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CAMPBELL/BLAND --- 19th century

Eliza or Jane Campbell and her husband

Eliza or Jane Campbell
and her husband

John and his siblings were born beween 1833 and 1846 at Tadcaster in the West Riding of Yorkshire.

A sepia carte de visite sized photograph of one of my great-grandfather John CAMPBELL's sisters and her husband. It was taken in York.

By a process of deduction I think the sister is either Eliza or Jane. A quiet looking couple --- her dress has a tightly corseted bodice and gathered skirt. He sports a very plain cut-away coat and waistcoat.

Cousin Annie


Another carte de visite, and this time of "Cousin Annie". The precise relationshp isn't known, but she bears a striking resemblance to Alice CAMPBELL, (later WATSON/GOODYER), both in looks and vivacity. My Great great aunt Mary Ann had a daughter Ann, who might have been "Annie" to the family.

Her jacket has "leg o' mutton" sleeves and is waisted. A large and important hat completes her ensemble. I would date it as being at the beginning of the 20th century.

Tom Cook and his wife

Tom COOK and his wife

"Cousin Tom COOK and his wife." He is the younger son of my Great great aunt Eliza, an elder sister of John CAMPBELL, my Great grandfather.

This is a cabinet sized photo taken in a Midland studio with the couple looking quietly prosperous. The dress is severely cut, but intricately decorated on the bodice and sleeves.

Ada CARR and her husband

Ada CARR and her husband

This is Ada CARR and her husband.

I have just found a Tadcaster marriage for an Ada CARR, and believe that this may be her. I have yet to find which named spouse is hers as there is a choice of two!

The CAMPBELL family had lived in Tadcaster, and I hope to discover her relationship to them. I am sure that, as a child, I heard her mentioned in conversations.

Ada's dress is very stylish, with bodice detail and important sleeves.

The legs of his tweed trousers are of a slimmer cut and the large loose knot of his tie could provide a clue as to the date, for the fashion conscious.

young man 1880s

This photo is of my Great Grandmother Eliza CAMPBELL's brother-in-law. This dapper young man was married to one of her sisters --- both of whom were BLANDs, of Derbyshire, before they married.

The lapels of the suit are exaggeratedly wide, and are also, on the waistcoat.

He wears a watch chain, with fob, and to complete his attire he has a curly brimmed bowler.

On the back of this photograph the Nottingham photographer has a printed date of 1883. This would agree with the ages I have for the BLAND sisters, which would place this photo in the 1880s.

Fanny Campbell

Fanny Campbell

Fanny is my Great Grandfather John CAMPBELL's youngest sister, and was born in Tadcaster in 1846, a few months before her father died.

The photograph was taken in Bradford.

Fanny's dress is typical of the time, and she wears a silver name brooch pinned to it. Her niece, my grandmother Fanny LUCAS, had a similar name brooch too, which I have amongst my treasures.

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