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Welcome to the EHI home page. Genealogy is an ongoing project so this site will be periodically updated as I develop new information. Most of the pages will load quickly;  however, some of the family tree charts are slow loaders (20-30 seconds) so have patience.  I think you will agree that they are worth the wait.  There are probably some errors and omissions in the data.  If you find any, let me know.  I also need more stories, photographs, and family legends so send them too. 

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At the present time this site is divided into seven main divisions as shown in the table below.  The first four are the family history sections: one for each of my grandparents.  There are also a Document Section, a Research History section and a Family Trees Section 


Isaacson Family History

Moshontz Family History

Smith Family History

Nagel Family History



Family Trees

Research History Section


Documents Section







The Family Trees section contains some descendent charts.  You should use them as a guide to orient yourself as you discover your family roots.     

The History Sections are arranged generation by generation.  Each family history has an index.


Isaacson      The history of the Isaacson family now begins with Zusman Isaacson and continues for seven generations.

Smith          The history of the Smith family begins with Szaja Zelcman (Smith) and continues for nine generations.  There was a name change; the original name was Zelcman.  Somewhere along the line Simon Zelcman became Simon Smith.  Simon Smith was married twice to two sisters whose maiden name was Gotferstein.  The history of the Gotferstein family is located in the Research History Section.  The latest discovery is Jacob Smiths wife’s maiden name. It is Szmulson. The history of the Szmuelson Family is located in the Research History Section.    There is also another branch of the Smith family who are descended from Hirst 'the elder" Smith. The known link is through the marriage of Guty Zelcman and Mortchel Smith. This history is located in the Research History Section

Nagel           The history of the Nagel family begins with Jacob Joseph Nagel and continues for five generations.  
We have connected with a new branch in South America.

Moshontz    The history of the Moshontz family begins with Benjamin Moshontz and continues for seven generations..  New documents from Poland concerning Jacob Moshontz have been found.  They indicate that Jacob Moshontz had five children not the three previously known.  They are in the process of being acquired and translated.  

The Document Section contains some interesting artifacts.

The Research History Section contain the Gotferstein, the Schmuelson and the Hirst "the elder" Smith family histories.

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