A family wedding 1906 [WELLS, FOOTE]
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This is a detailed photograph of the WELLS family wedding in 1906 from "A memorable day - Celebration in the backblocks"

WELLS, FOOTE & HARVEY wedding group photograph

The WELLS contingent is to be seen on the left of the photograph, and their outfits are suitably somber as they were still in mourning for the bridegroom's mother, who had died the previous year. The brothers of the bridegroom are easily identified, because of a family resemblance. To the right of the photo are the FOOTE/HARVEY families. There is a family nose which identifies many of the bride's sisters! The bride's mother, by repute a formidable lady, and her sister, can be seen sitting on the front row. Inter-marriages between the large families had created some convoluted relationships within this group over the past 50 year or so. I know more about many of those who attended, but had better not digress further.

Contributed by Muriel Wells
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