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David Judd


Following several years in depth research looking for more material on Isaac Judd (Judg), I can now include the following details regarding his children and descendants. Details will be listed in order of birth/baptism and any comments or criticisms regarding these details would be welcomed. As far as possible, these details are correct at time of writing.

  1. Ann(e) Judd baptised on 1 February 1702 at Adderbury East in Oxfordshire. Ann married a Robart/Robert Easly (Easley) at Adderbury on 5 March 1727/8, Robert Easly as far as can be ascertained was of Davington in Kent and was baptised on 21 March 1704 to Robert and Barbera Easly. Robert and his wife Ann had a son John Easly baptised on 26 December 1728 at Adderbury, sadly for him his parents were not able to see him grow up as Robert his father died and was buried on 26 January 1729/30 at Adderbury, his mother died and was buried on 31 April 1730 also at Adderbury. John was probably looked after by close relatives as Easley family can be found in Banbury up to approximately late 18th century.

  2. Thomas Judd was baptised on 20 May 1704 at Adderbury East and married Ann(e) Beel/Beal on 30 October 1733 at Adderbury. Ann was baptised on 25 January 1705 in Banbury, the daughter of John Beale. I have two documents (Manorial Court Records) relating to Thomas Judd of Adderbury, one is dated 12 April 1734 and refers to Thomas surrendering his three lands of arable and one mower of meadow ground lying in Hillsend and Ffellmeades meadow, including common of pasture for one horse and one cow to be taken in the East within the said Manor of Adderbury. The second one refers to Thomas (Cordwainer) surrendering his cottage or tenement and shop situated in Adderbury the East which he lately purchased from James Terry and for the use and behoof of the Honourable General Peter Campbell Esq. Thomas and his wife Ann went on to have ten children, of which I am a direct descendant. Thomas died and was buried on 18 December 1755 in Adderbury, his wife Ann died and was buried two years later on 13 January 1757, again at Adderbury.

    For some reason for which I have not as yet established why, but there is a gap between the baptism of Thomas in 1704 and Isaac and Ann's next child baptised in January 1709 - 1710, it is possible they had another child away from Adderbury which I have as yet not located.

  3. John Judd baptised on 16 January 1709 - 1710 at Adderbury. John went on to marry a Margaret Rogers (born circa 1710) sometime between 24 July and 31 September 1732 (unable to establish exact details as the page in the PRs is torn and the Bishops Transcripts for this period have not survived) at Woodstock in Oxfordshire. Both John and Margaret are described as of Kirtlington, and it is here that Christopher Wren the father of Sir Christopher Wren is buried and where the Dashwood family had a residence. I have so far not been able to establish burials for this couple.

  4. Isaac Judd baptised on 10 March 1712/13 at Adderbury East and possibly died and buried soon after, no burial found to date.

  5. Isaac Judde baptised on 3 June 1716 at Adderbury and married an Ann Maio/Mayo on 22 October 1740 at Adderbury. Ann Mayo born circa 1715. During his life Isaac was elected as the Thirdborough for Adderbury in 1733 and again in 1736, a Thirdborough, Headborough, Borsholder, Reeve, or Tithingman was nothing more than a Parish Constable of the day. From the Poor Law records for Adderbury it appears Isaac Judd was given assistance from 5 March 1747 until 26 July 1748 when his wife was ill, on 26 July his wife is described as very ill. I have a burial for Isaac Judd on 14 April 1758 in Adderbury and so far have not found out what happened to his wife, whether she died after being poorly.

  6. William Jud was born on 22 February 1718/19 and baptised on 17 March 1718/19 in Adderbury East. William was married to Mary Prentis at Horley in Oxfordshire on 9 February 1739, Mary Prentis described as of Drayton, Oxford and born circa 1715. Mary was to die early and was buried on 25 December 1747 at Horley possibly after a difficult childbirth. William then married for a second time to a Rhoda Batchelor on 1 February 1750 in Banbury. William's occupations were Carrier, Farmer and Yeoman, his Will is dated 1 August 1783 (PROB 11/1107) and he was buried on 28 January 1783 at Horley. His wife Rhoda went on to live until she died and was buried on 30 November 1794 and was also buried at Horley, her Will is dated 21 May 1791. William and his first wife Mary had four children Simon (1740), Edward (1742), Elizabeth (1744) and William (1746), with his second wife Rhoda they had a further nine children, William (1750), Simon (1752), Sarah (1754), Richard (1756), Mary (?), Peggy (1757), Elizabeth (1760), Joseph (1763) and Richard Judd (1764). It is through this line of JUDD family that we have Judds the Carriers of Banbury, Mr Judd of the Corporation of Banbury, Gaoler of Banbury, Alderman, Councillor, Magistrate, builder, Husbandman, Esquire and Gentleman of Banbury. Further details can be provided if required on this Line of the family, but too numerous to list here.

Further work is being undertaken on this family by my self and with the help and assistance of Achievements in Canterbury, Kent and The College of Arms in London to prove further Lineage. Should anybody reading these details have any connections to the Easley/Easly, Rogers, Beel/Beal, Mayo/Maio, Prentis and or Batchelor family I would welcome correspondence with you and would be happy to exchange information. I would also welcome any information relating to or pertaining to Isaac and his wife Ann(e).

David Judd
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