Hubert Henry FLOWERS 2nd from Banbury, Oxfordshire - Hubert F. FLOWERS
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Hubert Henry FLOWERS 2nd
   b. March 24 1888 35 Church Lane, Banbury, Oxfordshire, England
   son of Hubert and Madeline FLOWERS
   d. nk

   Spouse 1:  Margaret MONTAGUE
   b. Dec 1894
   Hoboken, New Jersey
   married: 16 March 1926 Manhattan, New York City
   died 1929 aged 34

   Child of Margaret and Hubert
   Madeline FLOWERS
   born 15 October 1927 New York City

   Spouse 2:  Florence May HAY
   born 11 September 1914 Shaftsbury, Vermont
   married 9 March 1931 St. Luke Church of England, Mechanicville, New York
   died July 1955 aged 40

   child of Hubert and Florence
   Hubert Fraser FLOWERS
   born 27 December 1931 Mechanicville, New York

   Spouse 3:  Estelle FRENCH
   born 1 April 1897 Canada
   married 18 Oct 1935 Manhattan, New York City
   died July 1971 aged 74 Queens, New York City

   Child of Hubert and Estelle:
   Robert Bruce FLOWERS
   born 19 March 1937 Manhattan, New York City
   died 18 August 1998 Far Rockaway, Queens, New York
   Veteran US Army Vietnam War
   Calverton National Cemetery, Long Island 

Hubert Fraser FLOWERS
   son of Hubert and Florence FLOWERS
   born December 27 1931 Mechanicville, New York

   Spouse 1:  Angela Rose PETTERGRASSO
   born 2 May 1935
   married November 1952

   Children of Hubert and Angela
   Hubert B FLOWERS  b. 1953
   Patricia A FLOWERS  b. 1955

   Spouse 2:  Ann M HOSE

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