Arthur Henry BETTS (1878-1947) - and Jane (Jenny) CHANCE [BETTS]
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Jane (Jenny) CHANCE

Birth:          14 Jun 1878
Baptism:        28 Dec 1878     parish church, Deddington  (Arthur Henry BETTS - John Henry and Sarah Alice, 
                                confectioner, Clifton)
Marriage:       12 Oct 1921     Toronto, Ontario.
Death:          29 Jun 1947     St. Michael's Hospital, Toronto, Ontario.
Burial:         02 Jul 1947     St. James Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario  
                                (cause of death - carcinoma of nasopharynx)
Father:    John Henry BETTS     (bap. 1848, d. 1918)
Mother:    Sarah Alice STEPHENS (b. 1849,      )

Spouse:    Jane (Jenny) CHANCE
Birth:          05 Apr 1886     Rood End, Oldbury.
Death:          30 Mar 1977     Cheltenham Nursing Home, 5935 Bathurst St, North York, Ontario.
Burial:         __ Apr 1977     Glendale Memorial Gardens, 23 Westmore Dr, Rexdale, Ontario (Lot 291)
Father:    Elijah CHANCE       (chr. 1850,      )
Mother:    Eliza Ann POTTER    (b. 1860,      )


M      James George Southam BETTS
F      Dorothy BETTS
M      Albert Arthur BETTS

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