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Dolores Maycock-Jones

During the 1970's two people interested in the Maycock name did considerable research, and put together the information below from which I am continuing the search. The late Norman Maycock Goodger from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada spent considerable time in England. While not directly connected to our family (as far as we can determine at this point) he compiled much information about our family. The other person to whom credit must be given is the late John Charles Maycock from McLean, Virginia, USA. He was a grandson of the third brother William Maycock who emigrated to and lived in Essex County, Ontario, Canada, and whose remaining descendants all live in the USA. John Maycock also made many trips to England to find his roots.

Variations of the name found so far are MACOCK, MAKECOCK, MEACOCK, MAKCOCK

(Speculation is that the first Maycock ancestor who settled in England was in the army of William the Conqueror.)

From their efforts I can say with fair certainty that the following is my direct lineage:

In our beginnings (as far as research has taken us to date), in the village of Fenny Compton, there was William Meacocke who was married to Isabella Unknown, about 1600.

They begat
Richard Meacocke, about 1627, who married Sarah Unknown.
        They lived in Fenny Compton.

They begat
Thomas Maycock, about 1665, who married Ann Unknown.
        They lived in Fenny Compton.

They begat
Francis Maycock on March 28, 1692, who married
        Ann Whitehead on May 17, 1719.
        They lived in Fenny Compton.

They begat
William Maycock on April 20, 1720, who married
        Elizabeth Brown on November 3, 1747.
        They lived in Fenny Compton.

They begat
John Maycock on August 30, 1761, who married
        Mary Pettipher on December 20, 1784.
        They lived in Gaydon.

They begat
John Maycock on October 5, 1788, who married
        Catherine Norton, from Neithrop.
        They lived in Banbury.

They begat
Richard Maycock on May 20, 1820
        (emigrated to Canada during the 1840's)
John Maycock on March 2, 1823
        (an unknown quantity-can find no information
        about him after his birth)
James Maycock on September 23, 1826
        (emigrated with Richard-he is my gg-grandfather)
William Maycock on March 28, 1830
        (died 6 months later)
Joseph Maycock on December 25, 1832
        (remained in Banbury)
William Maycock on November 19, 1839
        (emigrated to Canada in 1859)

Joseph MAYCOCK and his Descendants

1. Joseph Maycock B. 1832 D. January 23, 1915 Banbury.
   + Eliza Tombs B. 1831 First wife. D. March 9, 1887 Banbury.
        2. James Richard Maycock B. Abt. 1857 D. 1926 Railway Porter
           +  Susan Harris B. Abt. 1860
                3. Susan Maycock B. Abt 1881
                    + Unknown Manistre
                        4. John A. Manistre
                3. William Joseph Maycock B. Abt. 1888
                3. Katherine Maycock B. Abt. 1890
                3. Ellen Maycock B. Abt. 1894
                3. James R. Maycock B. Abt 1896
        2. Joseph Maycock B. December 25, 1859 Banbury D. 1883
            + Mary Ann Hayward B. Abt. 1860
                3. William James Maycock B. December 26, 1883 Banbury
                    + Dorothy Evelyn Medcraft B. Abt. 1885 D. Before 1941
                        4. James Eric Maycock B. July 23, 1913 St. Clements
                            + Dorothie Elsie Riddle B. Abt 1915 M. St. Pancras
                                5. Roger Maycock
                                5. Unknown daughter
                        4. Ronald George Maycock B. May 14, 1915 St. Clements
                           + Minnie Thackray (nee Daniels) B. Abt. 1915
                                5. Elaine Hayward Maycock
                        4. Geoffrey William Maycock B. Abt 1917
                        4. Anthony Maycock B. Abt 1919
        2. Eliza Maycock B. Abt 1863 Banbury
           + Unknown Letts
        2. Sarah Ann Maycock B. Abt. 1865 Banbury Died July 28, 1877 Banbury
        2. Catherine Maycock B. Abt. 1871
    + Dinah Curtis B. 1832   Second wife. No children.

Contributed by Dolores Maycock-Jones

Anyone with information about any of the Maycocks of Banbury or specifically about Joseph Maycock and his descendants please contact Dolores at mdjdlm(@)