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John CASH was my great uncle, born 20 January 1884 in Spitalfields London, one of nine children born to Thomas William CASH and Mary Ann CASH; née SUTTON.

John CASH was a bricklayers labourer and at the age of 18 years decided to join the army; he signed up for 12 years service with The Royal Fusiliers on the 28th February 1902 at Hounslow: service no. 9455.

His first year in the army was spent at Hounslow, then he was transferred to Egypt on 18th February 1903 until 17 November 1903; there followed a transfer to Bermuda on 22 November 1903 until 25 October 1905. His final years in the Royal Fusiliers were spent at Hounslow from 26 October 1905 until his discharge on 27 February 1914, he was then put on the army reserve.

One year later John CASH was called up to serve, as a result of the war with Germany not ending the previous Christmas, and in March of 1915 he was sent over to France.

On the 10th March Haig's First Army attacked the German lines at Neuve Chappelle; it was preceded by a 35 minute bombardment in which more shells were discharged than in the whole of the Boer War. The allied casualties were 11,000 during the 3 days of battle of which John CASH was one; he was officially declared dead on the 1st April 1915, his body was never found.

John CASH's name is remembered on the Menin Gate and on a memorial in Bethnal Green Library; he left a widow Florence Louise CASH and two children John and Louise.

Remembered by Barry Marriott
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