Bucks Lgt Infantry
  • Cpt. W. C. HUGHES Yorkshire L G Infantry
  • BDr W GLEYDON Royal Field Artillery
  • LCp J. GLEYDON 2nd Yorkshire Regiment
  • LCp W. R. NEVILLE 3rd Royal Berkshire
  • LCp F. W. SHAW, Machine Gun Corps
  • LCp J. F. LYDIATT Royal Army Service Corps
  • LCp F. E. COX 9th Royal Fusiliers
  • Pte J. E. WHING 10th Gloucester Regiment
  • Pte J. HEMMINGS Royal Warwicks
  • Pte T. SMART Essex Regiment
  • Pte J. NEVILLE Cheshire Regiment
  • Pte J. EDWARDS Essex Regiment
  • Pte GARDNER Royal Garrison Artillery


  • Cpl A. W. BERRY 46th Regiment Feco Crops
  • AB H. PRITCHARD Royal Navy
  • AMO G. H. BERRY Fleet Air Arm
  • Pte C. H. GARDNER Oxon and Bucks Lgt Infantry

Remembrance Book 1914-1918

Remembrance Book 1914-1918

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