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The DAY's of Over

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Reason DAY 1844-1887


The Day family came from Cambridgeshire. Reason Day, born 1754, married Mary Hart in Over on 16th March 1773. The entire family was born and raised there. Then Reason Day, Jr. married Ann Cooper in Bluntisham cum Earith in 1805 and they moved to the parish of Over where they are buried.

William Day was born in the parish of Over, the son of Reason Day Jnr. and Ann (nee Cooper), on 26th December, 1812, the grandson of Rezin Day and Mary (nee Hart). He emigrated when he was grown and went to New York. He outlived all his children and only had grandchildren when he died on 8th September 1898 in Delavan, Tazewell County, Illinois. The photographs are of his two sons, Samuel Day 1838 -1897, and Reason Day 1844-1887, both were born in Lockport, New York. The name Reason was used in several generations spelt as Rezin, Rezen and Reason. Samuel Day died in January 1897 in Mississippi County, Missouri. Reason Day died in Brantford, Kansas in 1887. Samuel and Reason invented the riding cultivator and sold the rights to a farm implement company. This is written in the Delavan newspaper in 1879 and also written in an old history of Tazewell County, Illinois.

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Samuel DAY 1838-1897


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