Gooseberry or Guzgog Jam - by Betty Rhodes
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White or Green Gooseberries
Equal weight of fruit & sugar

Select gooseberries not very ripe [top & tail them]

Boil the sugar with water [allowing ½pint water to every pound of sugar] for about ¼hr.... remove scum as it rises.

Add the gooseberries and simmer gently till clear and firm: approx. ¾ hour

Try a little on a dish; if it jellies when cold it is done.. and should then be poured in to very clean pots..

My grandmother used to cover with oiled paper and then greaseproof paper - brushed on both sides, with unbeaten egg white . . . . . before storing in a dry place . . . . . the latter probably improved on today . . . screw top jars. .

Allow 1½ pints of fruit to a 1 lb jar...

Contributed by Betty Rhodes