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Brailes, Warwickshire; Adderbury, Oxfordshire & Ontario, Canada

James HONE

Born: August 21,1890 - Adderbury East OXON
Parents: Henry HONE, Innkeeper and Sarah Anne Green COLLINS

The Red Lion Adderbury

The Red Lion Adderbury, Oxfordshire, UK

Here my father entered the world. He would carry with him all his years the expectation of acting properly and being British. His military training added to this vision of himself, order and cleanliness were his watchwords. He had a delicious sense of humour and loved children.

Sarah Ann Green COLLINS about 1914

Sarah Ann Green COLLINS
about 1914
Born 1862 Leighton Buzzard

1891 Census: Adderbury East

The Red Lion, Adderbury
Henry HONE head 60 Innkeeper Warwickshire Brailes
Sarah A HONE wife 28   Beds Linslade
Thomas HONE son 27   Oxon Swerford
James HONE son


  Oxon Adderbury
Charlotte B MALINGS grandau 14   Oxon Deddington
Joseph PRUE boarder 28 groom Warks Radway


Henry HONE died at the age of 68, October 18, 1898. Cardiac disease, mitral obstruction some years, dropsy 4 months, exhaustion. Occupation : Job Master.

My father's oral history of the death was that Henry had been riding and fell from the horse and broke his leg. He said that Henry's boot had to be cut from his leg because of the swelling (that could have been the dropsy).

Photographs of Henry HONE's grave at Adderbury, can be found here.


Sarah married Robert BARNES July 24, 1899 at Adderbury East. Robert widower aged 45 years and Sarah widow 37 years. Witnesses Wm J FRENCH and Joseph SLADE

1900 August 28 John BARNES born to Robert BARNES and Sarah Ann Green BARNES, Souldern, Oxfordshire. Robert innkeeper, The Bull's Head (though I believe Sarah ran the pub)

1901 Census: Shackerstone Village, Leicestershire

Robert BARNES head 48 years farm labourer Warks Cherrington
Sarah A G BARNES wife 38 years   Beds Leighton Buzzard
Emily A BARNES dau 19 years general servant Oxon Souldern
James HONE stepson 10 years schoolboy Oxon Adderbury
Henry HONE stepson 8 years schoolboy Oxon Adderbury
Catherine C HONE stepdau 6 years scholar Oxon Adderbury
John BARNES son 8 mo   Oxon Souldern
James HONE aged 19

James HONE


The world was harsh for this little family. By 1905 Robert BARNES and Catherine HONE had both died. Robert in a Workhouse of Tuberculosis (1 year), Catherine from Heart Failure due to severe gastric catarrh. Sarah at the time of Robert BARNES death was 6 months pregnant with William BARNES, her last child, born 1905, Shackerstone Leicestershire

Henry HONE about 1914

Henry HONE about 1914
born 1893 died 1917
Lac St. Edouard Quebec WW1


1907 September Oral history from Margaret BREEN Keller marriage Sarah Ann Green COLLINS (late EVANS, late HONE, late BARNES) to Michael Anthony BREEN at Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.

My father's schooling stopped when he left England and always stated proudly that he was self-educated.

Through Rev Quartermain, Renfrew, a marriage was arranged to Michael Anthony BREEN, widower and farmer Clontarf Renfrew County. Mick had 2 children. Thomas BREEN and Mary BREEN. The only substantiation of this marriage is a newspaper clipping of Mick's death 1944 stating his 2 wives and the dates of their marriages. The Anglican parish of St. Clement's, Clontarf missing records.

My father did not take well to the "backwood's life" as he called it. He was a lumberjack and worked hard labour. He eventually moved to Ottawa and became a groomsman to a man called Thomas Butterworth who saw intelligence in him. He encouraged my father to join the Royal Canadian Medical Corps. My father attained rank of Sergeant Major and was a dispenser by trade. Thirty-three years military service.

1911 Census is partly transcribed and when complete I think will find the family in Quebec City, Quebec. The family also lived (before my birth) in Torryburn, New Brunswick during my older siblings childhoods.

1913 May 29

Marriage of James HONE to Lily BROXUP at Chalmers Church, 67 St Julian St., Quebec City, Quebec
Occupation: soldier
Witnesses: P.J.Muise, Lillian J. Muise

James HONE circa 1914 - World War 1

James HONE circa 1914 - World War 1

James Henry Collins HONE (Harry) & Eunice Vera Patricia HONE (Vera)

James Henry Collins HONE (Harry) &
Eunice Vera Patricia HONE (Vera) 1930s
Torryburn, New Brunswick, Canada

James HONE

James HONE


birth James Henry Collins HONE Dec 1


enrolled Canadian Expeditionary Force WW1


birth March 26 1917 Douglas HONE South Leeds Yorkshire England


birth Eunice Vera Patricia HONE Quebec City Quebec


death of Sarah Ann Green COLLINS BREEN at Clontarf, Ontario CANADA generously nursed through her final illness (cancer) by Laura Valikett BREEN wife of her stepson Thomas BREEN


death of Sgt Douglas HONE RCAF England Menylcoccis Meningitis


RETIRED rank of Sergeant Major W.O.1


1914-15 Star, Gen Service Medal, Victory Medal, Long Service Medal and Good Conduct. See military records.


Nov 5 death of Lily Broxup HONE. Oral history Liver cancer.

My sister, Vera Hone SHORE, said that my father was lost without Lily. Vera introduced him to the then Elizabeth GILL a widow who Vera had rented a house from at 162 Wharncliffe Road. They were compatible and married 1944. Unfortunately Elizabeth's sons Jack GILL and Hugh GILL resented their mother marrying “an old man”. It took many years for this to be resolved but eventually their children started calling him "Grandpa Jim" and they accepted him as being good for their mother.


James HONE married Elizabeth Sophia GILMOUR at Toronto Ontario Nov 13 1944
Witnesses Camilla MENZIES (sister of Elizabeth)
Alexander MENZIES (husband of Camilla)

James HONE and Elizabeth Sophia GILMOUR

James HONE and Elizabeth Sophia GILMOUR, 1944


Elizabeth Kathleen Collins HONE - baby pictures

Baby pictures of
Kathleen HONE


Kathleen HONE 2004

Elizabeth Kathleen Collins HONE born at St. Joseph's Hospital, London Ontario October 15 1945

My father worked part time at many jobs after his retirement. From my memory, he was a green's keeper at a bowling green club, maintenance at Minshall Organ Co. and also at the C.O.D. Central Ordinance Depot(a branch of the army).

1961 December 15

James HONE died at Westminster Army Hospital, London, Ontario, of renal failure.
He was 71 years old; I was 16.

James & Lily HONE

in memory of
Died Nov 5 1943 aged 51 years
beloved wife of
James HONE, S.M. W.O.1. R.C.A.M.C.
died Dec 15 1961 aged 71 years
their son
Sgt Douglas HONE R.C.A.F.
died on active service July 5 1941
aged 23 years
buried in Brookwood, England

Elizabeth Sophia HONE

Elizabeth Sophia HONE
dear wife of
James HONE

James HONE

Staff Sergeant W.O.1.
C.A.M.C.   C.E.F.
15 Dec 1961 age 71

I am writing a biography of my grandmother Sarah Ann Green COLLINS on my blog, which can be found by folllowing this link.

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