Andrew Jackson Caffey Family


Andrew Jackson Caffey Family

Husband: Andrew Jackson Caffey

Born: 21 Aug 1826at: , , Al
Married: 17 Oct 1865at: Louisiana
Died: 14 Apr 1905at: Brownwood, Brown Co, Tx
Buried: at: Caffey Cemetery Mercer's Gap, Comanche Co, Tx
Father: William Hooper Caffey
Mother: Mary (Shellcoat) Shelcott
Other Spouses: Caroline Cornelia Graves  

Wife: Alice Spell

Born: 18 Apr 1844at: , , La
Died: 31 Oct 1934at: Hermleigh, Scurry Co, Tx
Buried: at: 
Father: William Spell
Mother: Eliza Davis


Name: Mary Eugenia (Mollie) Caffey
Born: 04 Sep 1866at: Keatchie, DeSoto Parish, La
Died: 18 Apr 1950at: Tuscola, Taylor Co, Tx
Buried: at: Abilene, Taylor Co, Tx
Spouses: Edward Allen Boles  

Name: Andrew Jackson (Jim) Caffey Jr.
Born: 03 Aug 1868at: Keatchie, DeSoto Parish, La
Died: 23 Apr 1950at: Strong City, Roger Mills Co, Ok
Buried: at: Strong City Cemetery, Roger Mills Co, Ok
Spouses: Myrtle Mae Kepley  

Name: Edgar Caffey
Born: 1870at: , , La
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: William Spell Caffey
Born: 05 Feb 1870at: , , La
Died: 17 Dec 1966at: Hermleigh, Taylor Co, Tx
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Ida Floy Wells  

Name: Robert Preston Caffey
Born: 03 Feb 1874at: Keatchie, DeSoto Parish, La
Died: 14 Jan 1955at: Sidney, Comanche Co, Tx
Buried: at: Pendergrass Cemetery, Sidney, Tx
Spouses: Mary Ina Weaver  

Name: Earnest Lee Caffey
Born: 17 Jan 1876at: , , La
Died: 03 May 1880at: 
Buried: at: 

Name: Albert Sidney Caffey
Born: 13 Jan 1880at: , Comanche Co, Tx
Died: 20 Feb 1946at: Pomona, Los Angeles Co, Ca
Buried: at: Pomoma Cemetery, Los Angeles Co, Ca
Spouses: Roxie Dora Jacoby  

Name: Alice Minnie Caffey
Born: 13 Jan 1880at: , Comanche Co, Tx
Died: 29 Apr 1920at: Fluvanna, , Tx
Buried: at: Fluvanna, Tx, Scurry Co,
Spouses: Thomas Jefferson Townsend  William Samuel Boatman  

Name: Jessie Maude Caffey
Born: 29 Mar 1882at: , , Tx
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Lewis Jonothan (Laz) Layton  

Name: Alex Rugely Caffey
Born: 1884at: 
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 

More Information:

About Andrew Jackson Caffey:

Home in 1850(City,County,State): Lowndes, Lowndes, Alabama
A J Caffey 23
Caroline Caffey 21

About Alice Spell:

Name: Alice Spell Caffey
Death date: 31 Oct 1934
Death place: Hermliiigh, Scurry, Texas
Gender: Female
Race or color (on document): white
Age at death: 90 years 6 months 13 days
Birthdate: 18 Apr 1844
Birthplace: La.
Marital status: Widowed
Father's name: William Spell
Father's birthplace: La.
Occupation: Retired Housewife
Residence: Scurry Co, Texas
Burial place: Hermliegh
Burial date: 01 Nov 1934

When Alice Spell Caffey moved into the Caffey family home in 1865, after marrying Mr. Caffey, she brought with her several negro servants to help take care of her ready- made family. However, shortly thereafter, she awakened one morning to find that all of her help had departed during the night. Supposedly, Alice had never combed her own hair, dressed herself, cooked OR done any of the household chores. These tasks had always been done for her by the family's negro servants. This information was supplied by Stewart Caffey.
Alice moved into her son William Spell Caffey's home in 1907. She lived there until her death on October 31, 1934 at 90 years of age. Cody (grandson) remember's her rocking in her rocking chair, doing needle work and singing.
Cause of Death: senility and sudden heart failure

About Earnest Lee Caffey:

Notes from Stewart Caffey say: at the time of Earnst's death, the family was out in the field picking cotton and he was sent from the house to the field with a jug of cool water for those working in the field. He was sick by the time he arrived, and died shortly thereafter. Family lore says that he stopped along the way and ate some berries from a bush and that he probably swallowed a spider with the berries.

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