Traditional Shortbread - by Ian Huckin
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Ian Huckin


4oz Caster Sugar
8oz Good Quality Butter
12oz Plain Flour (Self raising gives a different taste, but try both - see which you prefer)
A little beaten egg or full-fat milk to glaze

Mix softened Butter with Caster Sugar; add the flour a bit at a time. (DO NOT be tempted to add any milk or water. It will all mix in I promise you.) Roll out to about 1/3 inch thick, and cut out or form into shapes. Add nuts or choc chips at this stage if you wish (just push them in!). Glaze, then Bake lightly at 160°C until just starting to tinge. Have a look every 5-10 minutes. You can open the door, as it will not affect them. As an alternative, try Soft Brown or fine Demerara instead of Caster Sugar. With plain biscuits, sprinkle with sugar before cooking.

Written/contributed by Ian Huckin