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Edited by Ian Huckin

The series: Before I Forget.....

These books are a set of three volumes of memories written by some of the members of the Banbury-Area Mailing List. Ian Huckin has collected, edited and published them.

"Great to read peoples memories. I think social history has been lost too much in the past. I think these books have bridged a gap for some .... people to put their memories in print. And about time too!!

Most people say they will write a book one day, and die before they do. I have done it, and now a number of other unpublished authors have had the chance to do the same."

These can be obtained directly from the editor: Ian Huckin
Priced at £3.95 per volume plus £1.50 postage and packing in the U.K, £3.50 Worldwide.

Any profits will go to the Katharine House Hospice, Adderbury

However there is a discount for members of the Banbury Area
Mailing List, e-mail Ian for details. 

Before I forget... Series                             0-954123-6-5
Before I forget... I had almost forgotten!  Volume 1  0-954123-7-3
Before I forget... I remember now!          Volume 2  0-954123-8-1
Before I forget... And I remember this too! Volume 3  0-954123-9-X