Marzipan - using soya flour - by Muriel Wells
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Using Soya Flour

This is a leaflet issued by the "Ministry of Food", during the Second World War, with all the recipes using soya flour in some way.


4oz. Soya Flour
4oz. Sugar
2oz. Margarine
2 small teaspoonfuls Almond or Rataffia Essence
2 tablespoonfuls water
Melt the margarine in water, remove from heat and add essence.
Stir in 3ozs.of sugar and the Soya Flour.
Turn onto a board and knead in the rest of the sugar.
Use as desired.
Ministry of food leaflet

If you would like to be able to read these recipes issued by the Ministry of Food, they are on a separate page, but the image is large and might take a little while to download. It is, however, well worth the wait!

Contributed by Muriel Wells