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My maternal LUCAS's

Sarah Ann LUCAS about 1915

Sarah Ann LUCAS and her children
about 1915

This group is of the family of my Great Uncle Tom LUCAS. His wife Sarah Ann (born 1880) and childen --- Jack born 1911, Winnie born 1903 and Nellie born 1910, and was taken about 1915 in Coventry.

Sarah Ann still wears a full length dress, but it is simple in style and cut.

The children's clothes are not at all fussy and Jack still has his "baby" curls.

Winnie, with the dark striking looks, had lovely dark wavy hair. I have a photograph of her as a young adult with her glorious waves cascading to her waist.

Doris LUCAS, during the 1920s


This is of Doris LUCAS, taken during the 1920s. The address of the photographer suggests that his studio was just around the corner from her home in Webster Street, situated in the General Wolfe suburban shopping centre.

Doris is my mother and this is taken before her marriage to Len Parritt.

Her dress is one for a special occasion and has decorative bands on a plain fabric. She wears her hair fashionably short and a necklace that I recall when I was little. I particularly liked those pearls separated by chain, and can remember her wearing them to attend Miss Holtham's 21st. I was very small at the time, and Mum leaned over me to kiss me "Goodnight".


Doris again, sitting on the doorstep at Webster Street, together with their black labrador retriever.
What a smart ensemble, with the suit having frogging detail! The hat and black silk stockings complete the look.



Hilda LUCAS was the only child of grandad's brother George LUCAS.

George was the publican at "The Rule & Compass", Bulkington, so was comfortably off.

Hilda is wearing a rather grand dress, presumably meant for evening wear. Filmy material, handkerchief pointed hem, and a bold appliqued design make a striking combination. Her hair is more softly bobbed: a compromise in styles?

Hilda later married Joe Lenton and they lived in a nice detached house in Bulkington, near to the railway bridge.

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