Eighty years a Claydonian and random lines and verses - Andrew F. Fox
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Andrew F. Fox

Published in 1999 this is a interesting account of life in the village of Claydon during the lifetime of the author. Andrew Fox was born in the village at the end of the Great War & lived the rest of his life there. In this book he describes in detail the layout of the village & who lived in almost every dwelling & the shops & trades that were an essential part of village life but which have now mostly disappeared.

Eighty years a Claydonian

The book also gives an impression of the daily life of the village during these years & the links with Banbury & the surrounding area.

Claydon could be regarded as the heart of Banburyshire since the boundaries of the three counties of Oxforshire, Northamptonshire & Warwickshire converge just near the village. The meeting point was marked by three stones one for each county & it was possible for a boy to stand on two stones & by touching the other could be thought of as being in three counties at the same time.

The post war years saw the start of a revolution in rural living & Andrew Fox describes how the changes impacted on village life.

Andrew concludes with some favourite random lines & verses of various authors to end the book.

Family history seekers will find the names of many of the villagers are recorded with their location & their occupations.

Publised 1999 at the Butlin Farm, Claydon, Banbury OX17 1EP
isbn 0 9536362 0 8

Reviewed by Vic Taylor