The Ashbys of Tysoe, Joseph Ashby (1801-bef 1862), Steve Milton
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Steve Milton

Joseph Ashby (1801-bef 1862)

Joseph Ashby & Ann Bennet' family tree

Joseph Ashby & Ann Bennet's family tree

Within "Joseph Ashby of Tysoe", this Joseph is for some reason called "John".

Joseph, an agricultural labourer, married Ann Bennet (1801-1860) in 1830.

"John [i.e. Joseph] refused to earn wages from a single employer for long at a time. He sometime helped his cousin Robert who had a modest nursery garden and sold plants to farmers wives [Robert Harris, son of Elizabeth Harris nee Ashby?]. He liked best jobs that used his intelligence; just now kept accounts, did business, and fed the home stock morning and evening for a neighbouring farmer grown old and sick."

John also engaged in poaching, taking sardonic amusement by poaching on the farms of the Middletons who had foreclosed the mortgage, and of their wealthier Ashby relatives.

"Cattle maimers and landlord-haters"

From "Joseph Ashby of Tysoe": "Worse than all that - a more violent colour in the family aura - had there not been an Ashby member of a gang of cattle-maimers, landlord haters in the thirties of the century?" If so, then it was probably Joseph or his father Robert.

By 1830, a spate of riots and acts of incendiarism that had started in southern England had spread westward and northward. The riots were a culmination of dissatisfaction with administration of parish poor relief, and with the redundancy situation. Other factors, too, could add to resentment, such as the enclosure of common lands, or the great desire to take vengeance against unpopular local figures.

There were riots in Banbury in 1830. In 1834 there are records of incendiarism in Bodicote, Brailes and Deddington.

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