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Welcome to our family history pages. On this page are just a few of the names that we have researched, each represents a question to be solved.  We hope you will find something here to help you. If you have any information to add please contact us. 


Bullet The first ALBERSON that we can document with certainty was Martha ALBERSON, who is my 3rd Great Grandmother. She was  born about 1793 and died between 1830-1835 in Emanuel county, Georgia.  She married Daniel OVERSTREET on 12 July 1810 in Montgomery county, Georgia.  We believe that her father was Joseph ALBERSON.
Bullet On 3 January 1826 Martha OVERSTREET applied for letters of administration on the estate of Daniel OVERSTREET deceased, Bond dated 6 February 1826.  On Martha marriage record  her name is spelled ALLBRITTON We need to find Martha's parents.


Bullet My earliest documented BUCK is my grandfather Frederick Eugene BUCK who was born 10 October 1860 in either Predo/Credo? West Virginia and died on the 24th of November 1924 in South Jacksonville, Florida. He adopted my father.
Bullet Fred BUCK was a dentist and had his office in the Grand Union Hotel in Jacksonville, Florida.  He was an officer in the Florida Dental Society and also a member of the Children's Home Society from which he adopted my father.  His death certificate lists his father as Lorenzo BUCK and his mother as Octovia GILMORE of Turner, Maine. He married Ida Elizabeth Jane TOTMAN who was born on 3 March 1861 in Topsham, Maine. Her line goes back to the earliest colonist in New England. We need to find out about Lorenzo and Octovia.


Bullet The earliest COWART (COWARD) we have is Sir William COWARD my 7th Great Grandfather.  His son John was born about 1690 in Wells, Somerset, England. John came with his father from England in 1697 and resided in Albermarle Sound, North Carolina in the late 1600.  He was a plantation owner and married Elizabeth GRIFFIN. 
Bullet Most of the COWARD/COWART descendants in Georgia are descended from the above couple and some of them were in Georgia as early as 1789.  The spelling of the name seemed to change when they moved to Georgia.


Bullet My 3rd Great Grandfather was Robert GRAHAM who was born 20 August 1818 in Mississippi on the Louisiana line.  He was married in Natchitoches, Louisiana (according to family lore) to Ruth SMITH born on 15 December 1813 in either Kentucky or Mississippi.  she was reputed to be a Trappers daughter.
Bullet There is a family tradition that three GRAHAM brothers came into the states and settled around the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  One of the brothers named William (the father of the above Robert) went to Mississippi. One brother went to Wisconsin and the third went to Texas. We need to find William and also Robert's mother.


Bullet Elizabeth HEISE is the Great Grandmother of Ed  and was born about 1820 in a little town called Adl. Hutung, in West Prussia (now Poland).  Her father was Michael Jacob HEISE(HEYSE) born abt 1795.  Elizabeth married Carl Ludwig MIX.  They had eight children.  Carl died of Pneumonia and the family moved to Hamburg, Germany and eventually all emigrated to America with the exception of Frederich (Fritz) who had Tuberculosus..  He remained with his sister Ottilie and her husband Jurgen TIMM..
Bullet Elizabeth was blind.  The problem here is where did Michael Jacob HEISE live before West Prussia and who was Elizabeth's mother?


Bullet John Henry McLAUGHLIN, my Great Grandfather was born 1 Apr 1837 in Columbia, South Carolina.  He was a Civil war Veteran and was with Lee at the surrender at Appomattox Court House, Virginia.
Bullet He married Victoria (Ellie) OVERSTREET in 1867 at Kissimmee, Florida and is buried in Shingle Creek Cemetery in Kissimmee.  He has a Veterans Headstone.  Our question is who were his parents?


Bullet Johann Friedrich MIX was born about 1795.  He is Ed's 2x great grandfather. Johann was a Miller in Toyotner, a town in West Prussia.  We know nothing more about him.  His son, Carl Ludwig MIX was born about 1822 in Zarzar-Hutung in Prussia, he was also a Miller.This man was married to the above mentioned Elizabeth HEISE.  We would like to know where the family were before this time.
Bullet Carl Ludwig (the above Carl's son) was born 3 December 1857 in Brahnau, Bombergstad, West Prussia. He was a Master Mason.. We have copies of his German papers called "Wundership" where he traveled and worked for a number of Master Masons and they signed his papers making him a Master Mason.. This man was married toHilda SCHEIBE and emigrated with his family to America.


Bullet The earliest OVERSTREET we can be sure of is Daniel OVERSTREET born in 1793 in South Carolina, who married Martha ALBERSON on 12 July 1810 in Montgomery county, Georgia. He died about 1825 in Emanuel county, Georgia.
Bullet It is believed that his father was Daniel OVERSTREET  born in 1765 who married Eleanor "Nelly" who might be Indian. We do not have a positive source for the children of this couple.  This man's father and grandfather were Henrys. Henry Sr. came with Oglethorpe to settle Georgia and was an Indian trader..


Bullet Ed's grandmother Hilda SCHEIBE had stated that she was descended from nobility, but no one believed it. While researching this family in the Swedish records there was a child whose baptism was attended by a Duke and many Counts and Countesses.  From that child the line quickly led to most of the nobility of Europe and going back to CHARLEMAGNE..
Bullet Hilda's grandfather was Count Alexander SCHEIBE and during his lifetime the King of Sweden recended all titles that were based on other European titles.


Bullet My father's birth name was Fletcher WICKER and he was born on 11 July 1899 in Alachua county, Florida.  His mother was Alice May WICKER. He was placed for adoption when he was four years old at the Children's Home Society in Jacksonville, Florida.  He was adopted by Frederick Eugene Buck, a dentist..
Bullet We are still searching for any trace of Alice May WICKER.
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