Medford Caffey Family


Medford Caffey Family

Husband: Medford Caffey

Born: Abt 1795at: , , NC
Married: 01 Jun 1820at: , Rutherford Co, Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Mother: Ruth Unknown

Wife: Rutha Ann Yardley

Born: Abt 1804at: , , NC
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 


Name: Thomas A Caffey
Born: Abt 1821at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Mary Eliza Dunn  

Name: James N Caffey
Born: Abt 1823at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Sarah Unknown  

Name: Mary M Caffey
Born: 04 Aug 1830at: , , Tn
Died: 25 Jul 1854at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Anderson Milburn Lyon  

Name: Parintha Caffey
Born: Abt 1831at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: Medford F Caffey
Born: Abt 1835at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Martha Unknown  

Name: Lidia E Caffey
Born: Abt 1838at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: S Adaline Caffey
Born: Abt 1840at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: Isabel Caffey
Born: Abt 1842at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: J C Caffey
Born: Abt 1845at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: Lydia Caffey
Born: Abt 1852at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: Hannah Caffey
Born: Abt 1852at: , , Tn
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

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About the Medford Caffey Family:

Issues May 27, 1820

About Medford Caffey:

Home in 1870: District 23, Rutherford, Tennessee
Medford Caffey 74
Ruth Caffey 66
Lydia Caffey 18
John Church 21
Joseph Petty 19
Hannah Caffey 18

Home in 1860: Yansie, Rutherford, Tennessee
Medford Cather 64
Retha Cather 56
M F Cather 22
L E Cather 18
S A Cather 15
J C Cather 14
Joseph Petty 8
Thom Petty 6
F Shappard 22

1850 United States Federal Census
about Medford Coffee
Name: Medford Coffee
Home in 1850(City,County,State): Yourees, Rutherford, Tennessee
Medford Coffer 55
Ruthy Coffer 68 ( s/b 48?)
Thomas Coffer 29
James Coffer 27
Parintha Coffer 19
Mary M Coffer 17
Medford Coffee 15
Lidia Coffee 12
Adaline Coffee 10
Isabel Coffee 8

War of 1812 Service Records
Medford Caffey

Rank - Induction: TRUMPETER
Rank - Discharge: TRUMPETER
Roll Box: 32
Roll Exct: 602

33d Congress, 2d Session
H. R. 642
Report No. 25
January 11, 1855
Read a first and second time, committed to a Committee of the Whole House, made the order of the day for tomorrow, and ordered to be printed.

Mr. Ready, by unanimous concent, from the Committee of Claims, reported the following bill:
For the relief of Medfor Caffey, of the State of Tennessee.
Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, that the Secretary of the Treasury cause to be paid to Medford Caffey, of the State of Tennessee, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of one hundred and six dollars, in full compensation for his horse and equippage lost in the Seminole campaign of eighteen hundred and eighteen.

About Rutha Ann Yardley:

Home in 1880: District 23, Rutherford, Tennessee
Ruthy A. Caffy 76
L. E. Caffy 39 , daughter
Thos. Lyon 22 , g son
Wm. Nisbeth 22 , ?
Hanah Ewing 28 , Servant

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