Alfred BETTS and Rebecca Durham COCKERILL
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postcard/oilette of the Cake Shop

The printed description on the back of the postcard is as follows:

Picturesque Counties - Oxfordshire. Series III
Raphael Tuck & Sons "OILETTE", Postcard 7632
Art Publishers to their Majesties the King and Queen
After the original painting by H.B. Wimbush

A. Betts' Celebrated


By Parcel Post

Post free at following rates:

  7 Cakes             - 1s. 6d.
10 Cakes            - 2s. 0d.
14 Cakes            - 2s. 7d.
17 Cakes            - 3s. 2d.

Any quantity supplied.

High Street. Banbury is famous the world over for two things - Its cakes (which have now been popular confection for nearly 300 years) and its Cross, which figures so prominently in the nursery rhyme. The "original cake shop" is still in existence, as are also many other quaint and picturesque relics of the past. Banbury was known in Roman times as Branavis, and the town was the centre of much fighting in the Wars of the Roses.

Subject:   Alfred BETT(S)
Birth:         __ Aug 1830    
Baptism:       01 Aug 1830    St. Mary's Church, Banbury (son of William and Sarah, Red Lion Street, Baker)
Marriage:       __ Jun 1859   (found on Free BMD - June 1859, Winslow, 3a, 569)
Father:        William BETTS (bap. 1780, d. 1859)
Mother:        Sarah HARTLEY (bap. 1789,        )

Spouse:   Rebecca Durham COCKERILL
Baptism:       24 Mar 1824    Banbury
Death:         __ Apr 1889    Neithrop
Burial:        10 Apr 1889    Neithrop
Father:        Robert COCKERILL (b. 1791,       )
Mother:        Eleanor LINELL   (bap. 1789,     )

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