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Arthur and Kate GOODYER

Arthur and Kate GOODYER
and their son, Hubert

This is cabinet sepia print, taken at Yardley, Birmingham.

It is of Arthur GOODYER, a shoemaker, born in Bulkington about 1859, his wife, Kate and their baby son Hubert born about 1889

Kate is stylish, with her dress having decorative bows at the shoulders, and her thick hair is neatly arranged. Both of them are dressed with quiet good taste. Arthur sports a watch chain and fob.

Hubert, an alert baby, has a beautifully sewn and tucked dress.

May and Cyril WATSON

May and Cyril WATSON

May WATSON, born in 1898 and Cyril, born in 1901, are the children of my Great Aunt Alice.

They are dressed up for the ocasion in their best clothes. May's dress is tucked and looks to be smocked, too.

Cyril's suit has a sailor collar. He was a rather shy, gentle boy who was often led into mischief by my mother, who although 3 years younger, was the more dominant personality!

I knew the adult Cyril: he was still quiet and gentle.

Cyril and Gertie WATSON

Cyril and Gertie WATSON

This original cardette comes from the Nuneaton studio of Horace Dudley, photographer. A study of Cyril WATSON, son of Alice and first cousin to my mother, and his wife Gertie. They were a kindly couple, of whom Mum's cousin Winnie, said, "I didn't lose a brother, but gained a sister!"

Cyril was by trade an electrician. For many years, in the early evening, he had to go the rounds of Bulkington turning on the street lighting. Later, he had to repeat his route to turn it off.

Cyril and Gertie's clothing reflects the simpler styling of clothing in the 1920s. Cyril's collar and tie are the only flambuoyant note! It may even be their wedding photograph, as our family are equally divided between those who could afford bridal white and those who chose a simpler outfit. My parents came into that last category!

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