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The website of A Little History of Cherington and Stourton (Warwickshire) is online at "A Little History of Cherington and Stourton"

The website title is that of the 1934 book by Margaret Dickins, which looks at documentary records relating to the villages from the early thirteenth to the early twentieth century. Apart from its general historical interest, it refers by name to well over 450 different individuals, most of them inhabitants.

The original purpose of the website was to make freely available an e-book of the work (72 pp.), with new reader aids in the form of a date-referenced personal name index, a place index and a glossary of historical and archaic terms used. Separate aids are available for owners of the rare original edition, which has different pagination. All text is in searchable, bookmarked Acrobat Reader (pdf) format, including the quick-search "namehunt.pdf", for those in a hurry. A copiable CD is available from selected libraries, including Banbury.


The site also has biographical notes on the author and brief information about the villages today, including sample extracts from the Millennium Book (2004). There are to date some 50 photographs, old and recent, including the 1934 book illustrations. A special tribute to Cherington and Stourton WW1 soldiers includes names and biographical information.

If you are interested in church bells, check out the "bell pages", created in connection with the 2005-6 church bell appeal, and listen to the Cherington peal.

The links page lists other websites of special interest for anyone interested in the villages or their area, including favourites like "Windows on Warwickshire" and "The Genealogy of Cotswolds and Surrounds of England".

Contributed by Simon Bartlett
To contact Simon, see his website of "A Little History of Cherington and Stourton"