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Debbie Smith

JOHN HALL married ELIZABETH ABBOTTS 1 Jan 1771 at St. Mary's, Banbury.


  1. John HALL b. 1771 Banbury
  2. Mary HALL b. 1773 Banbury m. William ARNE 1822 Banbury
  3. Charles HALL b. 1774 Banbury m. Mary WHITE 1809 Banbury
  4. Elizabeth HALL b. 1776 Banbury d. 1776 Banbury
  5. James HALL b. 1777 Banbury
  6. Joshua HALL b. 1778 Banbury d. 1778 Banbury
  7. Joseph HALL b. ? Banbury
  8. Ann HALL b. ? Banbury

John HALL b. 1771 Banbury married (1) Elizabeth HEATH 20 July 1797 Banbury

Children of JOHN HALL and ELIZABETH HEATH are:

  1. Elizabeth HALL b. 3 October 1797 Banbury.

Elizabeth HALL (nee HEATH) died in 1798 Banbury.

John HALL married (2) Phebe CLARK aka PHOEBE CLARKE 29 March 1808 Banbury.

Children of John HALL and Phebe CLARK are:

  1. George Henry Clarke HALL b. ? Banbury
  2. John Abbotts HALL b. 1809 Banbury
  3. Mary HALL b. 1811 Banbury m. Thomas PARISH 1833 Banbury
  4. Charles HALL b. 1812 Banbury m. Sarah ? before 1839 Banbury
  5. James HALL b. 1815 Banbury d. 1815 Banbury
  6. Sarah Burling HALL b. 1816 Banbury m. Richard BAILY aka BAILEY bef 1845 Banbury
  7. Jane Keziah HALL b. 1818 Banbury d. 1819 Banbury
  8. Caroline HALL b. 1820 Banbury m. William BENNETT 1849 at Westminster, London
  9. Phoebe Ann HALL b. 1822 Banbury m. Edward GRIMMER 1842 at Westminster, London
  10. William HALL b. 1827 Banbury
  11. Elizabeth HALL b. 1830 Banbury m. Alfred James PHASEY 1853 at St. George Hanover Square, London

John HALL b. 1771 Banbury, Perfumer and Hairdresser of 33 Market Place, Banbury died on 8th September 1843 Banbury at the age of 72 years.

Phoebe HALL (nee CLARKE) b. 1787 Banbury (Widow of John HALL) died on 18 August 1876 at Chelsea, London.


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