Homer Caffey Family


Homer Caffey Family

Husband: Homer Caffey

Born: 13 Dec 1882at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Married: 25 May 1904at: , Laclede Co, Mo
Died: 22 Feb 1971at: 
Buried: at: 
Father: Francis Marion (Frank) Caffey
Mother: Sarah Hughart

Wife: Mary M. Hawkins

Born: Abt 1888at: , , Mo
Died: 19 Oct 1960at: 
Buried: at: 
Father: Isham Hawkins
Mother: Madora Unknown


Name: Blanche Caffey
Born: Abt 1906at: , , Mo
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Emmett Gourley  

Name: Ruth Caffey
Born: Abt 1908at: , , Mo
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Luther Rhoten  

Name: Ammon V Caffey
Born: 26 Nov 1923at: 
Died: 25 Sep 1997at: , , Ks
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Dorothy Unknown  

Name: Ruby Caffey
Born: at: 
Died: at: 
Buried: at: 
Spouses: Paul Dragoo  

More Information:

About Homer Caffey:

1910 Census Union Twp., Laclede Co, Mo ED#49 sheet 9A

Quotation from "Lackede Co. History" (page 118):
"Homer was born in Laclede, December 13, 1882, parents Frank and Sarah Hugheart Caffey. He was born on his mothers birthday. His mother died when he was six years old and his father remarried. Homer left home at a very early age joined up with a work gang to go south to work in the cane fields, Also worked on river boats on Ms River.

He came back to Laclede Co. and married a childhood sweetheart, Mary Hawkins, daughter of Isham and Madora Hawkins. Their first home was in , Webster Co, Moved back to Laclede Co. and with the help of his father-in-law built a log house on land he owned. He loved to hunt and fish which helped to feed the family many times. He couldn't settle down in one place so sold out and moved to Brush Creek, bought and run a feed mill, Also worked on railroad some. The second daughter fell ill with dip theria. Homer called Dr. AL McComb in Lebanon. Dr. had a man in with a broken leg and advised Homer to bring his child in to office. Homer got a buggy and team of big red mules from his father and drove fast to Lebanon. Dr. gave the diptheria serum to daughter and she was better by morning. Homer felt like Dr., had saved his daughters life.

Again he had urge to move on, sold out and went to Pueblo, Colorado, worked in steel mill but his wife wasn't happy in Colorado so they came back to Laclede Co. and tried farming again, weren't happy farming, had sale and went back to Pueblo and worked in steel mills again, made good, bought 80 acres of land but his wife wanted to come back home. Homer traded his land for a farm in Missouri, bought a car, traveled to Missouri, followed the old Wire Road, camped out most of the way as towns and hotels were scarce. He tried farming again, wasn't satisfied, went to Phillipsburg and drove a mail truck from Phillipsburg to Buffalo, run the bus too, finally bought grocery store in Phillipsburg.

His widowed sister in Caney, Kansas begged him to come to be near her and her children, Homer sold store and traded farm for property in Caney, moved to Caney in 1920, three daughters were teenagers by now, here the only son was born. Homer had small acreage he farmed, Also worked on public works, done well and was happy here, bought a small farm, raised cattle and hogs, still lived in town. Homer retired and they planned to stay in Caney the rest of I, their life.

Trouble hit the family when Mary developed cancer and spent a lot of time in hospitals. She died October 19, 1960. Homer stayed on in the home, picked up his life and carried on, his hobby was guns, traded, sold and repaired guns. Men came from far and near to trade OR buy OR have a gun repaired. Homer had a shop in his garage. He repaired many a bike OR wagon for a little boy and sent him on his way happy.

He died February 22, 1971 age 88 from heart attack. He died happy all his children remarried and settled and in good health. Homer and Mary raised a family of four, three daughters and one son. Blanche and Emmett Gourley-two daughters and two sons. Ruth and Luther Rhoten-one daughter. Ruby and Paul Dragoo-one daughter. Ammon and Dorothy Caffey-one daughter and one son. Ruby passed away March 23, 1973. Homer still has three half-brothers, nieces and nephews and many cousins living in Laclede Co.. His mother and father and lots of relatives are buried at Lonesome Hill graveyard."

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