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"What do we know about Isaac Judd and his life. . . . . . . . ? We know he was baptised at Adderbury East on 14 July 1661, his baptism had been transcribed from the badly worn and weathered originals as, "Isack son Thomas INDY bapt July 14 1661". We know from this that his father was Thomas. No mention of his mother, mores the shame.

Assuming that Isaac(k) married aged approximately 25 or thereabouts, he would have been married circa 1686 - 1690, the only marriage found so far if you can call it marriage details, are that his wife's name was Ann and they must have married approximately in April or May of 1700 - 1701 as they were having family from February 1702 onwards. Ann's maiden name is not known at this point in time, despite checking several marriage Indexes looking for their marriage, ie Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Warwickshire, Berkshire and Northamptonshire. Ann was their first born daughter bapt on 1 Feb 1702, followed by Thomas bapt in 1704, John bapt in 1709/1710, Isaac born, bapt and probably buried in 1712, Isaac bapt in 1716 and William Judd baptised on 17 March 1718 - 1719, all at Adderbury. It is from this William Judd that "Judds the Banbury Carriers" are descended. It is possible another child may have been born, baptised and buried as there is a gap in between Thomas (1704) and John (1709 - 1710), but so far nothing has been found.

JUDD family tree

The JUDD Family Tree

We also have a reference to a Manorial Court record for Adderbury dated 4 November 1721 which refers to Isaac and Ann Judd.

From this document reference is made to a "messuage, tenement, outhouses, shop, two gardens foreyard and backyard, and all other appurtences....... In exchange for one messuage or tenement with the barns backside garden part of orchard as the same is now mounded out from the other part thereof by a wall."

From this document it would appear possibly that Isaac and Ann were swopping a property, outhouses, shop, gardens and other things for another property with barns, garden and orchard, seeking a quieter life and retiring from the running of the shop.

From Adderbury Parish records we know that the wife of Isaac was buried on 6 March 1730 at Adderbury, this was confirmed in the Adderbury Court Leet records dated 23 October 1730:

"We present that Ann Judd wife of Isaac Judd died seized of three lands and a mower of meadow ground one horse common one cow common in Adderbury and find her son Thomas next heir"

No reference has been found to date for the death or burial of Isaac, so his marriage(s) and burial remain a mystery.

I have lots more information on the JUDD(e) family if anyone is interested and would welcome any comments, feedback or help in finding Isaac Judd's marriage(s) and his death or burial.

For information about the Descendants of Isaac and Ann Judd of Adderbury, follow this link.

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