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David Judd


Following on from a most successful visit to New College Archives on Monday 13 February 2006, I can advise further details and Lineage on my ancestor, Isaac Judd of Adderbury.

I now know that his wife was Anne or Anna THACKER, the daughter of one Ursula Thacker. (Oxfordshire Records office reference M1/1/D52/1 Court Roll dated 27 October 1704). I have a burial for an Ursula Thacker on 13 January 1708/9 (widow) of Adderbury, I also have a burial for a Thomas Thacker on 12 April 1703 in Adderbury and I believe Thomas and Ursula were husband and wife (Adderbury Parish records).

From Adderbury Manorial Court Records dated 18 February 1720 (New College Oxford reference NCA 3794) Isaack Judd is clearly shown as being of Adderbury and a Cordwayner (Cordwainer = Shoemaker). From other Court records obtained by me some years ago from Oxford records office I knew Isaac had been in possession of a shop, but was unsure as to his occupation or what he traded in. (Oxfordshire Records office reference M1/1/D151/1 dated 4 November 1721). Knowing that he was a Cordwainer - Shoemaker, and had a shop, one can now get a better understanding that he must have been quite a capable individual. He would not only have manufactured shoes and boots from the special leather, Cordovan, but it is highly possible that he also made other leather goods like water pouches, bags, satchels etc. He also appears in the Adderbury Court as a Jurat or Juror from 1722 until 1732.(Various Court Roll material obtained from New College Archives, Oxford). I have not as yet been able to establish if Isaac employed any staff in his shop, but he may well have repaired the shoes and boots of the period that he manufactured.

From the baptism of Isaac in Adderbury on 14 July 1661 (Adderbury Parish records) we know that his father was a Thomas Judd, unfortunately we do not know the name of his mother but from research work so far undertaken I have two possibilities, a Margaret and a Bridget Judd, the former is probably more likely, research is ongoing in this area.

My advice to fellow Genealogists or Family Historians is this, "never give up on your ancestors, they are out their somewhere waiting to be discovered" It has taken me the best part of 12 to 15 years to find most of the above information and what a feeling it is after all those years of drought.

If anyone has any THACKER family they would like to share with me, I would be happy to receive it, David Judd

David Judd
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