Who is Mum's father?
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I was born at 140 Warwick Road, Banbury on 29 June 1944. My mother was born in Neithrop Hospital on 4 January 1915 and she is still alive. She never knew her father and in fact her mother Edith Lavinia BROOKES 1888-1981 never told her his name. All she has is the attached photo of him (original and restored version by 'Niksmum' on Rootschat) probably taken between 1910 and 1914 as a 'Carte de Visite' in Crown Studios, Bullring, Birmingham.

This is the photo probably taken between 1910 and 1914 as a 'Carte de Visite' in Crown Studios, Bullring, Birmingham.

Mum's father - who is he?

Who is he?

His name is not on her birth certificate.

The story - maybe true or not - is that he was from the Banbury area, worked for the GWR and travelled between Banbury and Snowhill, Birmingham, where he lodged with a family. He eventually married the daughter of this family. In the meantime he set up home in one of the terraced houses on the west side of North Bar with Edith. One story is that he bigamously married Edith but I can find no record of such a marriage. He was supposed to have died in WW1 and when Edith tried to get a widow's pension, she found that he was already married! My mother has a vague notion that he was from the Deacon or Deakin family who ran or owned Fox's chemist shops - Parsons Street and Bridge Street.

Another possibility is that his name was Morris (surname) or Maurice (first name).

Does anyone have any ideas how I can find out who he was?

Would there be a record of a maintenance order?

I have found a Deakin who worked for the GWR in Birmingham but he was from Worcester and there seems to be no connection with Banbury.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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