Some WALKERs and their Descendants, Banbury, Oxfordshire
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Banbury, Oxfordshire

I have William WALKER, born abt 1820 at Islip, Oxfordshire married Mary Ann RANDLE 12 June 1842 in Banbury, Oxfordshire, and had children
-William Henry WALKER (1843)
-Robert George WALKER (1846)
-Charles Randle WALKER (1850)
-Mary Ann WALKER (1853)
Wife Mary Ann RANDLE WALKER buried 12 JAN 1858

William WALKER then married Elizabeth WHITE in Banbury or Neithrop, Oxfordshire 6 Nov 1859 and had children
-Frederick James WALKER 20 Jan 1860
-Walter Wallis or Wallace WALKER Nov 1861
-Francis John (Frank) WALKER 1862
-Elizabeth Jane WALKER 1868
-William (Willie) WALKER Mar 1870

William WALKER died in Jul 1869
Wife Elizabeth then married James DEEMING

See also: Three Pigeons Public House, Banbury

James DEEMING had children
-Samuel DEEMING 1860
-James DEEMING 1864
-Ada DEEMING 1865

James & Elizabeth then had Arthur J DEEMING in 1873

Descendents of William WALKER & Elizabeth WHITE continued when Frederick James WALKER married Margaret Jane JOHNSON of Chester. This is my great grandparents with many descendents.

Walter married Emma and had daughters Beatrice WALKER 1889, and Emma WALKER 1890.

Frank married Rebecca PUTT of Freeland and had daughter Minnie WALKER 1887 and son Frank WALKER 1897.

Elizabeth Jane married Samuel CHADWICK and during WW1 lived on Farm St., Handsworth, Birmingham. They had sons Frederick CHADWICK 1891, Arthur M 1894, James CHADWICK 1897, and Francis 1899.

There must be descendents out there somewhere. Anyone researching any of these lines?

Linda Goble
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